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            Paramount Automotive: Redefining How Your Off-Road Warrior Works

            The off-roading scene in the automotive industry has been around for quite a long time. It involves enthusiasts modifying their vehicles with the necessary parts so that they can perform and withstand the harsh conditions on the trail. This includes engine modifications, changing of panels, suspension lifts, and alteration of wheels. Contrary to the existence of the scene, Paramount Automotive came into the picture just recently. The company started in 2008 with the goal of providing enthusiasts with products that can go along well with trucks and SUVs. It aims to hold its ground as one of the leading industry manufacturer for off-road parts. In that effort, the brand has invested on the integration of robotic welding and CNC equipment so that products will be reliable.

            Ruggedly awesome off-road bumpers

            It is a fact that when you take your vehicle off-roading, there is a risk that it will encounter different kinds of hazards. Sometimes, the original panels are put into a higher risk of being damaged because of these elements. This has not stopped enthusiasts from enjoying their vehicles the way they should be. Actually, this prompted manufacturers to create better solutions that are more adapted to this application. Your truck or SUV will definitely benefit from a stronger type of armor. This comes in the form of steel bumpers.

            The Paramount Automotive bumpers are made of durable 5/32” gauge steel that can withstand the harsh challenges of the off-roading terrain. There are a good number of bumpers in the line-up that are made to be compatible for the different truck and SUV models that are put on the trail. Some of them are equipped with D-rings that can hold up to 4.75 tons of weight. More than that, there are provisions for aftermarket lighting equipment. To top it off, the bumper is layered with textured powder coat for the ultimate rugged vibe.

            Sleek fender flares for added protection and style

            Part of setting up your truck or SUV for the ultimate off-road adventures is lifting it followed by putting on bigger tires and wheels. These modifications will allow the vehicle to drive through uneven surfaces as well as to conquer deep water wades and steep ascents. When you do this, it will be inevitable to have the vehicle stance altered with the wheels sticking out from the fenders. When you have this kind of set-up, the body panels of your vehicle will need extra protection from the road debris.

            The Paramount Automotive fender flares can provide that needed shield. The panel extends itself from the fenders to have an increase tire coverage and protection. Its materials offer maximum durability against the harsh off-road environment. The part is coated in satin black for a sleek accent on your vehicle.

            Aggressive grilles to improve the appearance of your vehicle

            The main purpose of the grille is to protect the engine bay from particles that can get into it whenever you drive. But looking at a bigger picture, this functional part can be tweaked to add zest to the overall appearance of a vehicle. The Paramount Automotive grilles are aggressively designed to make your truck or SUV look like it means serious business.

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