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            Lemfoerder Control Arm

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            Lemfoerder Control Arm Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 3
            Overall Rating 3.6

            It is not all the time that you have full control of your wheels and tires. When you pass road bumps and humps, your wheels and tires are subject to the movement of the control arms--and that is the only moment you are not in control of your wheels and tires. As what the name suggests, your control arms allow your tires and wheels to go up and down when adjusting to road irregularities. These components are a part of your suspension system, which means that they add to the good handling of your car. Once you notice that there is noise when you go over humps and bumps, it means that your control arms and their bushings need to be replaced. The good thing about these parts is that they are available in any auto parts store, so you only need to pick from a list of brands. One that you might try this time is Lemfoerder, but before buying its product, let us first ensure that your money will be spent well.


            • Original equipment replacement
            • Without ball joints
            • With bushings
            • Sold individually
            • Gives perfect connection between the frame and the wheel

            We tested a set of these control arms on a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria and a 2008 Lexus LS, and here is what we have to say:

            Thumbs up

            • Each of the units we purchased came well-packaged. The upper and lower control arms for the passenger and driver side of the two vehicles looked durable and solid enough.
            • In terms of fit, the new units took the position of the old units without any problem. No adjustment was necessary. We did the 3-and-9-o'clock and the 6-and-12-o-clock checks in order to diagnose play in the system. The units were fit and had been tightened correctly.
            • When the moment to drive the two vehicles came, we were both excited and nervous. We ran the two vehicles on the highway and in the city to experience difference kinds of road contours. We felt that the tires and wheels of the Crown Victoria and the LS went up and down smoothly, no sound came from the bushings, and turning presented no resistance.

            Thumbs down

            • It was a pity that the unit did not come with ball joints. New ball joints would have renewed the suspension--and steering control--of the Crown Victoria and the LS even better.
            • The bushings that came with the product were not pre-greased.

            The verdict

            This unit can be found on the expensive side of the product spectrum, but not without some good qualities to boast. Taken individually, each unit looks great, and with the accompanying bushings, you are definitely getting a good bet. Just make sure to replace other parts as well when you do the replacement, and of course, lubricate the bushings well.

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