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            NPR: Integrating Japanese Engineering into the American Automotive Scene

            Nippon Piston Ring is an automotive parts company that is based in Saitama City, Japan. Its beginnings can be traced all the way back to the 1930s. From that point onward, the company produced different components for automotive applications. It has also survived the harsh consequences incurred by Post-War Japan. As of March 2015, the company employs 649 individuals as well as 2,764 more from affiliated companies. Also, 47.3 percent of the company sales is driven by the production and distribution of piston rings followed by valve train parts at 30.5 percent. While providing supplies in Japan still proves to be a very significant factor in the continuous generation of sales, products that end up in the international market comprise almost half of the total number of sales. More than that, the automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the major stakeholders of the brand. This can possibly mean a positive influence in the work ethics and quality standards of the brand.

            Reliable piston rings

            Piston rings might be relatively small pieces of metal fitted in the engine block, but they still play a role in supporting the combustion process that goes on inside. It should be understood that there is a lot of heat being produced within block; therefore, the ring should be reliable enough to withstand the harsh environment while being able to serve its main functions. The NPR piston rings are manufactured to serve as a seal in the chamber so that gas and oil are consistently contained within the system only. Likewise, they are made of light but sturdy materials to be able to help improve the engine performance. To further reinforce the rings and prolong their lifespan, they are treated to nitriding and PVD processes. The brand produces piston rings for both petrol and diesel engines.

            Capable pistons

            During the combustion process inside the engine block, power is generated by igniting the mixture of air and fuel that is injected on top of the chamber. The explosion then pushes the pistons downward. This propels the crankshaft, which in turn transmits the energy to the drivetrain. The pistons continue to move up and down the chamber as the engine completes each cycle. The NPR pistons are designed to be able to take that punishment without faltering. They are crafted from top-quality materials that remain solid and reliable for a good period of time and quality service.

            Sturdy cylinder liners

            The engine block is bored to have cylinders so that it will be able to properly accommodate pistons. These components need to have precise gaps to be able to function well and avoid unnecessary friction with them. Aside from those, there are cylinder liners that are inserted in the chambers as well. These pieces help support the smooth movement of the pistons. More than that, they can also provide some cooling properties so that the moving components do not heat up too much. Cylinder liners from NPR are designed to work well with the rest of the engine components, especially the ones they need to work hand in hand with.

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