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            Long journeys in the car can make your passengers restless, especially if you've got kids with short attention spans and an even shorter tolerance for long distance trips. Keep your children entertained by installing a cool LCD monitor at the back of your car seat. Available in various sizes and with different features, each monitor adds something new to the table. It is the perfect entertainment feature for family vehicles, specifically because it helps appease the tantrum-throwing passengers usually strapped in the back seat, more commonly known as your kids. Some units have wider screens, feature a variety of viewing angles, include speakers, provide high resolution display, come equipped with a USB hub, and more. Other high end monitors also offer slots for DVDs and CDs as well as IPod connectivity. Comprehensive kits are also available; these may include headrests that match the interiors, headphones and headphone jacks, LED back-lit monitor buttons for easy access even if the interior is dark, and remote controls. Once you have an LCD monitor installed, you can say goodbye to the constant crying, screaming, and repetitive Are we there yet? questions from the youngsters. Simply pop the DVD slot open, insert the latest Barney video, and surely, their questions and screams will be replaced with smiles and laughter. In case you decide to upgrade your vehicle's entertainment system today, be sure to check out Auto Parts Warehouse's catalog of items. We have a full selection of speakers, stereos, radios, and other units that can boost your vehicle's entertainment features. Most of these items are OEMs that suit most makes and models and are made by known manufacturers in the industry. Our LCD monitor selection also varies; some units come with more complex features while there are simpler models to cater to customers who are only after getting the basic features of the monitor. But this is not to say that you'd need a truckload of money just to purchase your replacements from us, in fact, most of the items sold on this website come with a low price guarantee; surely, you won't find it cheaper elsewhere. Make the practical choice today; start shopping by filling your virtual shopping cart! Should you need any form of assistance, just hit the live chat link on the site or give us a call through our toll-free hotline. Our professional customer service representatives are available to help you out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

            Buying Guides

            Tips in Choosing an LCD Monitor for your Vehicle

            An LCD monitor is probably one of the best accessories you can give to your precious ride. It's basically convenience, technology, accessory, and entertainment rolled into one. From watching DVDs to playing video games to using navigation systems, an LCD monitor is just what you need to liven up your interior and entertain your passengers while traveling. Aside from being extremely useful, it's also energy-efficient, lightweight, and totally flat. If you're planning to get a new LCD monitor for your car, you need to consider a few things first before taking the plunge. We've come up with a few tips to help you out.

            Things to consider in choosing an LCD monitor for your car


            Dash-mounted, headrest, flipdown, and overhead are just some of the types of LCD monitors available in the market. For spacious vehicles, we recommend flipdown monitors. Though you can easily fold this type into the ceiling when not in use, it takes up space when it is flipped down, so it's a no-no for compact cars. Dash-mounted LCDs are space savers, so we recommend these for smaller vehicles. These are also perfect for displaying navigation systems and directions, as they are integrated on the dashboard near the driver's line of vision. Make sure you know which LCD monitor will best suit your needs before taking the plunge, as the size and the location of the monitor largely depends on the type you'll buy.


            Some LCD monitors give up easily when used for long periods of time. In some cases, a monitor even explodes when it gets worn out. Before purchasing a unit, make sure to buy one that is explosion-proof. Stick to well-known brands that have proven quality rather than going for cheaper, assembled monitors.


            We recommend choosing an LCD monitor that matches the existing voltage of your car's gas engine. Getting the right voltage will help prevent any electrical problems in the future, such as short circuits and monitor failure.


            If you want better viewing experience, choose a high-resolution monitor. An LCD monitor with a higher resolution produces sharper images and graphics, so it's well worth your money. Resolutions and pixel size varies from one unit to another, so make sure you check out these features first before buying a monitor.

            LCD monitor cost

            The average cost of an LCD monitor is around $250 to $500. Cost usually depends on the features, resolution, pixel size, and design of the monitor. Expect to pay around $500 to a whopping $1,000 if you want a high-grade monitor with all the works. If you want to save money, go for basic LCD monitors. Price range for standard LCDs is around $50 to $100.

            Repair Guides

            Entertainment On Board: LCD Monitor Installation

            An LCD monitor provides hours of entertainment for you and your passengers. Whether it's watching DVDs, playing video games, or using the navigation system while traveling, an LCD monitor is an extremely useful accessory that can jazz up your interior and give it a more modern feel. An LCD monitor gives sharper images with higher resolution and no distortion, so you may want to trade in your traditional CRT monitor for an LCD type. Installing an LCD monitor in your car is a breeze and won't take up much of your time. You don't even need the help of a mechanic to get the job done. Here are the tools you need and the steps to follow in installing an LCD monitor in your vehicle:

            Difficulty level: Easy

            Tools that you'll need:

            • Pliers
            • Wiring harness
            • Wire nuts
            • Screwdrivers
            • Car LCD monitor installation kit

            Step 1: Disconnect your vehicle's battery cables to avoid short circuit. Remove the terminal attached to the battery cables using a wrench or socket. Next, determine the location for your new LCD monitor and choose the installation setup.

            Step 2: Using basic tools, detach the fascia and dash components connected to the car stereo receiver. Remove the screws and the panels in the dashboard so that you can easily slide in the new monitor. Disconnect the electrical wiring and antenna as well.

            Step 3: Remove the stereo head unit and unplug its wiring harness assembly. Place your new LCD unit into the installation kit and secure the mounting brackets so that it won't slide off. Plug in the monitor's wiring harness to your car's wires. Secure the connections using wire nuts.

            Step 4: Connect the new monitor to your A/V cable. Secure it to the dashboard using the screws included in the kit and reinstall the dashboard panels. Reconnect the car's battery cable and test your new LCD monitor.

            Additonal tips:

            1. Make sure to purchase a monitor that will properly fit yourvehicle. You may want to consult your vehicle manufacturer's website to check for factory-installed monitors.
            2. Do not tighten the mounting hardware too much to avoid stripping the screws.

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