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            Mile Marker Products

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            Mile Marker: Top Supplier of OEM Parts in the Automotive Aftermarket

            Mile Marker is a respected brand in the automotive aftermarket because it delivers unique and high-quality products that do not just meet the market's specifications but exceed them. Mile Marker boasts of an international presence, with dealers located in 46 countries around the world. In spite of its substantial success, Mile Marker decides to keep things simple by operating from its headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

            This brand offers a wide selection of auto products that range from conversion kits and locking hubs to electric winches and hydraulic winch systems. In fact, although it is generally known as a manufacturer of different car parts, Mile Marker is best esteemed for its patented hydraulic winch, which happens to be the only one of its kind that is approved for the U.S. Military's HMMWV. This winch is controlled by the power steering pump, ensuring that it achieves uninterrupted pulls for longer hours even when weather conditions are harsh.

            Sturdy grille guards

            Grille guards have become the classic accessories for trucks and SUVs. Not only do they make a vehicle look sleeker and more aggressive; they also add another layer of protection to the vehicle's front end. Most owners install grille guards to give their vehicles a trendy look. What they don't know is that grille guards are good not only for aesthetic purposes. With the added padding that these car accessories afford, minor collisions are now more manageable. To get the best grille guards in the market, you need to find a trusted company that manufactures them. Mile Marker, being the respected company that it is, is just the perfect fit for this purpose. Mile Marker is known as a top manufacturer of high-grade grille guards that meet OEM specifications. With Mile Marker, you can be sure to get the level of quality you want.

            Durable locking hubs

            Locking hubs are strategically located in between your vehicle's two front wheels. When these car accessories are engaged, your engine will power all four wheels of your vehicle, thus allowing you to shift from rear-wheel drive to four-wheel drive as needed. Also called free-wheeling hubs, your locking hubs may come in either a manual standard or an automatic standard. The first kind is ideal for heavy-duty driving while the second is best for casual driving. Mile Marker offers both kinds of locking hubs. These products are made from materials of superior quality to make sure that they function properly. Mile Marker locking hubs undeniably kill it in both look and performance.

            Legendary winches

            When Mile Marker claims that its winches are legendary, you know you are really getting something that you won't find anywhere else. Mile Marker electric winches are as competent as others of its kind in the market, but this brand's hydraulic winches are a different story altogether. Mile Marker hydraulic winches are the paragon of all hydraulic winches because they have passed the rigorous standards of the U.S. Military. These winches can virtually face the roughest weather conditions. Their heavy-duty, anti-corrosion finish is good even underwater. Truly, Mile Marker has set the trend with its legendary hydraulic winches.

            Mile Marker Grille Guard

            Whether you're driving on smooth paved city roads or on rough and rocky forest trails, the Mile Marker grille guard solves the problem of damaged grilles due to road debris. The grille guard has become one of the quintessential accessories on trucks and SUVs and Mile Marker offers the best of this type of accessory. The Mile marker grille guard comes in a huge variety of styles to suit whatever vehicle model or specification it is intended to be installed in. Mile Marker products, especially grille guards are manufactured to high standards of quality. Not only do they protect the grille, they also make the front of the car look better. With the Mile marker grille guard installed in your truck or SUV, you can instantly go from bland to a total blast. Mile Marker grille guards are made with the goal to meets the user's expectations. The Mile Marker Grille Guard does not just improve the vehicle's appearance it also helps in protecting your vehicle. These are made of high-grade steel and others come in chrome or powder-coated variety. So if you want to amp up the look of your truck or SUV? Then, you should definitely consider having a Mile Marker grille guard installed to your vehicle.

            Mile Marker Locking Hub

            If it's time for you to replace your locking hubs, make sure that you pick one from Mile Marker. Mile Marker's Locking hubs are superior quality locking hubs made by people that know hubs best. Mile marker locking hubs are guaranteed to be built to exacting standards and with improvements over the latest patents. The Mile Marker Locking hub comes in either chrome or gold design that is the ultimate in style and sophistication. They are made available for most domestic and import applications. These locking hubs from Mile Marker are the latest and are the most ultimate in style and service. Carefully built to match and surpass standards. And the best feature of all, they come in three quarter turn engagement that makes them easier to operate compared to quarter turn hub mechanism. They are also guaranteed to be all-metal available in your choice of cap finishes. With combined look and superiority that you want along with the performance that you demand from this Mile marker locking, they are sure to satisfy your standards. Plus, these locking hubs are also easy to use. If ever you need replacement locking hubs, start browsing our website now and find the Mile Marker Locking Hubs you need.

            Mile Marker Winch

            Using the Mile Marker Winch you are guaranteed to experience tremendous strength and durability. Mile Marker Winch has got all the features that you need in a winch. It provides 15000lbs. of pulling power; the Mile Marker Winch has plenty of power for even the heaviest hauls. Compared to running off an unreliable 12-volt battery, the Mile Marker Winch's 17.9ci motor can tap into the massive might of your power steering pump. These two components work harmoniously, especially when paired together. The Mile Marker Winch has passed the ultimate test of dependability ? that of the US Military's exacting standards. It can face the most severe weather conditions. Not even the worst weather disturbance can stop the Mile Marker Winch from getting the job done. It features a heavy-duty anti-corrosion finish which can still be fully functional even when underwater. The Mile Marker also uses a remote solenoid directional control valve rather than an integrated solenoid found in common winches. Here at our user-friendly online catalog, you can find the best Mile Marker Winches in the internet today. Take a look at our wide range of Mile Marker products such as winches. All our Mile Marker products are guaranteed high quality, sourced directly from the maker.

            Mile Marker Winch Mount

            The Mile Marker winch mounts are designed to withstand extreme tensions on your winches. These winch mounts from Mile marker are also tested to withstand the effect extreme conditions. It incorporates a 3/8" thick mounting steel plate and steel bar that is fully welded to the vertical upright mounting brackets. This design creates an extremely strong "box structure" that is capable of withstanding the 12,000 lb. force which the Mile Marker winches produces. It uses a standard 10" x 4.5" bolt pattern so most winches fit. The Mile Marker Winch Mount adds a permanent and powerful solution for the winch. The Mile Marker Winch Mounts are engineered to withstand the punishing conditions that the mightiest Mile Marker winch can dish out. It also features a robust 3/8" thick slab of steel for its base and a two sturdy upright pillars jutting up Take advantage of the simplicity of a one piece mount for your Sport Utility Vehicle or Pick-up with the Mile Marker Mounts. The Mile marker winch mount is designed for maximum strength. Here at our user-friendly online store, you can find high quality Mile Marker winch mount for your use. Whatever your vehicle model is, you'll find the right winch here in our site.

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