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            Neutral Safety Switch Products

            If you are going to do a routine maintenance on your vehicle, make sure you don't overlook the neutral safety switch. This is a vital component in a vehicle with automatic transmission because it prevents the vehicle startup unless you shift the gear in neutral or in park. When the transmission is in gear, the switch disconnects the starting circuit. This way, you can avoid causing injury to yourself or damage to your car. In a way, you can look at this component as an additional safety feature. It is easy to check on this part since it is commonly connected to the transmission linkage directly on the transmission. Depending on the vehicle, this switch can be found near the gear shifter, steering column near the brake pedal, or on the shifter mechanism. If your vehicle refuses to crank, you should make it a point to check this part. Now, if you're able to start your vehicle when it's in neutral but not in park or vice versa, then you also need to check on the switch. It could be that this safety switch is badly adjusted or it has been damaged totally. The best solution to this problem is a replacement. With a new neutral safety switch, you can be sure that your car's efficient operations will be totally restored. Auto Parts Warehouse offers premium safety switches that you can avail of at very reasonable prices. What are you waiting for? Get one now!

            Repair Guides

            Learn How to Change the Neutral Safety Switch of Your Car

            Whenever you turn on the ignition key and start your car, it wouldn't move unless you change gears. The car stays put and doesn't run right away. Even if the transmission is not in neutral mode, the car doesn't move instantly. This is because of the neutral safety switch in your car. This electrical component works like a switch that automatically disables the starter operation of the car if it is not shifted in neutral transmission.

            The neutral safety switch is an added safety measure in the car. This prevents you from hitting the road unprepared, thus helping you avoid accidents. To always keep yourself protected, you must make sure that this component is working fine all the time. Once you noticed that the switch is losing its grip, change it right away.

            Replacing a damaged neutral switch is not so complicated. It is one of the common DIY jobs that car owners do to save some bucks. Just prepare the right tools, get familiar with the car model and the location of its parts, and follow a good DIY guide. If you're up for the challenge, here is what you need to do:

            Difficulty level: Easy


            • Jack
            • Jack stand
            • Wrench
            • Steps:

              Step 1: Secure your car on the jack stand before working. This way, it would be easier for you to reach the transmission of your car, which is located at the side. Disconnect the car's battery before you begin your task.

              Step 2: Find the neutral safety switch. It is usually attached to your car's transmission. You would notice that there is an electrical plug connected to it. Carefully remove the wires using your hands. Do not put too much force on it so you won't break it.

              Step 3: Loosen the two bolts that hold the switch using a wrench.

              Step 4: Put the new neutral safety switch in place of the old one. Put the wire back and tighten the bolts. Reconnect the car's battery.

              Step 5:Remove the jack stands and lower the car. Try to start the vehicle. If you find it difficult turning the key, you might need to adjust the switch.

              No sweat! That's all you need to know to change the neutral safety switch in your car. Good luck!

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