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            Nology: Providing High-Capacity Electronics for Performance Vehicles

            Daily driven stock vehicles are happy and content with a mild amount of electric current flowing through their system. There is not much need for big bursts of energy because they are not meant to be driven at neck-breaking speeds on the strip or the race track. However, for vehicles that are modified to hit 13 seconds or less on the quarter mile, it is a different business altogether. Nology Engineering, Inc. dwelled into this specific niche. The brand began developing and manufacturing products that can fill in the demands of vehicles tuned for performance. High output performance engines need more powerful charges to yield better combustion. Nology answered the call by innovating performance products like ignition systems, engine management systems, high-output spark plugs and many more. More than that, the brand has gone the extra mile by making sure its products comply with the emission standards prescribed by the states.

            High-capacity spark plug wires

            When you pop up the hood of any vehicle, you will notice some cables wired from a cylinder-like device and ends up plugged to the engine block. These can come in subtle colors like black for stock vehicles, but there are also those that are coated in loud hues for a little bit of aesthetic touch in the engine bay. These strands have a significant purpose other than just adding zest to the ensemble that you have under the hood. Petrol engines work when the right mixture of air and fuel is injected into the chamber then ignited by an electric spark. The current travels from the distributor through the wires before it is discharged on the spark plug. In the case of high-performance vehicles, they need a much thicker avenue to handle a greater amount of electric current at a faster rate. Stock wires might end up being burned too quickly if they are installed to engines that pack a lot of power.

            On the other hand, Nology Hot Wires can be a suitable aftermarket upgrade to the electrical system of your petrol engine. By using this set, the vehicle can have better engine response, more horsepower and torque output, improved fuel consumption, and many more. This hot spark plug is made of high-quality silicone with OE terminals to be able to deliver a reliable output for performance applications.

            Powerful spark plugs

            To deliver high electrical output, performance engines need to be equipped with premium spark plugs that can handle huge load. Otherwise, having an OE-spec component can nullify the effort that is put into tuning the vehicle for racing. The Nology Silver Spark Plug contains a solid silver electrode to be able to produce consistent performance throughout racing pursuits. The material is a very good electrical conductor and has high resistance to corrosion, making it a reliable option for vehicles that need to go fast on the strip and on the road. Once it is installed on the engine block, there will be a noticeable increase in output and response.

            Nology Ignition Coil

            Turning low voltage into high and sending it to the spark plugs is the job of your factory ignition coils. But when your application demands more power than factory coils can provide, move up to superior aftermarket power with Nology high powered ignition coils. Nology's coil designs are maximized for stronger, faster field creation and higher conversion control levels, so that power is not channeled haphazardly - but appropriately - to the plugs. Nology has thus discovered a key to full utilization of engine power ? precision, high performance ignition coils! Check out our low price guarantee and you'll know that the best price for Nology high performance ignition coils is at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Nology Spark Plug

            Nology engineers are obsessed with the perfect spark and for taking that perfection to every application. Nology's spark plugs and high performance ignition products already enhance horsepower for an incredible variety of applications ? for street cars, racecars, trucks, motorcycles, watercrafts, alternative fuel vehicles and even industrial engines. So, if you're searching for more horsepower, try the industry proven, racetrack tested, patented combustion spark plug technology from Nology. You won't be disappointed. Maximum spark and maximum combustion for maximum horsepower! We have the exact fit for your specific make, model and horsepower dreams. We can handle all of your Nology spark plug needs in one easy toll-free call to 1-800-859-0923 ? available 24 hours/day.

            Nology Spark Plug Wires

            Ignition innovators from the first, Nology engineers have perfected spark plug wires in their Hot Wire patented high performance championship technology. Nology spark plug wires produce significantly greater spark, more complete combustion and ? hooray! ? magnificent gains in horsepower. And lest you think that power is everything, Hot Wires from Nology are available in the hottest colors - black, blue, yellow, orange, purple silver, and red. So, with Nology spark plug wires, you can have style and power! With our low price guarantee, that's a deal that can't be beat! Call our toll free order line anytime 24/7 for fast and friendly service 1-800-859-0923.

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