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            Monroe Products

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            Monroe: Continuously Innovating for Better Quality Products

            Monroe has its roots dating back in the 1900s when cars still rode on carriage springs. Over the years, this company has evolved into a global brand with product quality, customer satisfaction, and new product technology as its main concerns. Monroe specializes in producing high-quality shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs, and other hydraulic parts. With its innovative technologies, Monroe has produced highly developed products, which earned it a number of awards through the years. One of these innovations is the Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) shock absorber. This technology allowed the shock absorbers to deliver a soft, comfortable ride, and a smooth vehicle handling. Monroe doesn't specialize in parts for cars only. This company offers an extensive product line, including large stocks of on-hand parts for cars and other vehicles. In addition, Monroe manufactures hard-to-find parts for a wide range of vehicles and vehicle applications.

            Heavy duty shock absorber and strut assembly

            Every vehicle has needs proper suspension components to be able to support its weight as you drive to your different destinations. This also helps the vehicle remain stable when you change directions and when taking on uneven road surfaces. Therefore, it is expected that these components should be able to withstand the rattles and punishment of your drives. The Monroe Econo-matic shock absorbers and strut assemblies are designed to be suitable OE replacements to the suspension components of your vehicle. The product is meant for a quick and efficient installation. You will not have to use a spring compressor anymore when you mount it. It also contains an all-weather fluid so that you can depend on for consistency. You can consider this as a practical solution should you need to replace your old shocks that are already shot.

            Stable shock and strut mount

            You already know that the shocks and struts help maintain vehicle stability while you are driving on the road. This involves constant movement that can rattle the entire assembly. This is why stable shock and strut mounts are also essential pieces in the ensemble. The piece should be firmly holding the other suspension components with the rest of the body to ensure a fairly pleasurable ride. The Monroe Strut-mate mounts are designed with precision to meet the OE specifications and provide a firm fitment. It connects heavy duty materials to be able to withstand the constant beatings involved during drives. It is also interesting to know that Monroe has crafted different models to be able to cater to various vehicles from the domestic and international market.

            Capable lift support

            Lift supports are your allies in accessing the tailgate of your vehicle. It absorbs some of the wait and helps you in pushing the panel upward. The Monroe Max-Lift lift support is designed out of heavy-duty plastic and metal to be able to provide quality service. It has anti-leak protection to be able to contain the fluid needed for optimum lifting power. Likewise, the materials are treated to repel rust. As with other Monroe products, it follows strict OE specifications to ensure that you can enjoy your vehicle as it was before.

            Monroe Shock Absorber

            Worn shocks reduce driver control and jeopardize the stability of your vehicle. They also increase premature wear and tear on other suspension parts and sensitive engine technology. Computer sensors can be adversely affected and knocked off-kilter by rough road conditions and inadequate suspension, for example. But Monroe has been designing and producing high performance shocks for over 75 years. They know the way to smooth ride and maximum control. Call 1-800-859-0923 to upgrade your factory shocks to high technology, high quality Monroe shocks. We'll have your order shipped immediately from our fully stocked warehouses ? ground shipped free of charge on all continental US orders over $50.

            Monroe Shock Absorber

            If your factory shocks are faulty or failing, you'll feel the inconsistency and lack of ride control. Upgrading to one of Monroe's high performance advanced shock absorber systems dramatically improves handling by reducing bounce, turn sway, brake dive, and acceleration squat. Monroe's increased comfort is unmistakable and the increased control is invaluable. Safety is increased tremendously! So, cruise through the Auto Parts Warehouse online collection of Monroe shock absorbers to find the right upgrade aftermarket system for your application. Racing, towing, street, or other ? we have the high technology Monroe shock absorbers that are right for you. Call us toll-free at 1-800-859-0923 to get yours now.

            Monroe Strut Assembly

            We have courteous and knowledgeable staff ready 24/7 to help you find the rugged high endurance Monroe strut suspension system that's right for your make, model, and application. Mountain driving, cliff climbing, rock crawling ? or maybe just the classy street sky ride ? Monroe struts are strong enough to handle your aggressive lifestyle. And for the tamer street drivers, Monroe high performance struts provide long lasting comfort in the driving experience ? commuter's heaven on wheels. Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff anytime 24/7 for personal and accurate service. No mismatching and order mistakes with us. We get it to you fast and right!

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