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            Select your Lamp Failure Sensor vehicle from the list below.

            Select your Lamp Failure Sensor vehicle from the list below.

            Lamp Failure Sensor Products

            Unlike most people with character disorders, your car has a way of knowing if it's pushing it too far or isn't really working it at all. With a handful of sensors, considering they are working well, your car will tell you, if not adjust itself already, whenever something goes wrong. The lamp failure sensor is a great example. Whenever one of your lights, let's say the brake lights, has gone wrong, the lamp failure sensor will show you in the display that it isn't really working. Now most people wanted to just bypass a damaged lamp failure sensor because it costs a hundred dollars or more to replace it, but really, is it worth losing your tail for a few hundred dollars? Not knowing that your brake lights failed is disastrous, not only for you but for every other driver behind you who wouldn't know what you are going to do next. You can't be character disordered and blame others for any accident caused by that. Replace a damaged lamp failure sensor whenever you have one. Doing so isn't really hard, since the wiring is pretty much direct and involves only two wires going to the light assembly. So before you go messing things up in the street and wasting thousands of dollars, invest in a lamp failure sensor now! Get it at its lowest price here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Repair Guides

            How to Bypass and Replace Your Lamp Failure Sensor

            A lamp failure sensor isn't the most popular car component, but it's a useful part that take responsibility for your safety every time you start the engine and hit the road. Your tail lights and headlights are connected to this small box, which will flash a warning on your dashboard if one of the lights is busted. This sensor can become faulty over time, which sometimes cause drivers to simply choose to bypass it. But bypassing it isn't the only option as you can either do that or replace it with a new sensor.

            Difficulty: Moderate

            Things you'll need:

            • Soldering iron
            • New lamp failure sensor

            Step 1: Look for the lamp failure sensor on your vehicle. This sensor is a small box and is normally colored yellow or orange, depending on the make and model.

            Step 2: If your sensor is secured with a spring-type metal clip, simply pull out the box as you push the clip outwards. Once removed, you have two options: to replace it with a new lamp failure sensor or to bypass it.

            Step 3: Should you wish to bypass the sensor, locate the wires connected to it and the tail lights. The first wire, which has green and white stripes, activates the pedal when depressed. The second wire, which has green and reddish orange stripes, is responsible for turning on the lights at night. These two wires connected to the tail lights should be cut 1.5 inches from the sensor.

            Step 4: Focus on the two of the four wires that connect that lamp failure sensor to the lights in the front part of the car. The two wires are the following: the red wire and the green wire.

            Step 5: Once you've found the important wires for bypassing the sensor, connect the red wire to the greenandwhite wire while link the green wire to the greenandreddish orange wire.

            Step 6: When the sensor is bypassed, there are no other means to know if your tail lights are burned out but to manually check them. This may cause discomfort to some drivers, but this is a quick solution that should be treated as a temporary remedy only.

            Step 7: If there are signs of cracks or if you want to secure connections on your bypass sensor box, use a soldering iron to secure it in place.

            Step 8: Replacing the lamp failure sensor with a new one is still advised to ensure safety while driving. With a new sensor, make sure to connect the wires from correct light assembly to their proper ports.

            Step 9: Before calling the replacement process a success, do a last-minute check if everything is in order.

            The entire repair will not take long to finish since it only involves pulling out the sensor, replacing with a new one, and reattaching wires. If ever you decide to bypass the sensor instead of replacing it, ensure that you understand the repercussions and make necessary check-ups to guarantee a safe driving experience after.

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