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            Or Fab Products

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            Or Fab Bumper

            For vehicles that are constantly driven through extreme road conditions, the need for top performance and protective auto equipments is needed. Among the most popular auto components that must be installed in your vehicle is the Or Fab bumper. This is the sturdy auto contraption made to be mounted either at the rear of front ends of your vehicle. This is designed to provide your rig extra clearance for extreme approach and departure angles. This is made to be tough and enough to provide maximum protection to your front and rear ends. Constructed from 120 wall steel tubing, surely, an improved front approach angle is guaranteed due to its exclusive elevated wing design. The Or Fab bumper will work with popular winch brands for utmost performance and exquisite looks. More that its protective functions, the Or Fab bumper boasts an exceptional design that will make your vehicle look more muscular and will give it that imposing stance. This usually comes in gloss black powder coating finish for added strength and corrosion resistance. The Or Fab bumper may come with built-in mounting points for auxiliary back up light and may have grille hoop or standard designs. Another advantage of this bumper is that, it can be used as a high lift jacking point.

            Or Fab Bumper Guard

            The Or Fab bumper guard is made as a top quality off-road gear designed to meet the astute standards of performance enthusiast and competitors. This is basically an auto add-on engineered to provide added front-end rigidity and strength. This enables the vehicle to be highly protected in case of collisions and any unwanted bumps that may be incurred during driving. It defenses the vehicle's bumper and frame from all possible wreckage that collisions may bring. The Or Fab bumper guard is the way for competition-grade protection on the rockiest trail and extreme road conditions. By providing a tough defense for your vehicle, maximum safety for you and your passengers is guaranteed. This is yet the best protection you can give to your bumper and vehicle. With this, you can be assured that your bumper can last long-years of reliable service as it is protected by this highly durable and precision engineered Or Fab bumper guard. In the event of collision, this bumper guard is the first thing to receive the impact and thus, securing the bumper from getting massive wrecks. Installing the Or Fab bumper guard will complete your off-road set up. With this, you can confidently tackle bumps and bruises of surly terrain like a pro.

            Or Fab Bumper Mounting Kit

            For front and rear end rigidity, having sturdy bumpers plus the Or Fab bumper mounting kit are essential. These are the auto parts designed to resist and handle impacts during collisions and accidental bumps. They allow the vehicle to bump with other vehicles or road objects without receiving severe damage and wreckage to the vehicle frame and other high precision auto components such as the grille and the headlights. To securely fit and hold the bumper onto the vehicle, having the Or Fab Bumper mounting kit is a must. This is the complete package of bumper components and mounting hardware designed to firmly attach the bumper to the vehicle. This kit ensures that the bumper assembly is intact and tightly connected to the vehicle's body, such that, in times of collisions, it can completely and totally handle the effects of impacts. The Or Fab bumper mounting kit is made to precisely fit the specific vehicle's contours and details. This is made with precision to instantly fit and function. This bumper mounting kit usually includes the bumper absorbing bracket, bumper brace, and many other components. Since the bumper provide a great deal of safety to the vehicle, further boosting its efficiency and reliability using the Or Fab bumper mounting kit is a must. This is precision designed to match the height and body of the vehicle.

            Or Fab Cargo Box

            For added cargo carrying capacity of your vehicle, having the Or Fab cargo box is the best next thing in hauling your extra baggage if your cargo space is already full. You can load all sorts of accessories with this huge, handy, and tough cargo box. This can easily be mounted on your all-terrain vehicle. When installed, you can bring all your needed equipments anytime and anywhere. This usually made from tough polyethylene or other composite materials that are known to ensure even the harshest conditions and road hazards such as heat, rain, and other corruptive elements. The Or Fab cargo box is ideal for work and play. This provides you additional storage for your extra accessories. This usually features an easy release system for easy installation and loading on your vehicle. The Or Fab cargo box is a must for outgoing individuals who always go on long travels along with their cargos even in all kinds of weather. This cargo box works for virtually all supplies and equipments. This will provide you ease and convenience as it will solve all you cargo and storage problems. For maximum durability, the Or Fab cargo box is made from the finest materials and comes with hinges that will never rust and corrode.

            Or Fab Dash Bar

            In making your rig highly capable of traversing even the toughest road conditions, you tend to fully equip it with added functional components that are designed to further elevate its inbuilt capabilities. Among the best option you can install is the Or Fab Dash Bar. This additional accessory is designed to mounts at the lower portion of the cage, just above the dash. The dash is the section in your vehicle located behind the windshield. This houses the instruments, accessory controls and glove box. For extra protection, installing the Or Fab dash bar is the wisest thing to do. This provides additional structural rigidity to the vehicle. This makes the interior safe and secure under all conditions. The Or Fab dash bar is made from highly durable materials and is precision built to exactly fit and function to specific applications. This can easily be installed with its supplied hardware. By attaching it to your dash, an instant sturdy interior is guaranteed. Since you want you vehicle to perform at its best, equipping it with fully functional and high quality components such as the Or Fab dash bar is the smartest move you can make.

