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            Kool Vue Products

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            Kool Vue: Providing High-quality Mirrors Since 1984

            Founded in 1984, Kool Vue has been the go-to source of automotive parts such as fenders, hoods, bumpers, and grilles for many car owners over the years. With an extensive catalog and more than 300 employees, Kool Vue is one of the biggest automotive suppliers in southern California. Today, the company supplies warehouse distributors, large retail chains, truck fleets, and specialty automotive services in the US as well as abroad.

            The key to Kool Vue's success in a highly competitive industry is its dedication towards improving and developing its products on a consistent basis. The company makes use the latest innovations in the industry, ensuring that each one is compatible with the vehicle it was intended for. In addition, the company also has an extensive R&D team specializing in automotive technology that aims to design and build products that last longer and work better than the competition.

            OE-compatible replacement mirrors

            Kool Vue is arguably best known by many car owners worldwide for their line of replacement car mirrors. Whether it is side view mirrors, rear view mirrors, or mirror accessories, Kool Vue has got it covered. Kool Vue offers OE-compliant mirrors, which match the exact specifications of the stock mirror assembly to ensure compatibility, as well as custom mirrors of different sizes and styles. Selected Kool Vue mirrors also have added features, such as automatic dimming and built-in LED turn signal indicators. In addition, all Kool Vue mirrors are made of high quality materials and are covered by Kool Vue's limited warranty.

            Durable mirror glass

            If only a replacement mirror glass is what you are looking for, Kool Vue has got that covered as well. Available in both flat and curved shapes, Kool Vue mirror glass are made from shatterproof and scratch-resistant glass, making them last longer than mirror glass made by competitors. Selected Kool Vue mirror glass also added features such as a special convex design that allows for a wide range of vision and shaded mirror surfaces that cuts down on glare significantly.

            Tough brake pads

            In addition to mirrors, Kool Vue also manufactures replacement brake pads and brake pad sets. Kool Vue brake pads are direct fit for easy installation on most disc brake systems, and are made of a special fiber-based compound with ceramic particles that produces up to 50 percent brake dust compared to factory brake pads. The ceramic particles are also gentler on the rotor surface and are quieter than non-ceramic pads. The pads also feature center line slots that prevent cracking even when exposed to very high temperatures.

            Affordable mufflers

            Kool Vue mufflers are a cost-effective yet high quality replacement for car owners on a tight budget. The muffler's stainless steel construction makes it highly resistant to corrosion, while its highly polished finish gives it a mirror-like appearance that does make it out of place against custom exhaust components. The muffler also has a clamp-on design that makes it easy to connect to the exhaust pipe without the need for extensive drilling or welding.

            Kool Vue Mirror

            Even before you hit the road at high speeds, make sure your ride is equipped with a set of mirrors. Mirrosr are must-have components for your and other motorists' safety?one thing you should never compromise when driving. So get the best car mirrors in the industry by getting a Kool Vue Mirror set. Kool Vue Mirrors have different uses. They give you a wider scope of visibility at the sides and rear of your vehicle. With such increased visibility scope, you can easily assess the situation around your car. You will know when and where to make turns, back up, and change lanes. Kool Vue Mirrors have a variety of designs to match the style you want for your car. There are rear view types with glasses shaded in blue. Some side mirrors have automatic dimming capability to protect your eyes from the glare of other cars' headlights. Kool Vue mirror glasses are made from patented convex so they won't shatter easily. There are also mirrors that can be folded in so you don't have to worry about accidental side swipes. Now why scamper to other online auto shops when you can already choose parts from Auto Parts Warehouse? Shop with us now because you can't find better deals elsewhere.

            Kool Vue Mirror Glass

            You are basically driving with your eyes half-closed without your car mirrors. That's why auto parts manufacturers like Kool Vue are dead-set on producing the finest OE mirrors that meet regulation and safety standards. In line with Kool Vue's insistence in providing such OE replacement mirrors, it thus features the Kool Vue mirror glass. Your Kool Vue mirror is built with glass patented from high-grade convex materials that don't shatter all too easily. But accidents happen sometimes and you end up with shattered car mirror glasses. This is where Kool Vue stands apart from the rest of its competitors. It produces Kool Vue mirror glass replacements so you won't have to buy an entire set of new mirrors to replace the damaged ones. You can choose from various mirror glass designs. There are regular flat types as well as curved ones that provide you with a wider scope of vision, and the blue shaded ones which you can use for mirrors inside your car. With this set of Kool Vue mirror glasses, you don't have to worry about shelling out hundreds of your hard-earned dimes and pennies to replace your broken mirrors with a new set. Now all you have to do is browse Auto Parts Warehouse' online catalog and get that pocket-friendly mirror glass replacement.

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