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            Laitner Products

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            Laitner Applicator

            Clothes are for keeping your body warm and protected as the Laitner applicator is for applying wax on your car's body. Although cotton cloths can be used as an alternative in polishing your car, specialized materials are still best for this job to ensure proper care. You see, even if cotton fibers are very absorbent, which is, of course, very helpful when you perspire, they're not ideal for applying wax and liquid protectants on your car. What you need is the proper applicator to ensure that the right amount of wax is evenly applied across your car's body. That means less cleaning effort and more savings—there's still wax left for next use! The Laitner applicator comes in packs of four: two applicators for applying interior protectant and two for applying wax. With its micro-fiber material, millions of woven nylon, and polyester splits, it's highly effective in wax application. To get a pack or two of the Laitner applicator, just post your order via our comprehensive catalog and Auto Parts Warehouse will ship the product in no time.

            Laitner Bug and Tar Remover

            Off-roading is full of treats, among which is seeing great sceneries. So remember that you must have a Laitner bug and tar remover ready after every off-road drive. Why? Well, whenever you visit places with trees and plants aplenty, you also encounter a lot of insects. Thus, you can always expect bugs and insect juices to litter your windshield. But with a Laitner bug and tar remover, you can easily clean the mess. The best bug and tar remover in town, this Laitner product is a tough microfiber scrubbing cloth. It's made from super-soft mesh with a waffle weave structure that's also gentle for your car's finish. You can use it to remove road tar off rocker panels and even grime on headlamps and windows. Furthermore, this bug and tar remover is reusable. So you'll definitely enjoy more of the off-road without worrying about bugs and insects mess. Buy an affordable Laitner bug and tar remover from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

            Laitner Car Wash Brush

            Brush the dirt off your ride each time you give it a bath with a soft and safe Laitner car wash brush! Laitner offers different brushes to give your automobile a special treat each time you clean it. For general car washing, you must use brushes with soft but tough bristles like Laitner's clear coat-safe car wash brush with flagged yellow and blue bristles. For your wheels, tires, and even grilles, you can use Laitner's black poly wheel and spoke brush, which is especially shaped to easily reach between the spokes for a more thorough cleaning. Other specialized car wash brushes are also available for clearing away stains, bug splatters, and tar. All these brushes are fashioned with ergonomic handles and bristles just right for the purpose. You‘ll find a selection of these special products at Auto Parts Warehouse. So browse our catalog and post your orders now. With a Laitner car wash brush, you can brush car wash blues away!

            Laitner Detail Brush

            Improve your automotive skills by performing simple maintenance on your own—like cleaning and detailing. Cleaning can definitely be made easier by using top-of-the-line cleaning tools like the Laitner detail brush. Laitner offers a variety of detailing brushes to cover your vehicle-cleaning needs, with nylon, brass, and stainless steel brushes suitable for different types of hard-to-remove materials. The nylon brush is perfect for removing wax and polish residue. The brass brush, on the other hand, is ideal for electrical under-the-hood parts. The stainless steel brush is great for removing paint, putty, and corrosion. Each detail brush comes with a durable and comfortable grip, which frees your hands from pain due to prolonged gripping and brushing. The Laitner Brush Co. has been making brushes for nearly a century-and-a-half, and this longevity is a testament to the quality of the company's products. So, for total comfort and maximum cleaning, make sure you get a Laitner detail brush from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

            Laitner Duster

            Why don't you use special cleaning implements like the Laitner duster when doing regular automotive maintenance? It will surely make your task so much easier. That's because there are so many kinds and styles you can choose from, each of which has specific functions and benefits. There's the vent & dash duster, the premium car duster, and the 2-ended dash vent duster. They're perfect for cleaning and dusting off the vents and knobs of your vehicle and are very helpful in taking away particles that may cause hassles like allergies. This is especially true with the premium car duster; it comes with paraffin wax baked onto the duster, which works like a magnet to remove dirt and dust off your vehicle's parts. Include it in your regular maintenance kit to keep your car clean and shiny. With this duster, you won't have to go to your trusted car-cleaning professional every so often and waste a lot of your hard-earned dollars. For an easier and more efficient cleaning, get a Laitner duster now right here at the online auto parts shop you trust: Auto Parts Warehouse!

