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            Motorcraft: The Authority in Automotive Replacement Parts

            Replacing Autolite in 1972, Motorcraft has become one of the leading companies in replacement auto parts. This company has developed various products for different driving purposes such as track racing and street driving. Through continuously crafting innovative technologies, Motorcraft was able to establish and maintain a good impression on its consumers.

            As a company under Ford Motors, Motorcraft offers only the highest-quality parts for a wide range of vehicles and automotive applications. With its state-of-the-art technology, this company has earned a positive reputation in the automotive industry. Designed and developed using the latest equipment in auto parts manufacturing, Motorcraft's products offer excellent performance and durability. Customer satisfaction is also one of the major concerns for Motorcraft. This company believes that meeting the customers' expectations is equally the same as producing high-quality products. So, keeping the customers in a close relationship is one of its major goals as a company.

            Exclusively designed air filters

            From production to distribution, Motorcraft ensures that each of its replacement components carry the high quality that the company promises to offer its customers. The brand scrutinizes the materials used in the production of the components as part of its stringent quality control measures. Engineered and suggested by the Ford Motor Company, Motorcraft's air filters feature an exclusive design that promotes a tight and leak-proof polyurethane seal to keep the components from getting damaged. These air filters also possess top-of-the-line qualities that make them immune to extreme temperatures and enable them to get rid of dirt particles, which can get caught up in the intake system. Blockages and contaminants in the intake system can lead to improper air and fuel mixture in the vehicle's engine. Aside from the premium quality of these components, the company's filters are treated to improve capacity and efficiency.

            Powerful and sturdy air pumps

            Built to resist wear and tear, Motorcraft's air pumps stand out from the rest due to their unique features brought about by the company's top-of-the-line machineries as well as the knowledge and expertise of its well-trained engineers. Thanks to the premium-grade materials used during production, Motorcraft's air pumps are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. These replacement components work well in maximizing the vehicle's performance, thanks to their excellent quality and remarkable durability. Since they are built according to OE specifications, these aftermarket pumps are easy to install. With just a few tools and basic knowledge in car repair, the installation can be done in a jiffy. Weighing about one pound each, these replacement air pumps are the preferred choice of the Ford Motor Company.

            Cost-efficient EGR valves

            Made of top-quality materials, EGR valves crafted by Motorcraft stand the test of time with their tough structure and strategic built that makes them unsusceptible to impact and extreme temperatures. These reliable components enable the vehicle to produce the correct amount of exhaust back into the intake manifold. With the built-in features of the EGR valves, these parts greatly help in completing the combustion process and making it efficient for the vehicle to achieve maximum performance. Backed by Motorcraft's limited 1-year or 2,000-mile warranty, these components are guaranteed to bring excellent quality on top of cost efficiency.

            Motorcraft Air Filter

            Air filter are one of the most crucial parts of your cars system since it is considered as the first line of defense against dust and other particulate matters that can enter in your car's engine system. There are commonly two kinds of Motorcraft air filter that is used on most cars nowadays, the two kinds are the combustion air filter and the cabin air filter, combustion air filter prevent particulate matter from penetrating the engine of your car's combustion chamber while the cabin air filters purify the air that enters your cars ventilation system. Air filter in your car is typically made up from different materials like paper, foam, and cotton. Always make sure that you keep the air filters in your car in tip top shape and condition. Once it needs replacing don't hesitate to do so. The Motorcraft air filter is one of the products that you can avail for your vehicle. So if you want quality air filter for your car, just click and browse our online site for your added convenience.

            Motorcraft Alternator

            Do you want to make your car capable of installing all those advanced and power consuming components like a portable DVD or a high powered stereo? Alternator is the solution to your power problems since it is especially made to increase the capacity of power in your car. The Motorcraft alternator is the device that converts all the mechanical energy made by the engine of your car into electricity to power up all the electrical devices in your car, increasing its range can really cause a difference in your car especially in the electrical devices. By using alternating current, the alternator of your car can maximize the efficiency of your batteries. The most common alternator is made up from four parts, the rotor, stator, diode packs, and the voltage regulator. Each of these four parts has its own crucial task of producing electrical power that is needed to be supplied in all the electrical devices in your car. Once the Motorcraft alternator of your car malfunctions, repairing it will help. However, if you need to replace it, our site has the largest selection of these parts from our trusted manufacturers.

            Motorcraft Oil Filter

            The oil in your car is one of the most crucial elements as exemplified by its job. For the oil of your car to be always clean, making use of Motorcraft oil filters at all times will be a big help. Oil filters are located on the side of the engine block and it is one of the key components in safeguarding your car's engine. The Motorcraft oil filter protects the engine by blocking most of the large particles that might cause harm to the engine if left unchecked. Aside from its usual task, oil filters also protects the engine by preserving a little fraction of oil when the engine of car is turned off or is not working. A wide selection of these oil filters is available on the market. Though, standard oil filter will do as long as it is replaced regularly or within 3,000 miles. Oil filters nowadays are also made from quality materials that you can depend on. Our site is the best place where you can find high quality Motorcraft oil filter. Don't hesitate to avail of our superb service and affordable prices. Place your orders now!

            Motorcraft Oxygen Sensor

            In the 1980's a new addition to the car gadgetry has been invented and that is the oxygen sensor. On the early years, most of the cars on the road burst out harmful emission, that's why this oxygen sensor is invented. The Motorcraft oxygen sensor is one kind device that is strategically located in the exhaust pipe of your car. As such, this oxygen sensor can easily detect the presence of rich and lean mixtures in your car's exhaust. Most of this oxygen sensor contains mechanism that produces a chemical reaction that is the reason for generating high voltage or power. There are two kinds of oxygen sensor in that you can install on your car, the single wire oxygen sensor, and the heated oxygen sensor. If you want this oxygen sensor to last long on your car, four factors should be considered namely the good electrical connections, outside air supply, proper operating temperature and most especially is the use of unleaded gasoline. If you are on the look out for quality Motorcraft oxygen sensor for your car, just visit and browse our online site and shop since we have all the parts that you need for your vehicle convenience.

            Motorcraft Spark Plug Wires

            There are many crucial wires that are used in your car and of them is the spark plug wire that's used on the spark plug. The Motorcraft spark plug wires on your car are responsible for harnessing ten and thousands of volts and delivering those harnessed energy to the spark plug every time your car or the engine is started. Unlike the others wires that composed your cars electrical system, spark plug wires are especially built to have a lot of resistance from the voltage that runs into it. Though, the longer that spark plug wires resist the tens of thousands of voltage, the more brittle its insulation gets and the core also develops some damages like cracks. As a result, the current that is being harnessed by the spark plug will be redirected to somewhere else, causing the engine of your car misfiring, fouled spark plug, and a very rough running ability of your car. Replacing your faulty spark plug wires is a must for all. One type of wire that you can avail on as a replacement is the Motorcraft spark plug wires and this you can find in our array of products.

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