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            Select your Mainshaft vehicle from the list below.

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            A car’s transmission system can be likened to our circulatory system. The heart is much like a car engine. The heart keeps us alive, while the automotive engine is what makes a vehicle mobile. And as you know, these two serve as the cores of their respective systems. But of course, these central pieces wouldn’t be able to accomplish their jobs without the aid of a supporting cast. The arteries and the veins, which are part of the circulatory system, are the heart’s helpers in circulating blood throughout our body. For a vehicle, it’s the transmission system that facilitates the flow of energy from the engine to the wheels. Obviously, if you take away both of the supporting casts of the heart and the car engine, these cores would be rendered useless. For energy to be able to flow from the engine to the wheels, it has to pass through several channels in the drivetrain. One of these channels is mainshaft. The mainshaft is one of the three major shafts in the transmission system (the other two are the counter shaft and the idler shaft). This is the second destination of the energy from the engine after being coursed through the clutch. The energy then goes from there to the output shaft. So, can you just imagine what happens if the mainshaft breaks down? Aside from disrupting the synchronization of the movement of the pistons and the valves (which is of course particularly destructive), the energy from the engine wouldn’t be able to reach the wheels at all. That would certainly pose a major problem. Act on it right away by getting a replacement for it.--end--For a brand-new mainshaft, you should get it from Auto Parts Warehouse. A sturdy and highly functional one will most likely set you back by a lot of bucks—but not if you purchase it from us. You can get top-grade mainshafts from Auto Parts Warehouse without spending as much, as all of our products are priced wholesale! Yes, everything you see on our site is made affordable in order to help you save during these economically trying times. With Auto Parts Warehouse, you wouldn’t have to exhaust your budget because our customers can get as much as 70% off on regular retail items! We also throw in free shipping for orders that exceed $50 (mainshafts are normally priced more than that; therefore you can expect free shipping for it)! So whether you need a mainshaft or other automotive parts, get any and every part replacement need you have from Auto Parts Warehouse!

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