            Laitner Shop Towel

            Need a cleaning towel made specifically for cars? Get a Laitner shop towel! This attractive, red-colored towel comes in 10- or 25-piece packs—enough for a month of personal car cleaning and ideal for a car wash business. With this product, you won't have to constantly order for a pack; it may even take weeks before you need another one. But that's not the only great thing about this Laitner product! Of course, the first things to consider when getting cleaning products are efficiency and safety—something a Laitner shop towel definitely has. It's made from highly absorbent, extremely durable cotton fabric, so it will neither leave dirt or moisture residue on your car nor can it damage its surface. This shop towel is also perfect for tough jobs like removing tough-to-wipe-off grease and absorbing almost invisible droplets of moisture. You can even use it as a hand towel, or even to clean your interiors! Definitely an all-around product, a Laitner shop towel is certainly your money's worth. So get it from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

            Laitner Sponge

            Car washing doesn't have to be like cleaning a pair of dirty feet; no need to scrub or brush it so hard just to remove grime from its surface. After all, you don't want to scratch its paint, do you? What you need is a soft detailing tool like the Laitner sponge! It's made from woven micro-fiber chenille, which helps the sponge to absorb dirt and moisture without leaving any residue. And unlike other cleaning equipment, this item's material makes it unable to scratch or do any kind of damage to your car's paint. Pretty impressive, huh? But what really puts the Laitner sponge at the head of the pack is the mesh-like material wrapped around the scrubbing pad. And why not, this mesh is really helpful when removing bugs and insects that got stuck on your car's windows and windshield. Plus, this sponge is reusable! Wash and drain it after cleaning your car and it's good to use again anytime. Get this remarkable Laitner sponge from Auto Parts Warehouse. Use our online catalog and make an order for this product now!

            Laitner Towel

            So you want a helpful tool for auto detailing? An ordinary rag won't do the trick, so get a Laitner towel! Made from weaved tiny split polyester and nylon strands, it's ultra-absorbent and is highly efficient for both wet and dry cleaning. Unlike ordinary cleaning rags, this towel leaves zero dirt and water residue—leaving the car clean and shiny. The Laitner towel comes in three types. The first two are premium terry and shop, which are looped in and out with borders in all four corners; thus, extremely durable. Such construction makes these types of towel highly effective in drying those greasy areas of your vehicle. The cloth diaper type, on the other hand, is super soft, so it's an ideal tool for general cleaning. Here's the good news: you can find all these types of Laitner towels at Auto Parts Warehouse! The premium shop towel is available in packs of 10s and 25s, the terry towel in 3s and 12s, and the cotton cloth diaper towel in 3s. If you're still using ordinary rags for cleaning, it's high time you upgrade to a Laitner towel. Get one from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

            Laitner Wash Mitt

            Make auto maintenance easy with a Laitner wash mitt! You can choose from three different wash mitt types: micro-fiber polishing, micro-fiber chenille, and cotton chenille. These mitts have different specialized uses, but all of them are made from millions of tiny split polyester and nylon strands weaved together. This material makes the cleaning mitt ultra-absorbent and helps it trap dirt without damaging your car's paint. And because it's more absorbent than ordinary cleaning materials, rest assured that there'll be no residues left after wiping. Every Laitner wash mitt is an easy-to-use, slip-on mitt. This way, you can clean your car without your hand slipping out, making the task easier and faster to accomplish. Plus, it protects your hand from harmful cleaning substances and other harsh elements that you may have to handle while cleaning your car. Definitely, the Laitner wash mitt is one of the safest, most effective cleaning tool you can get. So get yours from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

            Laitner Wheel Brush

            You don't have to be a big-time mechanic to learn the basics of car washing. All you need are the right tools and the willingness to maintain your vehicle. For starters, you might consider getting a Laitner wheel brush to ensure that no grime invades your wheels and their spokes. Wheel maintenance is a must because the wheels are so near the ground and are consistently exposed to dirt, dust, and mud. You can choose from many wheel brushes. You've got the spoke-and-wheel brush that comes with either black poly or natural Tampico. You can also get a 3-pack detailing brush kit with nylon, brass, and stainless steel brushes. A selection of tire brushes is also available: big brass tire brush for corrosion, soft comfort grip with stiff poly bristle for tire stains, and multi-purpose tire-and-mat scrub with stiff white bristles. Lastly, you can get a soft ergo grip with foam for applying your favorite tire dressing. For the perfect wheel-cleaning tool, get a Laitner wheel brush from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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