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            Lakewood Products

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            Lakewood: Industry Leader for Safe and Reliable Bellhousings

            Lakewood Industries is a world-renowned manufacturer of bellhousings, chassis components, and suspension components. It was founded in 1965 by the legendary Top Fuel racer, “Gentleman Joe” Schubeck. From a small fabrication shop, Lakewood expanded to become one of the market leaders in producing safe and exceptional products. Now, it is a proud constituent of Holley Performance, the world leader in fuel systems, with over 100 years of experience in the field.

            Lakewood Industries boasts of its efficient in-house production that features high-end facilities. All products undergo a rigid and thorough process that ensures optimum quality. Exhaustive research and comprehensive assessment are carried out to ensure that the products meet the exact specifications of clients. After all, customer satisfaction is the number one priority of Lakewood. By promoting safe and controlled driving through its reliable and dependable products, Lakewood continually gives its clients the comfort, confidence and assurance that they need.

            Secure bellhousing

            One product line pushes Lakewood to the top: safety bellhousing. Lakewood has been recognized for decades as the leading manufacturer of this car component. It really isn't hard to believe this since Lakewood bellhousings are perfected before they are distributed. The bellhousings are made from high-grade steel plates that are hydro-foamed and stress-relieved for uniform wall thickness. The plates are also treated with heat to ensure maximum strength and safety.

            Lakewood bellhousing is approved by major race sanctioning bodies because it meets the SFI 6.1W specifications that guarantee optimal safety and performance. Each bellhousing by Lakewood is a masterpiece on its own. It is precision-machined to warrant the alignment of the bolt and the bore for different kinds of transmissions. Lakewood has upheld this thorough practice for five decades. Over the years, it has demonstrated a culture of excellence, quality, safety, and distinction.

            Premium traction bars

            Since Lakewood is committed to promoting safety in driving, it offers a wide range of products that guarantee security at its best. Among these are the traction bars which play an important role in the overall traction system. The traction system is responsible for a vehicle's capability to run on difficult road surfaces. By enhancing the tires' grip on the road, this system prevents the excessive spinning and hopping of the wheels, thus making way for a better braking force. For this system to work, traction bars are needed in the picture. Lakewood traction bars are perfect for street-driven vehicles, though they are specifically made for drag racing cars. This only proves how efficient and safe Lakewood's traction control components are for high-speed and rough driving.

            High-grade shocks and struts

            Lakewood's shocks and struts are tuned for maximum control of weight transfer. These hydraulic components use only premium materials for the highest quality. For example, the chrome-plated pistons are for long seal life, the specially formulated oil is for reducing corrosion, and the multi-stage valving is for keeping the car stable throughout the run. Lakewood shocks and struts are definitely worth commending for their quality and safety. A valid proof of this is the fact that a good number of professional racers around the world have been using these products since they were first released five decades ago.

            Lakewood Bellhousing

            If you've got a high-performance engine, you run the risk of having your stock bellhousing explode under the tremendous RPMs generated by the engine. For total reliability, you ought to get only a Lakewood bellhousing. All the bellhousings from Lakewood are made from premium-quality steel plates, hydro-formed for guaranteed uniformity in terms of thickness to ensure maximum strength. They also come with mig-welded threaded inserts where needed, for transmission mounting bolts, clutch pivot balls, and clutch linkage brackets. Plus, each bellhousing is precision-machined for a perfect bolt-hole and center-bore alignment. To ensure accurate alignment between the engine and transmission, mounting surfaces are Blanchard-ground. Each pack also includes a safety block plate and grade-8 hardware. Real-life tests ensure that each bellhousing performs its functions well and meets standards of major racing bodies. Protect your engine and yourself by installing a quality Lakewood bellhousing today, available right here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

            Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate

            There's no better way to keep your bellhousing protected than providing it with a Lakewood bellhousing block plate. When in search of one, make sure that you get the one that perfectly fits your bellhousing. Each is designed for a specific bellhousing with its own bore and hole setup. Regardless of specifications, each Lakehouse bellhousing block plate is manufactured using stringent processes and is run through real-life tests to ensure reliability. That is why Lakewood plates provide excellent block protection that even complies with strict racing standards. They‘re necessary in meeting safety requirements and in maintaining the bellhousing's crucial function—the protection of vehicles and passengers during a clutch or flywheel explosion. Installation is easy enough, as Lakewood products are designed for DIY purposes and come with all the necessary hardware. Lakewood is a trusted brand with over 25 years of industry experience. That is why the brand is known for safety and performance. Remember, make sure your bellhousing is protected with a high-quality safety block plate—get a Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate now from Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Lakewood Clutch Pivot

            One of the best ways to counter persistent clutch release problems when working with a high-performance clutch is to use an adjustable clutch pivot ball. For this purpose, the Lakewood clutch pivot should prove quite capable. This adjustable pivot is exactly what you need to easily adjust the clutch fork height. It has adjustable dowel pins that allow you to fix the improper register of the bellhousing's bore alignment. Upon installation, don't forget to apply white grease all over the clutch pivot ball for lubrication. That way, the ball's operation will remain smooth, and you won't have to fiddle with the bellhousing used with the ball every so often. The Lakewood clutch pivot is best used with a Lakewood safety bellhousing, though it can also be used with other brands. Get the most out of your clutch by installing a high-quality Lakewood clutch pivot. Purchase yours today right here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

            Lakewood Control Arm

            Imagine the discomfort and inconvenience you could experience when you drive your car off-road without a sturdy suspension system. You might as well schedule a date with your mechanic and get a new Lakewood control arm. After all, your suspension system won't be able to support your car without a fully-functioning control arm. The control arm is a triangular-shaped rod that rotates in two places, a broad and a narrow end. It directs the wheel motion according to your car's body, which is essential in handling and steering the car effortlessly. Like other suspension components, the control arm is prone to break and corrode, and eventually needs to be replaced. If this happens, get a Lakewood control arm immediately. We can provide you a 24-hour access to Lakewood components, including control arms best suited for both drag- and street-driven vehicles. Each Lakewood control arm is manufactured from heavy gauge steel tubing for maximum durability. It's already lubricated and eliminates flex, so steering won't be such a drag. Instead of rubber, Lakewood control arm bushings are made from polyurethane materials for stability. So, when it comes to your car's suspension system, don't settle for the ordinary. Purchase a Lakewood control arm here today.

            Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop

            Road safety should be one of your major concerns when driving. And to maintain that safety, your auto must have reliable auto parts, especially in its driveline area. One that you must have is the Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop. It holds and protects your driveshaft in case a U-joint fails, thus reducing the chances of the driveshaft crashing into other components like the fuel tank or being totally detached and hurled at a tailing motorist. Being a 360-degree retainer, this drive shaft safety loop has a 1/4-inch minimum thickness and 2-inch width. But you'll also find other loops with dimensions of 0.88 inch x 0.65 inch. The Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop comes in four different types for different drivelines. All are made from steel and are zinc-plated. Two types come as adjustable, while the other two are specifically made to fit certain auto models. They all come complete with mounting hardware and instructions. Installing a Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop in place of your stock loop is therefore so easy you can do it on your own. So get one for your auto now only from Auto Parts Warehouse!

            Lakewood Release Bearing Fork

            A damaged release bearing fork can ruin the performance of your vehicle's clutch, transmission, and even the engine. So, at the first sign of trouble, replace it with a more durable Lakewood release bearing fork! It is made from tough heavy-duty stamped steel to guarantee that the fork stays flex-free. The zinc dichromate finish makes it extremely rust resistant. Installation won't take you long, and the product is designed for DIY installation. First, use an adjustable pivot ball in place of the factory non-adjustable one for the right clutch linkage alignment. Next, apply enough white grease on the pivot ball for lubrication before connecting the clutch release bearing to the Lakewood release bearing fork by depressing the spring clips and inserting the fork into the bearing collar's groove. Just make sure the clips don't go outside the collar. With those easy steps, you can easily install a new clutch fork even before you know it! Durable and easy to use—that's the Lakewood release bearing fork. Get yours today, right here from Auto Parts Warehouse!

            Lakewood Shock Absorber

            Maintaining a superb suspension system should always be on your priority list. It is, after all, responsible for your car's better handling and steering. One of its important components is the shock absorber or shocks. They deliver resistance by forcing the oil into the valves as the piston moves. When the vehicle goes through bumps and other uneven surfaces, the shocks reduce the up-and-down movement of the springs. Worn-out shocks are harmful, so if your current set is already acting up, have it immediately checked. Your shocks may need to be replaced with premium Lakewood shock absorber. When it comes to OE replacement parts for your suspension system, trust only the brand that gets the job done. Lakewood shocks are designed for both drag and street applications. They supply maximum weight transfer on the rear wheels and quick rise on the front end. Lakewood shocks bushings are made from polyurethane materials for excellent stability. Think it's about time to replace those raggedy shocks of yours? Then don't hesitate to choose from our extensive collection of Lakewood shocks and other suspension components. You deserve the best suspension system there is. So, purchase the Lakewood shock absorber here and experience a boost in your car's suspension.

            Lakewood Strut Assembly

            The strut is essential in a car's suspension system. Usually referred to as the McPherson strut, this component helps control how fast car suspensions are allowed to move. This is important in keeping the tires in contact with the road. The strut keeps the springs from pulling out, causing a controlled rate of energy release. In line with Lakewood's efforts in providing revolutionary suspension components for all its clients, it has designed OEM struts fitting both drag strip and street-driven vehicles. The Lakewood strut assembly is composed of a shock absorber, a coil spring, a spring set, and a strut bearing. With the strut's shock absorber, the movement of the spring, which supports the vehicle's weight, is limited. This means that your car wouldn't bounce around when it goes through rough road surfaces. As the movement of the spring and suspension is controlled, other components like the tie rods are able to operate within their range and wheel alignment is sustained while the car is in motion. Having a Lakewood strut assembly installed on your car provides a suitable weight transfer for an improved aerodynamic performance and maximum traction. If you want to experience such powerful advantage, purchase the Lakewood strut assembly only from us now!

            Lakewood Traction Bar

            If we're talking about your vehicle's safety features, the traction control is definitely included in the conversation. After all, a car's ability to run on difficult road surfaces is dependent on this system. The traction control enhances the tire's ability to grip itself on the road. It's a system that prevents the excessive spinning of the vehicle's front wheels, thus allowing greater braking force. For your car's traction system to work best, it must have an efficient traction bar. And when it comes to such, Lakewood is the brand to trust. Although Lakewood specializes in producing parts suited for drag racing, it also features traction control components that work for street-driven vehicles. A link attached to the rear axle housing, the Lakewood traction bar is tasked to prevent your springs from buckling down during high-speed driving. With a sturdy set of traction bars to complement your struts and other suspension parts, you don't have to worry about losing control when on the road. Our site provides an easy access to a wide selection of Lakewood traction bar replacements, including performance traction bars made from high-grade aluminum materials. If getting the best traction control is what you're after, then the Lakewood traction bar is for you.

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