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            Lebra Car Bra

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            You definitely want to get a little protective armor for the front of your vehicle, because there are always pebbles and debris coming up off of the road, and you cringe every time you hear one hit, because they really mess up the finish that you work so hard on maintaining. What you need is a Lebra Car Bra, because this accessory is made of tight fitting vinyl that’s made to perfectly wrap around the contours of your car’s front end, so you’ve got the protection you need from a part that actually enhances the stylish lines of your vehicle. The inner layer is made of a woven material that won’t scratch your finish, and protection is what this is all about, so that should go without saying. You’ll have this Lebra Car Bra installed in under 15 minutes, most likely without any tools at all. It secures with straps, molded hooks, and reliable Velcro, and it fits very snugly, so you’re not going to have it flapping in the wind. The leather grain outer surface is breathable, so don’t worry about water, and it’s super tough, so you get all the protection you need, along with the great styling that you want. Gearhead enthusiasts definitely deserve great sales support when they buy reliable car parts from us. To support that need, we established an always-open customer assistance bureau to answer all your questions. Everybody hates to pay for shipping, that's why you get FREE shipping for every order more than $50. If you spot a better price somewhere else, tell us - we will beat any legitimate auto part price.

            Lebra Car Bra Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 4
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.3

            Stylish, overall protection for your car's front-end--that is the promise a LeBra car bra makes every time you purchase one. But how true is it to its promise? To get to the bottom of this, we've installed a LeBra custom front end car bra on our 2006 Honda Civic and exposed it to different elements with a test drive on the highway.


            • Direct fit
            • Aerodynamic design with black finish
            • Madre of micro-perforated leather grain vinyl for durability
            • 2-piece design with special knit backing
            • Include installation instructions
            • Accomodations for pop-up headlights, fog lights, air-intakes, and other design features
            • All needed parts are pre-attached


            • Upon physical inspection of the part, we were impressed with the quality of the vinyl and its functional design.
            • The installation instructions that came with the part was fairly easy to follow. It was understandable, and the step-by-step process gave us a clear picture of what needs to be done to get the car bra installed on our Civic.
            • The part effectively covered the entire nose of the vehicle. During a rudimentary test-drive, the fit played an important role in keeping away bugs and stones off the Civic's hood.
            • It gave the 2006 Honda Civic an upgraded look. Its black finish, sleek design, and glove like fit made the Civic look sportier than it originally was.
            • The 2-piece design was very convenient. We were able to access the Civic's hood easily without having to remove the entire car bra. We simply removed the piece that covers the hood and left the other piece clipped on while we inspected the engine compartment.
            • Three weeks after installation, the car bra was removed from the car to check on the Civic's hood. No markings or other damage were made on the hood or the Civic's paint job.


            • Installation of this car bra is not a one-person job. Our team took longer than expected when installing the bra on the Civic's front end. While the piece that snaps on the hood was fairly easy to install, the one that attached to the car's bumper, grill, and headlights was a bit tricky. The pre-attached clips were too short for the Civic's frame. We had to use a bungy cord to lengthen the clips and attach it under the car.
            • Although it had provisions for factory features such as pop-up lights and air intakes, it didn't have clips to hold an emblem in place. We couldn't snap the Honda logo on the car bra simply because we didn't have any clip to snap it on to.
            • During installation, we noticed that the lower cover was a bit tighter than the upper piece. But this is probably due to the fact that we had to make some adjustments on the lower piece to get it installed on the car.

            Our say

            The LeBra car bra is an effective protective accessory to any vehicle. It does not only protect your car's hood from road debris, but it also prevents moisture from building up and damaging your car's paint job from within. Its 2-piece aerodynamic design is also very convenient, and it lets you access your car's hood without having to remove the entire part. Although it could be a bit difficult to install, the LeBra car bra comes with a very detailed instruction manual, as well as pre-attached parts, to guide you through the entire process.

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