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            A Brand Like No Other: Optima and Its 40 Years of Reshaping Battery Technology

            Others might ignore the importance of their road monsters' power sources, but Optima takes its batteries very seriously. With a 40-year history of continuous development and world-class engineering, the brand is now one of the top providers of heavy-duty batteries for cars, trucks, SUVs, and motor-powered boats.

            Donald H. McClelland and John L. Devitt developed the maintenance-free type lead-acid battery in 1972. The two started the Gates Rubber Company, which was the original owner of Optima Batteries Inc. The company was the sole manufacturer of Optima batteries until the Gylling Group of Scandinavia acquired the brand in 1992. After eight years, Johnson Controls decided to purchase Optima Batteries Inc. from its second owner. In 2004, Optima became the official OE battery of all Ford GT vehicles.

            The brand's secret to success is probably its commitment in bringing the 'Ultimate Power Source' to the professionals, the car enthusiasts, and the regular drivers. Optima aims to deliver the ultimate battery that can go beyond the capabilities of ordinary batteries on the market. The brand is proud of its collection of first-rate power sources, which includes the YELLOWTOP, REDTOP, and BLUETOP series. These batteries are proven to be virtually spill-proof and 15 times more resistant to vibrations, thanks to the brand's unique SPIRAL CELL TECHNOLOGY.

            Power source for heavy duty work horses

            The economy is driven with the help of efficient logistics and reliable infrastructures. Parts of this sector are trucks used for moving goods, equipment and raw materials. There are also other heavy duty machines that are used to explore and develop the existing landscapes. These operations require a decent amount of electrical power to help drive the engine and other components for them to function properly. The Optima YELLOWTOP battery is developed to be able to provide the needed current for these kinds of vehicles equipped with large accessory loads. Its plate is made of high purity lead-tin alloy with the brand's Spiralcell technology. It provides 13.1 volts, and has a capacity of 75 Ah with a reserve capacity of 155 minutes.

            Energy boost for high-performance vehicles

            A part of the automotive scene is fueled by vehicles designed and built to give fun and excitement. Driving these rides lets the driver experience a kick of sufficient adrenalin that keeps you on your toes. As you crank the engine, it needs a good energy boost to jolt the components right away. The Optima REDTOP battery is designed to serve high-performance vehicles better than conventional batteries. This product is capable of providing 12.8 volts in an open circuit. It has a capacity of 44 Ah and a reserve of 90 minutes.

            Consistent electricity provider for lifestyle machines

            There are vehicles meant to serve as comfortable rolling shelters for families and groups. These operates differently from the usual rides that you will encounter being driven on the road. They are meant to provide livelihood functions that require a lot of electricity. The Optima BLUETOP battery can be an appropriate energy source for these kind of vehicles. It can provide consistent electricity and has a faster recharge time so that you can have a peace of mind whenever you are out there camping out.

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