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            Off Road Jack Products

            The off roads are an unpredictable terrain-you never know what awaits you during your every drive. So, it pays to be ready at all times. And for unexpected vehicle repairs and replacements, one of the crucial tools that you must bring is an off road jack. This tool will help you carry on with any lifting, pulling, or winching task with ease and safety, eliminating any possibility of injury and hassle. The tool is similar to other common types of jack, only that it is built for heavy-duty applications and for stressful conditions. It has a higher capacity and is often crafted from tough materials like high carbon steel. The off road jack is not like the everyday type of jack that you will find in most garages-it's stronger and more durable. It's one of the most beneficial tools that you can carry every time you go on your off road adventures. And if you're worried about the space that the off road jack will take in your car, there's no need to be anxious because it's easy to find just the right hardware that will help you secure it in a specific area in your ride other than the cargo area. Take a look at our selection here at Auto Parts Warehouse to find the right tools and hardware that you need.

            Buying Guides

            Things to Consider When Buying an Off-Road Jack

            For a lot of automotive hobbyists, off-roading is an adventure like no other. Off-road driving allows you to take your vehicle to locations where it normally shouldn't be in. Whether it's driving over sandy dunes or by the gorgeous riversides, off-roading brings a very unique experience.

            However, off-roading isn't all fun and games. It can be dangerous as well, especially if you're not prepared. This preparation involves having the right tools when things take a turn for the worse-having a flat tire, for instance. A flat tire is never a good thing, but when it happens in the middle of nowhere, it can be a nightmare. When that happens, you better hope that you brought an off-road jack with you. If you're an off-road aficionado and you still don't own an off-road jack, then now is a good time to buy as any.

            Consider Your SUV's Weight

            Not all off-road jacks are made equal. Some are capable of lifting greater loads than others. So before you purchase the first off-road jack that you see, you should first take into account the weight of the object that you'll be lifting. And since you're most likely going to use the off-road jack for your SUV, your truck's weight should be your primary consideration when buying an off-road jack.


            An off-road jack can be composed of different materials. You should base your choice of material on the weight of your SUV. Naturally, the heavier your SUV is, the stronger the material of your off-road jack needs to be. You should also base your choice of material depending on how much you think you'll be using the off-road jack (you shouldn't go for an aluminum off-road jack if you'll be using it regularly). Below are the materials that normally compose an off-road jack.

            • Aluminum (the most basic material)
            • Steel
            • A combination of steel and cast iron
            • Cast Iron (the strongest material)


            Obviously, aluminum off-road jacks are the cheapest while cast-iron off road jacks are the most expensive. One brand to look into is Hi-Lift as it specializes in off-road jacks. Don't skimp on your choice of off-road jack as you may regret it later on; again, select according to your vehicle's weight and your estimated frequency of use.

            Repair Guides

            How to Properly Use Your Hi-Lift Off-Road Jack for Lifting and Winching

            Every time you drive on the off-roads, it's always wise to carry a Hi-Lift off-road jack with you. There's a lot of uncertainty involved with off-roading, thus it's better to be prepared for anything-including the worst-case scenarios. A flat tire and your SUV getting stuck in the mud are examples of undesirable situations that you could encounter in the off-roads. With a Hi-Lift jack-the off-road jack of choice of many off-roaders-you'd be able to save yourself from those situations. In this guide, we'll give you instructions on how to properly use your Hi-Lift jack.

            Step 1: Chock the wheels that aren't being lifted by the Hi-Lift off-road jack.

            Step 2: Make sure that the area where you'll be placing the Hi-Lift off-road jack is a firm surface. The jack's large runner should be facing the vehicle's bumper when you put it in place. Afterwards, set the jack in lift mode by pushing the reversing latch.

            Step 3: Get behind the Hi-Lift off-road jack (you should be facing the vehicle). It's time to raise your vehicle. Start by pulling the jack's handle towards you to release it from the jack bar. After that, push the handle down to the ground until you hear a click. Keep pushing and pulling until the vehicle is lifted properly.

            Step 4: Push the handle towards the jack bar until the clip snaps in place. Once that's done, get something to support the vehicle while it's lifted. Make sure that the object you use is sturdy enough to support the vehicle's weight.

            Step 5: Do whatever it is you have to do (change the wheels, etc.).

            Step 6: Remove the object that you used to support the vehicle once you're done working. Push the reversing lever downwards and pull the jack handle towards you to release it from the jack bar.

            Step 7: Push the jack handle downwards then allow it to slowly move up. Keep pushing down until you hear the clicking sound again. Repeat these steps until the vehicle is back on the ground.

            Since the Hi-Lift off-road jack is a multi-purpose tool, it can also be used as a winch. We'll guide you on how to do that as well.

            Step 1: Find a sturdy object to wrap a chain or a tow strap on.

            Step 2: Remove the shackle bolt. Afterwards, slide one end of the open shackles through the sling's two loops.

            Step 3: Lineup the respective openings of the shackle and the top clevis. Insert the shackle bolt into the shackle afterwards.

            Step 4: Connect another chain or tow strap to the vehicle you're pulling. The two chains/tow straps that you're using should be both attached to the Hi-Lift off-road jack. Position the reversing lever upright then pull the handle away from the jack bar.

            Step 5: Now, you can tweak the jack handle back and forth to pull the vehicle towards you. Be careful in doing that though.

            Step 6: Once you're done pulling, push down the reversing lever. Move the jack handle to remove the pressure from the chains/tow straps that are attached to the jack.

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