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            Klokkerholm Karosseride Products

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            Klokkerholm Karosseride: Trusted Manufacturer of Reliable Auto Parts

            Klokkerholm Karosseride is a respected brand that specializes on rust repair panels and other car accessories. Klokkerholm gives the highest priority to the quality of its products, so it has left the marketing part of its trade to its trusted partner, Key Parts, Inc.

            Founded in 1992 by a man named Tom Foster, Key Parts began its operations in New Brunswick, New Jersey as a shop that sold car parts. Tom Foster's vision was to create and develop a brand that brings better rust repair panels to the undemanding but dissatisfied automotive world. A lot of people were inspired by Tom's dream, so his small company began to grow a loyal customer base of like-minded people. Today, Key Parts, Inc. is considered as the gold standard in its field. With over 3,100 individual part numbers and a 75,000 square foot warehouse, Key Parts has evidently grown into a retail giant. Among the brands that it carries is the Klokkerholm Karosseride. All products by this foreign company are imported and distributed by Key Parts.

            Little is known about Klokkerholm Karosseride as a company, but claims are made that it can rightfully boast a rich history. Indeed, if such a big player like Key Parts carries the name of this foreign brand, then it must have top-quality products.

            High-quality rocker panels

            Klokkerholm Karosseride may not be among the elite in the automotive industry, but its products have certainly made a name for themselves. One of Klokkerholm's more popular products is the rocker panel, which serves a dual purpose as a car accessory. Not only does the rocker panel protect the vehicle from debris, but it also adds to the style factor. With Klokkerholm Karosseride's rocker panels, you can be sure that your vehicle is 100% protected from rocks, oil, pebbles, tar, and other debris that may ruin your paintwork and leave scars all over.

            Durable floor pans

            Your vehicle's metal components begin to rust when they are exposed to water and oxygen, thus limiting the vehicle's efficiency. To prevent this highly inconvenient scenario, what you can do is equip your vehicle with a floor pan. Klokkerholm has a wide variety of strong and durable floor pans that can survive even in rough and unfriendly surroundings. These car parts are designed specifically to overcome extreme conditions in which the vehicle's protection against external damage may be compromised. Klokkerholm floor pans come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type and brand of vehicle.

            Protective skid plates

            The skid plate has almost the same purpose as the rocker panel. It, too, serves as protection against up-flung road debris, humps, and other road irregularities. It only differs from the rocker panel in terms of the car parts that it protects. The skid plate covers the underside of the chassis, and it protects the transmission, transfer care, differential, and oil pan against any kind of damage. Klokkerholm Karosseride offers just the right kind of skid plate that addresses any vehicle's needs. With Klokkerholm, you are guaranteed top-grade skid plates that will save you trips to the repair shop.

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