            Or Fab Grille Guard

            Utmost safety and protection for your vehicle can be achieved thru installations of various performance and functional auto add-ons such as the Or Fab grille guard. Outfitting your rig with this grille guard will surely make it highly capable of trekking even the toughest tracks and trails. This competition-grade grille guard can be rigidly mounted in front of your vehicle. Installing this all-terrain front-end protection will surely allow your vehicle the power to tackle extreme terrains with peak confidence. Whether you are rock crawling or on-road cruising, the Or Fab grille guard will provide that maximum protection you need as well as an aggressive style. By providing added rigidity on your front-end, in case of collision, massive wreckage is prevented. The Or Fab grille guard is custom-built to provide full coverage onto your grille and other front-end mounted components. It comes in various styles, designs and finish to precisely match specific vehicle applications. In order to provide long-term service and reliability, the Or Fab grille guard is coated with gloss black powder for a smooth and rust-resistant finish. Its innovative design will complement your vehicle's muscular stature. The Or Fab grille guard can easily be installed using its complete hardware kit.

            Or Fab Light Mount Brackets

            Gearing your vehicle with additional performance enhancing auto add-ons will surely bring it to its peak driving prowess. Among the most basic add-on you can outfit your vehicle is the Or Fab light mount brackets. These are engineered to provide extra clearance to your vehicle for extreme driving applications and departure angles. They work along with the bumpers that are enough to be used as a hi-lift jacking point. If you have oversized tires, these Or Fab light mount brackets will not rub the tires so they can freely function. They will provide ample light mount placement to the bumper, allowing it to be more rigid and capable of enduring the harshest conditions. The Or Fab light mount brackets are polished with gloss black powder coat finish for maximum corrosion protection and durability. They are built from heavy-duty .140" wall tubing for optimal strength and protection. In the event of collision, the Or Fab light mount brackets, along with the vehicle's bumper assembly will provide utmost protection that will resist massive wrecks and damage. Having these light mount brackets is a great investment to have as they do not just provide sturdy support to the bumper but also contribute to its impact resisting performance.

            Or Fab Rock Door

            Navigating tough trails and dangerous terrains can never be much safer and easy without being armed with functional and useful automotive add-ons such as the Or Fab rock door. Trekking over any obstacles requires your maximum vision to see what is ahead and for you to safely and accurately maneuver your rig. This is exactly why you need to replace your stock doors for the Or Fab rock door. This enables you the ease and freedom to see clearly how your tires are going, allowing you to guide them over the most unforgiving trails. This rock door provides you a good view of the trail you are following. This is important so that you can prevent your tires from hitting deep holes and hard obstructions which may impede your smooth driving. Forged from heavy-duty steel tubing, the Or Fab rock door renders to be highly functional and tough even under the roughest conditions. This provides a loop door construction that can be seen on pro crawlers. This is for the fact that rock doors are meticulously fabricated by enthusiasts for use in rock crawling activities. You don't need some drilling or a welder to mount the Or Fab rock door as it can easily be bolted to your vehicle's original hinges and latch mounts.

            Or Fab Rocker Panel Protector

            With your daily commutes, your vehicle is subjected to harsh elements that are brought about by road dirt, grime, damaging debris and varying environmental conditions such as heat, snow, and rain. As your vehicle takes all the beating from these elements, the need for equipping it with protective components such as the Or Fab rocker panel protector is a must. This is a device specifically designed to preserve the rocker panel's quality and rigidity. This reinforces it in battling boulders out on treacherous trails. The Or Fab rocker panel protector is ruggedly designed to take the pounding that your rocker panel could possibly endure. Driving off-road and extreme road conditions can truly bring massive wrecks to your vehicle such as dents and scratches and without a complete defensive gear to face these harsh elements, your vehicle will surely end up with some unwanted damages. So to prevent this from happening, installing functional add-ons, such as the Or Fab rocker panel protector is necessary. This is forged from durable thick-wall steel. It is powdered coated with a gloss black finish to maximum protection against rust. This can easily be bolted on your vehicle as it comes complete with mounting hardware. For stronger defense, installing the Or Fab rocker panel protector is a must.

