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            Nose Panel Products

            If your vehicle's nose area is starting to look old and worn, one way to upgrade and revive its appearance is with a new nose panel. This is a simple framework that makes up the nose section of your ride, accommodating parts found in the front end. You'll find this panel offered in different materials such as plastic and steel. If you want a reinforced panel, choosing one with a stronger material will be a wise move. You can also select a panel with provision for specific parts such as the grille and headlight washers, depending on your need. Just select the right one for your vehicle to get good fit, and choose the nose panel that will provide you with your desired look. Some of these panels come with OE quality and style to give you the original look in your front end. When you browse our selection at Auto Parts Warehouse, you'll see a wide range of panels for replacements and upgrades. These are offered at affordable prices, perfect for the budget shopper. And, with most of our parts designed with the DIYer in mind, you'll have fun with the installation. Find the right nose panel only here.

            Repair Guides

            Nose Panel Nose Job

            Complete the look of your car's front end with a cool nose panel. This accent gives a break from the simple finish of the bumper cover, and radiator grills. With different designs available per model, you can make your ride more unique. Doing the installation is an easy job, whether you need to replace faded, torn, panels, or just want to have a new nose for your car.

            Difficulty level: Easy

            Tools needed:

            • Screwdriver set
            • Socket set
            • Wrench set
            • Replacement nose panel

            Step 1: Park your car on a properly lighted area like a garage, or outdoors under the sun. Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery to avoid accidental shocks.

            Step 2: Go to the front of the car to see your front bumper, and nose panel. Take off the headlights, bumper, radiator cowl, and any other removable attachments on the front.

            Step 3: Taking the panel off is a matter of removing locks located on the different parts of the bumper. Depending on your car model, there can be between two up to 20 screws and bolts to remove. Here are some places we suggest you can check: fender area, wheel well area, on the sides of the radiator, and on the radiator mount itself. There may be some in other areas, so make sure you search the whole panel well. Lightly pull the panel to see if there are parts that don't seem to loosen. Keep all the screws removed in a safe place. Some, or all, of these will still be used for your new panels.

            Step 4: Once all screws are off, carefully take out the old panel. Make sure you don't scratch or break any other part of the car while doing this. There are other delicate parts in this area of the vehicle too costly to damage.

            Step 5: Get your new nose panel. Familiarize yourself with where the holes for screws and bolts are to help you with the installation. Place it on the mounting, and do a test fitting. If you are satisfied with the panel's placement, you can now proceed with returning the securing screws and bolts.

            Step 6: With the nose panel secure, return the bumper, headlights, and other accessories removed from step one.

            Step 7: Reconnect the battery to finish the repair.

            Depending on the placement of the screws, the repair will mostly take about 2 hours.

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