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            Marshall Engines Products

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            Marshall Engines: A Specialist in Remanufactured Engines

            Four billion-that's the total number of miles accumulated by all the Marshall Engine motors (there are more than 200,000 of them on the road) in existence. Needless to say, that's a remarkable feat; a testament to the quality of Marshall Engines' products. With more than three decades of experience under its belt, Marshall Engines is no slouch (as if the number cited earlier wasn't enough for one to believe this statement) when it comes to producing high-quality remanufactured engines. On top of that, the brand is both an innovator and a trendsetter. In fact, Marshall Engines was one of the first companies to offer QS-9000 quality-engines when General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford started doing so.

            As the years went on, Marshall Engines grew bigger and better. The company added new locations and expanded its product line. On top of remanufactured engines, it now offers transmissions, cylinder heads, and crankshaft kits, among others. With those, it's safe to say that Marshall Engines is looking to hit the five billion-mile milestone.

            Affordable quality engine assembly

            The bread and butter of the Marshall Engines brand is its line of refurbished engine assemblies. In fact, Marshall Engines is the leading supplier of manufactured engine assemblies in the US, with units available for most passenger vehicles including light duty trucks and SUVs. There are also engine assemblies available that are geared towards racing and other high performance applications. Each assembly is built to provide increased power ratios even at a slight press of the accelerator pedal, with comes with all the key components including the oil pan, pickup tube, screen, cylinder heads, and gaskets. The cylinder heads, in particular, have undergone a baked cleaning process to make it more resistant to damage against high-pressure operating conditions. Other features include mag-inspected and pressure-tested seals that ensure an air-tight fit and a crankshaft kit with reground connecting rod bearings and chamfered and micro-polished oil holes for easier lubrication of the crankshaft.

            Marshall engine assemblies have a power range of 1,500 to 6,500 RPM, making it suitable for both typical passenger vehicles to rally racers. And despite its low cost compared to the competition, each engine assembly is expected to perform nearly as well as a brand new unit. This is due to the rigorous quality control process that the assembly components undergo to ensure zero defects and compliance with US and international quality and safety standards.

            Tough long engine block

            In addition to engine assemblies, Marshall Engines also refurbishes engine long blocks for many vehicle models. Unlike the short block, the IPCW long block consists of the assembled engine block, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft, and valve train. It does not, however, include the fuel links, electrical, intake, and exhaust components and other miscellaneous engine devices. Each IPCW long block is remanufactured to match the specifications of the vehicle it was intended for, ensuring maximum compatibility which, in turn, leads to shorter installation times and less troubleshooting. And at a very low cost compared to brand new units, the IPCW long block is a suitable choice for car owners on a tight budget.

            Marshall Engines Engine Assembly

            If you want to get something special from your ride, there's only one name that you should remember and that's Marshall Engines. This brand is associated with success, constantly crossing victory lanes inside and outside the racing circuit. If you want to be a part of a proud winning and winning tradition, you need to equip your street machine with a Marshall Engines Engine Assembly. This assembly delivers increased power ratios whenever you step on the accelerator pedal. It has everything that you can ask for from a top-caliber engine assembly, including an oil pan, a pickup tube, a screen, and a gasket set. It comes with a set of baked-cleaned cylinder heads, giving you an engine assembly that won't fold under pressure. Aside from topnotch that, it also features mag-inspected and pressure-tested seals to prevent leaks. Its crankshaft kit includes a set of connecting reground rod bearings, and chamfered and micro-polished oil holes for proper lubrication. If you're looking for power, the Marshall Engines Engine Assembly can deliver as much as 1,500-6500 RPM. That's a tremendous amount of muscle without the expensive tag price that you'll find with other engine assembly sets. Plus, there's no need to go to your traditional auto retailers to get this assembly. All you have to do is check out Auto Parts Warehouse's catalog and you can place an order within a matter of minutes. We guarantee that you won't have any trouble upgrading your ride once you bolt on this amazing engine assembly.

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