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            Osaka Bane Inc. Products

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            Maintaining a Comfortable Ride with Osaka Bane Inc. Suspension Parts

            Suspension systems have always played a very important role in making vehicles function accordingly to their specific applications. The components in this ensemble are the one responsible for keeping the entire body elevated from the road. One Japanese suspension parts manufacturer has been involved in the industry for many decades now. Osaka Bane Inc. started its life as a humble business in the Land of the Rising Sun in the 1930s. However, it would only take a few more years before World War 2 broke out. This affected many businesses in Japan even after it has ended. Fortunately, this did not affect the willpower of the individuals behind the company. By October 1953, Osaka Bane was incorporated to solidify its manufacturing efforts for quality suspension parts. The products that carry the name of the company undergo meticulous designing, production and testing to ensure that it can provide quality form and integrity.

            Coil springs that can provide the right stance and play for vehicles

            Originally, springs only function to provide ample ground clearance and to support the weight of the vehicle while it is driven on surfaces with different conditions. Earlier incarnations of springs were leaf springs. These are pieces of bars put together and mounted under the chassis to hold the axles in place. Not too long after, manufacturers began using coil springs as an alternative to leaf springs. The helix-shaped pieces further improved the suspension game for vehicles. It proved to be a good option for tweaking vehicles for a more comfortable ride, as well as a more responsive handling. Aside from that, changing stock coil springs to an aftermarket variant can alter the ride height and stance of any vehicle.

            The Osaka Bane Inc. coil springs can be used in vehicles that you drive today. The quality of the brand's springs is backed by many decades worth of knowledge, research and standards. The components are designed to withstand the harsh road conditions so the processes involved in making the springs are top notch. The current product line-up includes springs that can be used for lifting the 4x4 off-road vehicles by a few inches. Lift springs can allow the owner to fit bigger tires to the rig to improve its worthiness in the trail.

            Bump rubber for a softer ride and protection of suspension components

            Driving through different kinds of roads to your destinations will definitely affect the condition and lifespan of your suspension components. While almost everyone would like to enjoy a smooth paved road every day , encountering holes and uneven surfaces is inevitable. These road obstacles can even give a harsher effect on vehicles that are using lowering kits. The Osaka Bane Inc. bump rubber can reduce that effect and even give your vehicle a more comfortable ride.

            Strut bars for a more responsive and stable handling

            There will be a weight transfer whenever you change the direction of a moving vehicle. The force becomes more obvious when running at higher speeds. This makes it a little bit harder to control the wheels via the steering wheel. The Osaka Bane Inc. strut bars can be mounted to lessen this effect and make your vehicle more agile on the road.

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