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            Injen Products

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            Injen: Over a Decade of Air Intake and Exhaust System Innovation

            Injen Technology is a company that's dedicated to designing, developing, and producing top-of-the-line air intake and exhaust technologies. Its humble beginning started in 1998 when it was founded in Pamona, California. Injen's objectives and manufacturing practices was adapted from its sister company, RD Metal Works, which is a supplier of air intake kits for large manufacturers in the 1990s. Backed by its rich experience in the realm of intake and exhaust systems, Injen has successfully made a name for itself in the automotive industry a few years after it was established. From being an unknown supplier of automotive components, Injen is now a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance intake and exhaust parts for a variety of automobile applications such as trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, and sports vehicles. The company capably satisfies the performance needs of car enthusiasts from the USA and Canada. With top-notch manufacturing capabilities and high quality standards in its arsenal, Injen continues to prove that its highly regarded reputation in the industry is truly well-deserved.

            Top-quality cold air intakes

            Injen boasts an in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to producing cold air intakes. These components are the primary products that made the company known in the industry, which is why it's no longer a surprise that Injen has mastered the techniques for the design and production of these automotive parts. The company offers these components under various product lineups. Customer can also be certain of easily finding the right intake for their needs because these are available in both dry and oiled types with short ram, sealed, or tube intakes. The Injen cold air intakes feature a proprietary MR technology, which is a tuning process that helps improve vehicle performance by correcting the air-fuel ratio in an engine. These innovative components are also made from high-grade aluminum materials to ensure a long-lasting performance. To make them even more awesome, Injen equipped these cold air intakes with premium air filters that can last for up to 100,000 miles. All these outstanding features just go to show that Injen truly deserves to be considered as one of the leading cold air intake manufacturers in the industry.

            Powerful exhaust systems

            Injen's exhaust systems are also one of the products that made the brand renowned in the car parts market. These components are dyno-proven to ensure that they deliver the best possible fuel efficiency, torque, and horsepower. The Injec exhaust systems are also made from high-quality stainless steel material to ensure that they're resistant against corrosion. The company also guarantees its customers that these components are capable of offering maximum air flow rate with their mandrel-bent construction. What's more, some of these exhaust systems also come with precise exhaust tips, mufflers, and catalytic converters for an easier installation process.

            Efficient air filters

            Injen also carries a large product lineup of high-performance air filters that are suitable for different vehicle makes and models. These Injen air filters are available in various sizes with conical, round tapered, and round straight shapes. Injen also offers these components with synthetic and cotton gauge air filter material to effectively cover the different preferences of its customers. Morover, these air filters also feature durable urethane caps and built-in velocity stack to help keep heat soak and air turbulence problems at bay. Achieving optimum overall performance has now become easier with these Injen air filters.

            Injen Cold Air Intake

            Injen cold air intakes are built to precision tune your engine's air/fuel mixture to give you the ultimate in combustion efficiency, enhance your throttle response and ? BONUS - save on the gas budget! An Injen cold air intake increases engine air volume and flow speed, turning engine inefficiency into extraordinary performance and maximum combustion efficiency. Upgrading to a superior aftermarket Injen cold air intake means that you have the combustion power you need, but not with higher fuel costs. Your vehicle uses gas more efficiently with an Injen-engineered cold air intake. Our fast and easy online catalog and our toll-free phone reps are available 24/7, at your service.

            Injen Exhaust System

            Does it make sense to send money out the tailpipe with inadequate gas and exhaust salvage? Not in these days of soaring gas prices! And toxic emissions from automobiles cause drastic environmental problems as well. So, tuning your combustion exhaust system with high performance Injen exhaust system parts is a no-brainer. Auto Parts Warehouse is your 1-stop shop for premium high performance aftermarket Injen exhaust system parts. We have an unmatched inventory, kept fully stocked and up to date. We can take your order 24/7, toll-free at 1-800-859-0923, and ship immediately in most cases. Our low price guarantee means the best deals on Injen exhaust systems are at Auto Parts Warehouse today!

            Injen Intercooler

            Injen intercoolers are a must for performance engines that use turbochargers to get compressed air into the engine. Extra heat - caused by the compression process - is removed by your vehicle's intercooler. And the cooler air then creates a better, more efficient combustion process ? allowing for higher boost before detonation and thus, greater horsepower. This thermal adjusting process is handled with precision and unfailing accuracy, under Injen's superior intercooler technology. Now available in many applications, Auto Parts Warehouse has a full line of Injen intercoolers in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We want to be your high performance #1 resource.

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