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            Lamborghini Parts and Accessories

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            About Lamborghini

            Lamborghini: Defining Style Since 1963

            Refinement, power, and comfort?these three words best surmise the essence of Lamborghini cars. Since the company was founded in 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini, it has been providing the market incredible luxury sports cars that run as good as they look. Lamborghini cars instantly became a hit, and business was good during its first decade. However, the brand started to experience difficulties during the oil crisis of the 1970s. In fact, it went through three bankruptcies before Chrysler finally took over operations in 1987. After a few years, Chrysler could no longer maintain Lamborghini due to economic reasons, so they decided to sell it to Malaysian and Indonesian companies, Mycom Setdoc and V'Power Comporation, respectively. These two powerhouse Asian companies could not revive the brand, so it was sold again in 1998 to Audi?a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group.

            Stylish supercars

            Audi's purchase of Lamborghini resurrected the brand in terms of production and sales. In fact, Lamborghini cars experienced an all-time high from 2007 to 2008 when they were able to sell a record number of vehicles. Even though the new owner of the brand was a German company, the main manufacturing facility stayed in Bolognese, Italy. Lamborghini also remained to produce its vehicles in small numbers, which makes its cars even more in demand. Ever since the brand started in the automobile industry, it's always been known for its ground-breaking and fresh designs. And as you know, driving around with a Lamborghini definitely turns heads everywhere. So, whether you own a classic like the Countach, Miura, and Diablo or drive a newer model like the Aventador and Reventon, you know very well that your Lamborghini has a distinct and unique design that is unlike any other.

            The iconic scissor doors

            Aside from its angular appearance, low-slung ground effect engineering, and extremely powerful 4-Liter V12 engine, Lamborghinis are most well known for their iconic scissor doors. Perhaps the most popular model to sport this feature is the 1974 LP 400 Countach. Today, Lamborghini continues to wow the world with its exceptionally fast and futuristic-looking cars. It continues to produce vehicles with designs that can blow people minds. Truly, Lamborghini is one of the brands in the automotive industry that has been defining what it means to ride in style.

            Lamborghini Highlights

            Lamborghini's Search For the Perfect Grand Tourer

            Like a pretty woman walking down the street, it's hard to resist looking at a Lamborghini car when you see it out on the road. Its effortless beauty, class, and power make it a total knockout, so it literally turns heads everywhere it goes. Aside from their rarity, Lamborghini cars are also furnished with ground-breaking innovations that truly impress. Additionally, part of the manufacturing process remains hand crafted, which ensures utmost precision and accuracy at all times.

            Quest for perfection

            Before becoming a full-time automaker, the brand's founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini, was very fond of sports cars. In fact, Ferraris topped his list of favorites, and he had more than a few parked in his garage. However, he wasn't fully satisfied with the performance of the cars he owned, and he often complained about the noise and rough handling that his Ferraris produced. To solve this, he approached Enzo Ferrari to talk about the said problems. Ferrari allegedly shrugged him off and told him that he was merely a tractor maker who knew nothing about sports cars. This incident sparked Lamborghini to start his own automobile company, and he was also fueled by his dream of creating the perfect grand tourer. Today, Lamborghini's search for perfection still manifests in its newest models.


            There are many other supercar manufacturers today, but you can easily identify Lamborghini vehicles apart from others because of their unique characteristics. The following are what makes Lamborghini automobiles standout from the rest:

            • Avant-garde design ? There's no denying that the brand produces automobiles with very unique and exotic looks. Lamborghinis are known for being angular, and they also feature the low-slung ground effect engineering. These design elements make its vehicles the perfect choice for those who want cars that run as good as they look.
            • Roaring power ? Equipped with powerful V12 engines, Lamborghini vehicles are speed machines that are reliable on and off the track. Drivers who have a need for speed will surely appreciate the superior power that comes with every Lamborghini unit.
            • Technological innovations ? Under Audi, Lamborghini continues to thrive by adapting the most advanced technological advancements in the automotive industry. This helps ensure that all Lamborghini cars are top of the line. At present, the brand continues to develop ways to reduce carbon footprints by conceptualizing hybrid vehicles. This is clearly a testament of its commitment in making nothing but the best automobiles in the world.

            Lamborghini Trivia

            Cool Facts about Lamborghini

            • The names of Lamborghini models always have a bullfighting reference due to Ferruccio Lamborghini's fondness for the sport.
            • The 1966 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 made an appearance in the 1968 film "The Love Bug" where it can be seen competing against the Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie.
            • When you talk about high-performance exotic cars, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? It's Lamborghini, right? Built for speed and eye-catching design, vehicles from this manufacturer are admired by auto enthusiasts. To deliver extreme looks and extreme performance, the company outfits all their models with top-of the-line Lamborghini parts and accessories. But what makes Lamborghini cars different from average models out there are the performance parts making them up. These can range from the engine, suspension components, brakes, and ignition parts. However, no matter how capable your ride's mechanical parts are, you cannot enjoy them fully if you don't feel relaxed and comfortable while driving. This is the reason why the company makes sure that your interior Lambo parts such as the seats, are comfy enough. Are you not satisfied with what you are getting from your Lambo? You can customize and upgrade some of its components to achieve the looks and performance you want. Good news! This site is open 24/7 to provide you with all the parts and accessories you need for your Lamborghini. All our Lamborghini performance parts, OE replacement parts, and aftermarket parts come with a low price guarantee. So restore, customize, or upgrade your Lambo now without spending a fortune! Get your needed parts and accessories only here.