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            Novus: Keeping Vehicle Surfaces Looking Like New

            It is quite thoughtful to have a company to name itself after a word that best describes its purpose. This plastic polish maker used the same approach to highlight its dedication in keeping the shine on the vehicle. Novus is the Latin term for new and has been used even in bills today. Novus Plastic Polish, on the other hand, focuses on revitalizing the condition of the vehicle paint. It has invested in developing products that can be applied on the panel surfaces for the much deserved rehabilitation. At present, Novus offers cleaning solutions dedicated for different levels of surface damage, as well as the proper equipment for applying them.

            Polishing solutions

            Driving the vehicle regularly exposes it to a lot of different elements. Some of these end up being stuck on the surface, leaving plastic panels deprived of some much-deserved shine. Oil from hands and liquid spills can leave nasty marks as well. You can get back the vibrant look as soon as possible with the help of the Novus No. 1 Plastic Clean & Shine. It is meant to be applied on the plastic panels of the vehicle to clean and eventually make them shiny again. The first application of the product, which is done using long strokes, is meant to clear the surface off the particles. This will be followed by another application, this time to polish the surface. Religious use of this product can help guard the panels against dust, smudges, and light scratches.

            Scratch-remover solutions

            Sometimes, it is inevitable for a vehicle to incur scratches after taking hits from particles and objects. When fine particles rub against it, they can leave swirl marks and fine lines all around the gloss coat of the panels. It will not be noticeable at first. However, as they increase in number, they become apparent on the surface. This will eventually take away the smooth glossy look, which is reminiscent of the days when the vehicle just rolled out of the assembly plant. Then there are deeper scratches that go through the primer coat. Marks like that can be felt with the touch of the finger. These scratch issues can be remedied with the Novus No. 2 and Novus No. 3 Scratch Removers. The No. 2 is designed to address light scratches. It can be easily applied and buffed out to remove the damage on the surface. The No.3 scratch remover, on the other hand, is perfect in addressing heavier surface damage.

            Complete buffing kit

            To be able to get that optimum shine on the panels of your vehicle, it would be advisable to use the appropriate tools. Sometimes, the traditional wax-in-wax-out method will not bring out the best. For that, the Novus Plastic Buffing Kit can be purchased and used to get the desired look out of the treated panels. The kit usually includes an applicator pad, a buffing pad, a backplate and spindle adaptor, and an instruction sheet that will tell you how and when to use each component in the kit. This kit is specially made to polish plastic and acrylic surfaces in no time.

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