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            Luk: A Leader in Clutch Engineering

            Founded in 1965, LuK has been among the key suppliers of systems and components for automotive drivetrains all over the world for over five decades. From clutches to flywheels, you can bet that LuK has got it covered. From its manufacturing plants in Germany, LuK makes each of their parts under three core principles: highest quality, outstanding technology, and strong innovative ability. All departments implement a zero-defective role that ensure each component that rolls out of the assembly line works as intended, and strict monitoring is conducted starting from manufacturing to shipping in order to cut energy consumption and eliminate waste at source. And this level of quality control is also carried over to customer service, resulting in timely deliveries and a high commitment to its customers.

            Reliable clutch discs

            One excellent proof of how LuK clutches are well-regarded in the industry is the fact that one out of four cars in the road today has a LuK clutch disc. Whether it is a stock part or an OEM replacement, LuK clutch discs are built to provide superior driving comfort, vibration dampening, noise reduction, improved fuel efficiency, and a more comfortable, low-revs driving experience. And to achieve this, every LuK clutch disc has a special lining resilience system that is specifically optimized for the vehicle it is meant for. This results in a smoother torque buildup when moving away and an ergonomically synchronized force curve.

            LuK clutch discs are available in two types: with or without a torsion damper. The discs that have a torsion damper offer the most cost-effective and space-saving solution for fixing excessive vibrations from the drivetrain, thanks to LuK's patented cone-centering device corrects potential axle displacement between the engine and the gearbox and dampens vibrations even when idling. Meanwhile, LuK clutch discs that do not have a torsion damper are used alongside a dual mass flywheel. This disc enables radial displacement of the hub and prevents potential radial forces in idling as well as low load ranges, resulting in a significant noise reduction.

            Superior flywheels

            LuK's flywheels are a result of decades of experience in clutch design and manufacture. Each flywheel features an additional damping device that effectively prevents resonance overload but does not interfere with normal operations, with the engine vibrations typically filtered out by the spring dampers. In addition, the flywheels have a specific friction and spring rate ratio that ensures optimum vibration isolation and soft resonance passage when starting or stopping the engine. The flywheel's springs are also extra long to reduce the spring rate better than the competition, effectively shielding the gearbox from excessive resonance.

            Dependable clutch pressure plates

            Best used in tandem with LuK flywheel and clutch disc, the LuK pressure plate is designed to transfer engine torque more efficiency that the competition. The pressure plate has a built-in load sensor that automatically activates its wear compensation mechanism by turning the ramp ring. This enables the plate to decrease operating loads and extend the service life of the clutch by as much as 1.5 times without any significant change in the operating load.

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