            Or Fab Roll Bar Padding

            The roll bar is a protective device designed to provide safety to the vehicle's passengers in case of a roll over. This is a series of tubes that are sturdily welded together to form a contoured shape and is bolted to the frame members of the vehicle. In order to provide maximum protection, it is best to equip it with the Or Fab roll bar padding. This high-density padding is made to be flame and wear resistant and usually features offset holes so you can put the thicker part facing the driver or the driver's head. This also allows the cage to be fitted close and tight to the bodywork. This comes in a wide range of options that may vary in size, styles, and colors. With your vehicle armed with the Or Fab roll bar padding, in the event of a roll over, grave injuries are prevented. According to studies, higher density padding is required for higher speed vehicles. This is because, the higher the speed, the greater possible impact is expected. So to ensure optimal safety and driving confidence, outfitting your vehicle with the Or Fab roll bar padding is the first most basic thing to have. This is custom-tailored for specific vehicle applications. Outfitting the Or Fab roll bar padding is so easy. When installed, you will benefit from its long life and durable service.

            Or Fab Side Bar

            For an ultimate on- and off-road protection, having the Or Fab side bar is the most important automotive add-on to install. Designed with the rock crawler in mind, this side bar will provide optimal protection to your rocker panels without sacrificing ground clearance. This provides added body protection, making the vehicle highly adaptive to extreme road conditions. The Or Fab side bar is engineered to precisely fit and function onto your vehicle. This provides extra structural rigidity at the lower part of the vehicle. It also provides an easy step in and out of the passenger compartment. For maximum accessibility, the Or Fab side bar allows you the freedom to safely enter and exit your vehicle without nay hassles. The Or Fab side bar is greatly useful during rainy or snowy weather conditions as it provides you a tight hold on your feet, so you won't slide off accidentally when climbing your rig, merely putting yourself into danger. With its easy bolt-on design, you can mount it yourself. This is made from heavy-duty wall tubing and is usually coated with black powder for maximum rust and corrosion protection.

            Or Fab Side Steps

            In order to further boost your vehicle's imposing stance as well as elevating its functionality, then installing it with performance add-ons like the Or Fab side steps is a way to achieve it. Like most car owners and vehicle enthusiasts, installing add-ons is the most preferred move in order to instantly and easily make their rigs perform and look exactly the way they want them to be. There are various kinds of auto accessories developed and introduced in the market and among the most functional yet stylish add-ons arethe Or Fab side steps. These are purposely designed to provide you the convenience in climbing in and out of your vehicle. These are basically sturdy U-shaped metal panels used as a level of step that can be mounted at the side of the vehicle, directly below where the passenger steps in and out. These are useful especially during rainy or snowy weather conditions as they allow you to safely climb in your vehicle without sliding off. The Or Fab side steps come in different sizes, styles, lengths, and configurations. Often, they are made from metal, chrome, aluminum, diamond plate, or from injection molded plastic that is capable of carrying your weight and can be painted to match your vehicle's paint. If you are looking for a functional yet appealing add-on, the Or Fab side steps are the solution.

            Or Fab Spare Tire Carrier

            If you are looking for a rock-solid spare tire carrier, then the Or Fab spare tire carrier is the ideal thing for you. This device is built to stand the test of harsh environmental conditions as well as the challenge from everyday wear and tear. This is constructed from thick wall steel tubing and is custom fabricated to match your vehicle's specific features. This high-strength pillar of utility will steadily hold your tire up to 35" in height. It comes in two distinct set-ups such as the tire-only capacity or the tire with two gas/water/storage cans capacity. For added efficiency, this Or Fab spare tire carrier is made to close securely using an exclusive Or Fab secured latching system. This will ensure that your spare tire is always in good hands under all conditions. This can be mounted easily using hinges that clamp around the base of your vehicle's roll bar. Opening and closing the Or Fab spare tire carrier is smooth in order to provide you that trouble-free access. With its practical features, you can drive your vehicle with utmost confidence. This Or Fab spare tire carrier is completely versatile as you can swap out the gas cans for water storage or the specialized cargo box.

            Or Fab Sport Cage

            If you are looking for a functional, easy to mount, unrestrictive, yet stylish cage, then the Or Fab sport cage is just the right gear for you. This is the sturdy metal cage designed to fit and precisely match your vehicle's specifications. This steel-tubing frame is custom fabricated exactly for your model. Every inch of steel integrated in it is coated with a gloss black powder for a smooth look and maximum rust and corrosion resistant. This sport cage is designed not to block any of the natural comforts of the vehicle's passengers, such as the window cranks, heater vents and all other controls. The Or Fab sport cage is yet by far, the most complete package that answers all the comfort and functional needs of consumers. It does not just provide the necessary functions but also it gives the vehicle a more distinct and imposing looks. The Or Fab sport cage does not require strenuous installation procedures. As it comes complete with the necessary mounting hardware, you yourself can perform the installation. It provides a straightforward mounting procedure so you won't be hassled. The Or Fab sport cage will keep all your factory features functioning and intact. Window cranks are unrestricted, windshields can smoothly be dropped, and your hard tops will fit like new as well as your foot room remains undisturbed.

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