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            Effectively keep your vehicle from dust, dirt, and grime with cost effective mud flaps. Available for specific vehicle applications, it makes a precision fitting replacement to your stock mud flaps. The product offers tough protection as it is custom molded for maximum coverage in rerouting the splashing of excess rainfall flooding the road, mud and tire launched debris keeping these factors far from creating damage and ruin. Go on and solve random crud pattern by having immediate improvements with logo ready and great looking mud guards. Mud flaps are located right at the back of your car wheels. They are installed to minimize splashing and protect your engine from debris while on and off road driving. Crafted from high grade and long lasting materials, mud flaps are typically durable enough to address the harshest driving conditions making it work excellently well under any possible weather or climate conditions. Yielding miles and miles of reliable service, it offers great savings in maintenance and part replacement costs. As you may know, road salts and debris may seriously start brewing damage on your vehicle's components. To significantly cut you car washing trips, heavy duty mud flaps make great valued investment. Custom mud flaps makes a heavy duty solution to keep your under chassis and car panels clean. Available for specific vehicle applications, it often carries your car manufacturer's logo that adds welcome accents to your car styling. With durable construction and consistently reliable performance, it minimizes the dirt and grime reaching through the under chassis which is a terrible hassle in car washing. In case your stock mud flaps are already torn and worn, immediately find replacement. Our site carries wide and great selections of mud flap design applications perfect for your vehicle's part replacement needs. Go on and seal your mud flap deals with us today.

            Buying Guides

            What to Consider When Choosing a Mud Flap for Your Ride

            Drivers who frequently go off the beaten track need to outfit their vehicle with mud flaps. These accessories are essential to avoid paint chips, dents, and other forms of damage caused by mud, loose stones, and other road debris that may be thrown by the tires to the vehicle's side panels. Like other vehicle accessories, mud flaps come in various sizes, colors, materials, and design. Here are some things you should consider to get the right mud flaps for your ride.

            Materials: heavy-duty rubber vs. molded plastic

            Some mud flaps made from heavy-duty rubber come straight; others have a slight curve to match the vehicle's frame and wheel well. Units that feature a straight design and rectangular shape are usually universal and can be used in just about any type of vehicle, but if you're going to install them on smaller vehicles, you may have to cut them shorter. Rubber mud flaps with contoured design are, most of the time, specific to a particular vehicle make and model. Before you shell out bucks for these, make sure they're really made to match the specifications of your ride.

            Molded plastic mud flaps, on the other hand, are more vehicle specific, with a design that follows the contours of your vehicle's fenders and wheel wells. They can be painted to perfectly blend with your ride's paint. When purchasing this type of mud flaps, you should keep your vehicle's year, make, and model in mind or you'll just end up wasting your bucks.

            Installation: No-drill vs. screw-on

            Traditional mud flaps are held in place by screws, so you have to drill into your vehicle to install them. You're fortunate if your ride comes with factory-drilled holes because all you have to do is to screw the mud flaps on. This type of mud flaps is perfect for off-road vehicles because the screws secure the mud flap in place no matter how harsh the driving condition is. But if you want easy installation, no-drill mud flaps are for you. This type can be attached to the vehicle using a special snap or fastener.

            Quantity sold: kit vs. set of two

            Though some mud flaps are sold individually, it's wise that you get a kit or a set of two to enhance your vehicle's looks. Most mud flaps that are sold in a set of two include installation instructions and mounting hardware. Mud flap kits, on the other hand, may contain both and more. They may include anti-sail bars, hangers, quick pins, end caps, and other things that will make installation easier or the mud flaps more efficient.

            No matter what type of mud flaps you'll get, make sure their bottom edge will not be more than 10 inches from the ground.

            Repair Guides

            Mud Flap Installation: How to Do It in Five Easy Steps

            Are you tired of cleaning your vehicle every now and then just to get rid of mud and back spray from the side panels and the fender wells? You should outfit your ride with mud flaps. These add-ons do two things-they protect the vehicle against mud and debris that may be thrown by the tires, and they make it look more eye-catching. Here are the steps in installing mud flaps so that you won't frequently spend bucks for carwash.

            Difficulty level: Easy

            What you'll need:

            • Drill and bit (should match the size of the mud flap screws)
            • Level
            • Wrench or screwdriver
            • Measuring tape

            Step 1: Park your vehicle on a flat ground to get an accurate measurement between the ground and the lower end of the mud flap. If you want, you can remove the tire so you'll have enough space to work comfortably.

            Step 2: Clean the mounting surface on the wheel well using a degreaser to eliminate dirt buildup.

            Step 3: Get the first mud flap and test-fit it to be sure there's enough clearance in the wheel wells and the flap matches the vehicle's contours. Face the decorative side outward and make sure the flap's distance off the ground is just right.

            Step 4: If your ride already has factory-drilled mounting holes for mud flaps, all you have to do is to connect the mud flaps without tightening the screws all the way. If the vehicle doesn't have factory-drilled holes, drill a hole using the mud flap as template. Secure it with screw, but be careful not to over-tighten it.

            Step 5: Drill the second hole on the opposite side of the first hole and slot in the screw. If there are remaining screws, make the necessary holes and put the screws on. Double check if the mud flap is level and parallel to the ground before tightening the screws. Repeat these steps for the other mud flaps.

            Mud flaps are pretty easy to install, but since you will fit in more than one unit, the process can be time consuming.

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