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            MG Parts and Accessories

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            About MG

            MG: British Cars at their Finest

            UK has been a key automotive powerhouse since the dawn of the automobile industry, and one of its earliest and most respected names is MG. Founded in the early 1920’s, MG has made a name as a specialist in two-seater sports cars and saloon and coupe models. The Oxfordshire-based plant also became well known for its high-performance automotive companies that were both lightweight and powerful for their time, which eventually found their way to the professional motorsports sector.

            Today, despite several management shifts over the past several decades, the MG brand still lives on through the MG Motor Company in Birmingham, UK, which produces both complete motor vehicles and replacement parts for new and classic models under the MG nameplate.

            Quintessential British engineering

            MG vehicles take advantage of a nearly hundred year’s worth of engineering expertise and innovation. MG’s autos are assembled in its Birmingham facility, which also houses European Engineering Technical Centre and Design Studio that continuously develops initial designs for MG’s vehicle concepts as well as ensures that all existing models and components made by MG meets both European standards and individual customer requests.

            The MGB

            Of all the vehicles that MG has rolled out of its factories over the years, one vehicle that is arguably its most popular model to date is the MGB. Introduced in 1962, the MGB two-door roadster is MG’s entry to the sports car sector, effectively replacing its predecessor, the MGA. The car took a different route from its contemporaries in the 60’s: it featured a state-of-the-art monocoque body instead of body-on-frame construction for greatly reduced weight, wind-up windows, and a driver’s compartment that was far roomier than what other vehicles offered at that time.

            But where the MGB really show is its integration of “crumple zones” in certain areas of the body designed to absorb the force of a collision. Unlike in other cars of the time that had rigid panels, which spread out the force of the impact to the rest of the vehicle, the crumple zones isolate the force – and thus the damage – to certain parts of the vehicle, greatly reducing injury to the driver and passengers. This once-novel technology by MGB would eventually become a standard safety feature in vehicles today.


            Like most automakers of the time, MG was heavily invested in motor racing during the early 1900’s. The company produced a handful of racers, including such notable models as the 1931 C-Type and 1934 Q-type, before stopping production of racing vehicles altogether in 1935 to focus on experimental cars. One result of this shift is the MGB streamliner EX135, which broke speed records by achieving 200 mph in 1939. MG vehicles also earned another record for being the last foreign brand to be used in NASCAR, with the final one being driven by Smokey Cook in 1963.

            In 2001, MG returned to the racing scene with the MG-Lola EX257 Le Mans prototype in its attempt to enter the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans event. The company followed this up by fielding MG ZS units in the British Touring Car Championship and an MG ZR supermini in the Independent British Rally Championship.

            MG Highlights

            Top Innovative Concept Vehicles from MG

            One of the older and more esteemed brands of the British Isles, MG has made a name for itself not only as a manufacturer of high-quality automobiles but also as a key promoter of the latest advances in automotive technology. From city driving to the track, MG has been at the forefront with cutting-edge vehicle designs that provide style, performance, and comfort in a compact package.

            Here are some of the key concepts MG has come up with over the years:

            The MG EV Concept

            In celebration of the brand’s 90th anniversary, the MG EV concept is MG’s entry into rapidly growing electric vehicle sector. Developed in partnership with the company’s engineers and designers in Birmingham, UK and the European Design and Technical Centre (SMTC), this concept is a testbed for the brand’s capability to produce competitive clean energy cars.

            The heart of the MG EV concept is its LFW battery, which generates 52 kW in power and, working in conjunction with the regenerative braking system, enables for a range of over 100km. The battery only takes six hours to fully charge on a standard charge, while fast charging stations can top it up in as fast as 30 minutes. It also retains more than 80% capacity after 2,000 charging cycles, which is roughly equivalent to ten years of average use.

            The MG CS

            Unveiled at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, the MG CS concept SUV is designed to tackle the rapidly growing areas of the global automotive market, oozing both British design flair while embracing the sporty design that we have come to expect from the iconic MG brand.

            The MG CS has a variety of bleeding-edge features, including a headlight design that incorporates a multi-faceted shard structure that refracts light in different colors and shapes from the inside to form MG’s signature octagon design on the front. The car also has a strong horizontal profile that gives the concept a distinctive sporty style.

            The MG Icon

            Introduced in 2012 at the Beijing Auto Show, the MG Icon is another concept SUV developed by MG, which takes inspiration from its famous sports cars in the past including the MGA and the MGB GT. Like the MGB GT, the Icon has rear structural lamps that are mounted on haunched wings, as well as a four ‘shell’ seat layout. The rear seats can also be folded down onto the floor, allowing for versatile and efficient use of the SUV’s cabin space.

            According to MG, the Icon also has the brand’s familiar brand cues, including wide and powerful front end graphics and lines reminiscent of MG’s iconic octagon logo.

            The MG3 Trophy Concept

            With its roots in motorsports, MG has undertaken several initiatives over the years to reinvent its motorsport arm. One such program resulted in the MG3 Trophy Championship concept car in 2014. Based on the current MG3 compact, the MG3 Trophy is a souped-up version of its predecessor, featuring in-house engineering, design, and calibration assets by the company. Some if its key features include a 1.5 Vti Tech engine that’s capable of producing 204 BHP, a full body-lightening program, fully adjustable MacPherson strut front setup, a bespoke anti-roll bar, and an adjustable front splitter.

            MG Trivia

            Interesting Facts You May Not Know about the MG Motor UK Limited

            • The most famous MG customers are His Royal Highness Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke bought his MG in 1947 while Prince Charles had his MGC Roadster delivered in 1969, before his investiture as Prince of Wales.
            • Nanjing Automobile (NAC), the company that purchased MG Rover Group in April 8, 2005, is China's oldest carmaker. Two years after, it then had a merger with SAIC Motor, Chinas largest car manufacturer. It is because of these two companies that the world gets to see new MG vehicles after 16 years of being in hiatus.
            • MG celebrated its 90th anniversary with record-breaking sales and by unveiling the MG3 and MG6 90th Limited Edition models