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            Isuzu Parts and Accessories

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            About Isuzu

            Isuzu: Pioneering Innovations in Diesel Technology

            For a company that had a meager capital of one million Yen, Isuzu had truly done something innovative to indulge in its current success and financial stability as one of the world leaders in the automobile industry. There is no denying that its development of diesel-powered vehicles plays a huge part in this triumph. It began in 1934 when Automobile Industries Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Isuzu) formed a research committee that was tasked to study the engine. After two years, it finally introduced the first air-cooled diesel engine to be used in vehicles. From that period, the company started the production of diesel cars and in 1941, only Isuzu Motors was allowed by the Japanese government to produce this type of vehicles.

            The DA80 diesel engine

            When the war came to a halt, a lot of industries struggled to get back on track. Isuzu bounced back alive and kicking when it presented to the market the DA80 diesel engine, which is the first V8 engine in Japan. This engine attracted people's attention for its faster and higher performance features.

            The TX61 dump truck

            Destruction and fuel shortage struck Japan after World War II. To address these problems, Isuzu created the TX61 bonnet-type truck which is powered by the DA640 diesel engine in 1959. This truck was not only fuel-efficient, but also strong and sturdy. It was what the country needed to start reconstructing damaged establishments.

            The DL201

            In 1961, Isuzu made the DL201 available in the market; this was the first diesel-powered-passenger car. Isuzu Motors received the Technological Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for this innovation.

            8PB1-T and 6RA1 turbo-charged engines

            From 1981, Isuzu concentrated in making vehicles that boast speed and torque but save a lot of energy. The company incorporated this innovation to its trucks powered by 8PB1-T and 6RA1 turbo-charged engines. For cars, Isuzu made the Florian in 1977 and the Gemini in 1979. In 1981, Isuzu produced the first electronically powered diesel engines for both cars and trucks.

            Eco-friendly Isuzu diesel engines

            After these developments, Isuzu is now focused in creating innovations that uphold clean and green technological standards. Its aim is to promote awareness against global warming and climate change by continuing the search for ways to make low-impact and clean diesel engines. Examples of such innovations include turbo-charged and intercooled engines that increase fuel efficiency and emit fewer gases.

            Isuzu Top Sellers

            Isuzu Highlights

            A Truckload of Isuzu Satisfaction

            When it comes to heavy-duty trucks and vehicles, there is one name that surpasses them all. Isuzu, after years and years of research and development, produced nothing but the finest, durable, and practical utility vehicles not just for commercial, but also for personal use. This just proves why in 2005, Isuzu was named as the biggest manufacturer of trucks in the world. It has absolutely established its name in the truck industry.

            The love for Isuzu trucks started in 1922 when the company introduced its first truck, the Wolseley Model A-9. From then on, the company remains to be one of the leading makers of big and heavy commercial and industrial trucks because people seem to like and love the brand.

            For those who own an Isuzu truck, they may all agree that the satisfaction they get comes from several things. Here are some of the things that Isuzu loyalist love about Isuzu trucks:

            Performance you can depend on

            For those who are involved in trucking businesses, they need durable vehicles that can withstand all the heavy work. The features of Isuzu trucks are geared to increase productivity of these heavy vehicles. For instance, Isuzu trucks have tighter turning diameter. Maneuvering a heavy and loaded truck can be quite of a challenge but because of this feature, the driver can easily maneuver the truck. Another special feature of Isuzu trucks is the powerful diesel engines that not just offer optimum performance but also fuel efficiency and high mileage.

            Price you would love to pay

            A stable business is an investment to have a bright future. To take care of the business, one should not settle for anything less especially when it comes to pieces of equipments, tools, and vehicles that keeps the venture alive. The quality of Isuzu trucks is what makes it a good investment. People know that Isuzu trucks are worth all the money they pay because they believe in its durability, power, and stability.

            Practicality all the way

            Isuzu caters to the different needs of its consumers. For those who are being practical but still want to get high-end, quality trucks, Isuzu came up with the Gold Star Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program. This program helps people to purchase used or reconditioned but good-performing Isuzu trucks. The trucks are even backed with warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance. It's really a great bargain for those who are in a tight budget.

            It's really hard not to love Isuzu trucks. With the company's continuous efforts to enhance and improve its technology, more and more people experience tons of satisfaction that they can all get from their wheeled friends.

            Isuzu Trivia

            All About Isuzu

            • Isuzu made the first diesel-powered car.
            • The German engineer Rudolf Diesel first developed the diesel engine in 1893, but Isuzu was the first to use this engine to power cars. Diesel-powered vehicles started roaming the streets in 1936.
            • Isuzu got its name from a river. The Isuzu River is notable for its numerous mentions in Japanese traditional songs and poetry.
            • Isuzu means “fifty bells” when translated in English.
            • Isuzu started producing trucks for commercial and industrial purposes in 1934. It was the Japan
            • Isuzu started its business with a capital of only one million Yen.
            • Though Isuzu started with a really small capital, it made its way to the top since the production of diesel engines. It supplied diesel-powered cars not just for commercial but also military use.
            • April 9, 1937 is the official founding date of Isuzu. This day marked the merging of Automobile Industries and Tokyo Gas and Electric Company, which eventually became Isuzu Motors Limited.
            • Isuzu is a Japanese commercial vehicle and heavy truck manufacturing company. Its heavy truck arm with their diesel powered engines have found success in the United States and worldwide, but its commercial vehicle line took a bow from the US market due to poor sales last 2009. So that's maybe the reason why you're having a hard time looking for original Isuzu parts and Isuzu accessories for your Isuzu Sedan or compact car. The Isuzu Corporation started out manufacturing small to medium compact automobiles and commercial trucks, but soon found out that markets worldwide have different requirements and needs. To avoid sinking, Isuzu started contracting with Budget Truck Rental to manufacture their rental trucks, as well as with strong and established names like Ford, GMC, and Navistar International. So if you own a GMC or a Ford don't be surprised to find Isuzu parts or Isuzu accessories in them. When Isuzu Motors America withdrew manufacturing passenger vehicles from the U.S. market in 2009, most of its dealers converted into service and parts dealers instead and continued to sell Isuzu parts and accessories. They're also entitled to honor live warranties. But if you can't find these dealers in the U.S. any longer, don't panic and place a direct OEM order to Japan just yet. There are thousands of quality aftermarket brands on low prices right here in the U.S. which can save you a lot. Don't worry about reliability. You see, OEM parts are not necessarily better than aftermarket brands. In fact, many aftermarket parts out there come from the same manufacturers of OEM parts. And many DIYers can attest to this fact. So for your Isuzu replacement parts and accessories needs, look no further than Auto Parts Warehouse. From simple add-on accessories to heavy-duty Isuzu truck parts, you can get what you need for your ride by simply browsing our online catalogs. To start shopping, just enter your vehicle model or the specific part that you're looking for in the search box, and our site will provide you with a narrowed down list. So what more are you waiting for? Place that order right now!