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            Lemforder Products

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            Lemforder: Delivering Cutting-Edge Chassis Technology

            Lemforder started making history in the automotive industry back in 1947 when a man named Wilhelm Ulderup established a small company in Diepholz, Germany. Three years later, Ulderup's son, Dr. Jurgen, took over and officially branded his father's business as Lemforder. It was in 1963 when Ulderup regained control of the company and found ways to expand into the global market. Lemforder did well as an independent company back then, but ever since it was acquired by the Zeppelin Foundation in 1984, it has succeeded on surpassing itself.

            The Lemforder brand is still a guarantee of quality up to this day. Many clients perceive it as the hallmark of ultimate dynamism and superb quality. With Lemforder's premium products and top-notch services, it is sure to always be the number one choice in the automotive aftermarket.

            Tailor-made control arms

            Lemforder offers a range of products that enhance the driving experience. Among these are the control arms, which generally serve as wheel guidance. The control arms are responsible for the transfer of spring, damping, and stabilizer forces. What sets Lemforder control arms apart is their custom features. Each control arm is tailor-made to the driving properties of a vehicle and, of course, to the requirements and preferences of the client. The control arms can assume two functions: a guiding arm and a supporting arm. A guiding control arm is used for absorbing lateral, braking, and driving forces. On the other hand, a supporting control arm is responsible for the suspension and dampening of the body. Lemforder control arms come with a lightweight design in order to reduce energy consumption. Aluminum is often used as an alternative material to make the wheel suspension lighter and, thus, easier and more comfortable to use.

            Flexible suspension joints

            Lemforder takes safety to the next level by offering quality products that are geared towards ensuring the driving security of vehicles. For instance, the Lemforder suspension joint, which functions as a wheel guidance that links the road and the vehicle, ensures that the car is easy to steer. Lemforder prides itself with developing suspension joints that have an impressive responsiveness. This notable feature is made possible by the low torques and low elasticities that guarantee precise driving maneuvers. Lemforder has two types of suspension joints to offer: the suspension ball joint and the cross-axis joint. The two are only marginally different. Their mounting is what draws the line.

            Comfortable rubber-to-metal components in the driveline

            Security is not the only priority of Lemforder. Comfort is as important as anything else. That is why Lemforder offers metal-to-rubber components in the driveline that ensure secure anchorage and pleasant damping. The connection between the metal and the rubber has a decisive influence on driving characteristics since it transfers pressure and shear forces while simultaneously insulating vibrations, oscillations, and structure-borne noise. This means that the drivers and passengers are spared from the inconvenient vibrations and noises coming from the engine. In addition, these components can also be used to harmonize the engine tone and, thus, make the driving experience a lot more comfortable and convenient. Truly, Lemforder knows what customers want best.

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