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            Lexus Parts and Accessories

            We have 30,720 Items for Lexus In-stock.

            About Lexus

            Lexus: Redefining Luxury Vehicles

            Lexus is known world-wide for producing some of the finest luxury vehicles in the market today. All of their cars boast of well-crafted cabins, top-of-the-line performance, and powerful but silent engines. Born from a clandestine flagship sedan project, code-named project F1, Lexus was the brainchild of Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda's vision of creating the best luxury vehicle brand. Their slogan "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection", symbolizes their obsessive attention to detail and how it has set them apart from other luxury vehicles today.

            Design and technology

            Since the brand was started, they have relied on specific vehicle development standards in order to create some of their best luxury cars. The acronym "IDEAL" (Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, and Lasting) defines everything in their vehicles from exterior looks and aerodynamics to ride comfort and interior ergonomics. They even have a list of standards known as the "Lexus Musts", which covers over 500 different product standards that each vehicle was comply with. With this level of attention to detail, you're sure to get only the best when it comes to Lexus.

            Japanese reliability

            When it comes to industry ratings, you'd be glad to know that Lexus has been named by J.D. Power and Associates as the most reliable car brand in the U.S. over fourteen times since 1995. They've constantly led the charts when it came to build quality, owner satisfaction, and overall vehicle reliability. There aren't a lot of vehicle manufacturers, let alone luxury car makers, who can top Lexus' ratings, let alone for more than a decade.

            The Lexus future

            The future seems bright for Lexus, especially once you've got a glimpse of their LF Series. Using a design philosophy called L-finesse (a portmanteau of "Leading Edge" and "finesse"), all new vehicles from Lexus would incorporate cutting-edge technology including advanced instrument panels, multi-driver vehicle configurations, hybrid engines, and other unconventional designs. The LF or Lexus Future series may be a long way off, but they are sure to hit it big if you'd look at any of Lexus' past success. For now, we'd have to settle for their current lineup of luxury cars, but it's easy to see that some of their future technology is already present in some of their vehicles today.

            Lexus Top Sellers

            Lexus Trivia

            Did you know?

            • The Toyota chairman once asked, "Can we create a luxury vehicle to challenge the world's best?" This led to a top-secret project code-named F1, which led to the creation of the Lexus brand.

            • Lexus was derived from Alexis. But the name applied more to people than to a vehicle brand. So, the first letter was removed and the "i" was replaced with "u" to come up with the Lexus name.

            • Lexus aims for sustainability with its hybrid models that are made primarily using infinitely recyclable plastics.

            • Even at a relatively young age compared to other car brands, Lexus almost instantly became one of the world's favorites. Created by Toyota, the world's largest automobile manufacturer, you wouldn't expect less from a Lexus luxury vehicle. Besides having top-notch performance, some say that Lexus parts maybe as durable as that of Toyota's top SUVs. Well, that might just be proven by how successful this Japan-based car has become. After its debut in America in 1989, Lexus soon had enough wherewithal to has been compete with other top brandsvying already for the world's approvalin the industry. And the company got it with over 70 favorable countries and millions of people on standing ovation. So now what's next? So what was next after bagging a good portion of the market? Well, if you follow history, you'd know that what followed was the that could be either the continuous upgrade of Lexus auto parts orand a bi-annual release of better performing car models. Today, But whatever business strategy Toyota is planning, we can only guess that their next step will just be as spectacular as their first. And speaking Calling Lexus's first stride in mind, it was the former chairman of the Toyota Motor Corporation, Eiji Toyoda, who called for a secret meeting to be able to beat whichever top movers and shakers arch-enemy they had back in 1983. What Eiji had in mind was to "create a luxury vehicle to challenge the world's best" not pointing out exactly which car brand to topple. Little did he know that he and his team would lead the assembling of Lexus parts and accessories for years to come starting with the LS 400-Lexus' flagship model.And now, if Lexus continues to go after top brands in the field, and do it with the same superior quality of dedication the world has long associated with Lexus, it won't be long now before Lexus starts taking first place on consumers' lists of cars to buy. This is the reason why Auto Parts Warehouse considers the brand one of its finest-as a top supplier of Lexus auto parts, offering huge discounts, hassle-free delivery, and top-quality is just in our nature. With tens of thousands of new, slick, and tough Lexus parts, which can maintain your car's deluxe interior and exterior look as well as its overall first-class performance, we are sure that we are the team to beat in terms of prices, quality, and delivery. From Lexus accessories like bumpers and seat covers to chief parts like air filters, shock absorbers, and intake manifolds, we guarantee them to be of top-notch quality. Plus, we offer shipping for orders worth over $49! So go for the winning team. Order your Lexus parts online only from Auto Parts Warehouse today!