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            Mean Green Products

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            Mean Green: Taking Automotive Toughness to the Next Level

            For over thirty years, Mean Green has been an established brand especially among off-road enthusiasts. This brand specializes in upgraded alternators and starters that continue to be well-received by its customers. Mean Green does not only take pride in its unique products, but it is also known for its outstanding customer service. It ensures that the needs and demands of its customers are met positively. Because of this brand's utmost dedication, it became one of the leading brands in terms of high performance automotive products. The starters and alternators that Mean Green offers are sure to last for a long period of time because they are made from high-quality materials that can withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. Every customer of this brand can guarantee that the items are originally made and not just rebuilt. In fact, many established magazines and personalities in the automotive world have shared their optimistic reviews about Mean Green. Thus, it is surely a brand worth investing to.

            Exceptional alternators

            Mean Green is recognized for one of its esteemed products, which is the High Output Alternator. In fact, Mean Green has been well-known because of its unceasing efforts to provide beneficial upgrades to its alternator products. The High Output Alternator has a capacity to provide up to three hundred percent more energy to the vehicle's batteries. Unlike other alternators, this alternator can keep any engine charged no matter what its power requisite is. Moreover, it is equipped with a heavy-duty steel rotor shaft that has protective bearings on each end. In this way, the High Output Alternator can be able to withstand even the harshest working condition. It also has a durable regulator that has the capacity to keep its optimum condition amidst extreme temperatures so that it can last for a long period of time. Another feature of this alternator is its easy installation. Simply fasten its bolts and then it's already good to go. The High Output Alternator is sold with a one year warranty that has no charges. In this way, Mean Green proves how it values customer service and satisfaction. Truly, the High Output Alternator serves as a proof of how Mean Green continues to innovate through the years.

            Powerful starters

            Aside from the alternator, Mean Green takes pride in its Gear Reduction Starter. No matter what the condition is, its integrated solenoid allows it to continue its smooth operations without being easily prone to corrosion or failure due to extreme changing temperatures. In addition, it draws less current but gives more torque than the usual starters. In this way, the engine can be able to run with more ease. The Gear Reduction Starter also has five bearings in its assembly that help to protect it against spills or leaks. Its durability for a long period of time is also ensured through its heavy-duty steel shafts with bearings at each end. Moreover, the Gear Reduction Starter can be easily installed on any vehicle. It also has a one to two-year warranty depending on its driving application. Through this kind of starter, Mean Green goes to show that it continues to provide durable and high-quality automotive products.

            Mean Green Alternator

            With the Mean Green Alternator you can now enjoy your favorite tracks at full volume using your in-car sound system. The alternator produces the required electricity for the various devices installed in your vehicle. The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. With the use of Mean Green alternator, you won't have to think about your battery life nor if it would be enough to supply electricity needed by other components in your vehicle. The Mean Green alternator provides a stable supply of power to these accessories. Our Mean Green alternator consists of brushes, pulleys, wheels, and wires, and typically hooks to the crankshaft and is connected to the battery. Mean Green alternator offers quality, reliability and durability. The rotor shaft of this alternator is supported at both ends by heavy duty double sealed bearings, with solid copper starter windings sealed with using high temperature insulation. It also features extreme heat resistance capacity with multi function integrated regulator in order to continue its operation even during extreme temperatures. Mean Green Alternators are guaranteed to crank out 140 amps to provide you clean, reliable power using state of the art internal voltage regulator that are designed to protect the vehicle's wiring and ignition systems. They are equipped with specially designed random pitch fan is extra quiet. Another feature of the Mean Green Alternator is its bolt-on design which makes installation easy and straightforward. It is ideal for trucks, SUVs and other emergency vehicles must have this type of alternator. The latest from Mean Green is the class III stainless steel receiver hitches. Using these hitches will allow you to make use of stock frame and secure location.

            Mean Green Starter

            Mean Green Starters provide almost 100% more torque compared to the rest stock starters, rock and hill climbing abilities are now enhanced with even smoother and clutch free starting particularly on steep inclines. Mean Green starters feature heat-sink and corrosion proofed solenoid. With the Mean Green starter, you will never experience overheating because of its heat sink solenoid it also prevents thermal breakdown as well. The Mean Green Starters are just 1/3 smaller in size and weight compared to that of the stock starters. While the Mean Green rotating billet aluminum nose cone versions features an awesome rotation of 20-degree increments in order to provide better header clearance & protection from the heat. Compared to the average of 5,000 starts per stock unit, the Mean Green starter guarantees to provide 35,000 trouble-free torque filled starts. The amperage draw is even less than a stock starter. It also features heavy-duty construction to provide extreme performance and reliability. It has a total of 5 sealed ball bearings in order to keep out water. Stainless steel main shafts provide direct line engagement. Mean Green products, including starters and other components, have been proven to be high quality and are guaranteed high quality.

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