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            KYB Products

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            KYB: Consistently Providing High-quality OE and Replacement Parts

            Through continuous developments in its hydraulic technology, KYB has become one of the top choices when it comes to automotive suspension and handling. This company produces both OE-quality and aftermarket shock absorbers, as well as various hydraulic and electronic equipment used in a wide range of applications.

            Being the world's largest supplier of both OE and aftermarket suspension components, KYB Americas Corporation, a division of the global KYB, provides high-quality parts for different applications such as power steering systems, automotive electronics, and special use vehicles. This company ensures that all its shocks and struts undergo rigorous testing so that high-quality is delivered to its users.

            With annual sales of $3.8 billion, the global KYB has been consistently satisfying its consumers worldwide. Similarly, in North America, KYB has been continuously growing and increasing its market share. KYB Americas Corporation now has three plants in America: two in Chicago and one in Southern California.

            Roadworthy suspension kits

            Switching to a different brand for your stock applications might be a new world for you to explore. But in reality, you can consider aftermarket parts a step up the game. Take a look at the Excel-G and Strut-Plus suspension kits produced by KYB. These product lines are built to match the specifications laid out by the original equipment manufacturer. It means that you will get the same response and assurance you would expect from an original part. More than that, KYB has taken the liberty of improving the product integrity to compensate for the constant beating on the road. This can be achieved through the use of new polyurethane boots, travel-limiting bumpers, and custom-tuned coil springs devoted for specific vehicles. The brand does not create one-size fits all assemblies to avoid compromises in terms of vehicle handling and stability.

            Hard core adjustable shocks

            The AGX line is designed by KYB specifically for satisfying adrenaline junkies. You should note that there are a lot of differences between street and track applications. Under normal driving conditions, you might be better off with a suspension that is a little bit on the soft side so that you stay comfortable throughout your ride. This can be achieved at the expense of the cornering abilities of your vehicle. However, tweaking your weekend warrior every now and then for race purposes takes time. The manual adjustment knob found on the AGX shocks shortens that process. With this feature, you can easily tune your shocks to the desired rate to match the course you are going to race in. This is very convenient since you can make your adjustments every other lap of the practice run without the need to lift your vehicle and removing the wheels.

            Rock solid struts for workhorses

            Heavy-duty pick-up trucks and SUVs can be considered a mainstay in the American automotive culture. These beasts of burden have helped transport families, goods and equipment to different corners all across the fifty states. Hauling heavy cargo poses extra stress on stock struts and can lead to a faster wear and tear. When you are keen on improving their capability, then the KYB MonoMax struts can be the right solution for you. This product is developed specifically for vehicles that haul, tow and plow throughout their time of service.

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