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            Plasticolor Products

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            Plasticolor: The Worldwide Leader in Automotive Accessories

            If you have driven a recent model vehicle down the road, chances are that you have already sat or stepped on a Plasticolor seat cover or floor mat. For more than 40 years, Plasticolor has been the leading name in automotive aftermarket accessories. The company attributes its success in the market to its uncompromising commitment to designing trendy, high quality products and combining them with today's popular and iconic brands. This is why aside from their signature floor mat lineup, Plasticolor now offers seat covers, steering wheel covers, decals, key chains, hitch plugs, spare tire covers, steering wheel covers, and so much more. All products are also manufactured on-site in Fullerton, California, where new products are also being developed and tested through their in-house art and design teams.

            Trendy yet functional floor mats

            Though Plasticolor is highly regarded for its wide selection of car accessories and peripherals, the brand is and remains best known for its line of car interior floor mats. Made of synthetic rubber, vinyl, and other high quality materials, Plasticolor floor mats are for all-weather use and can be fitted on almost any car interior. The mats are generally waterproof and scratchproof, and are easy to clean using only liquid soap and water. But where Plasticolor floor mats really stand out is their wide range of designs to choose from. Whether it is car logos or wacky cartoon characters, Plasticolor offers endless choices that suit the tastes of even the most discerning of car owners.

            Stylish seat covers

            Another bestseller in the Plasticolor catalog, Plasticolor's seat covers provide excellent protection to car seats while providing it with a new, refreshing look. The covers are designed to fit seats for passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs, and are made from a selection of high quality materials, such as vinyl, suede, and synthetic leather, that resist stains and fading. Each seat is also meticulously stitched to prevent fraying even after years of constant use. And just like their floor mat counterparts, Plasticolor seat covers are available in a dizzying array of styles and colors. Whether you prefer a simple, monochromatic design or you want to show off your geeky side with branded prints and logos, there's a Plasticolor seat cover that is suitable for anybody's tastes.

            Functional steering wheel covers

            While seat covers are designed to protect the car seats, Plasticolor steering wheel covers are designed to shield the steering wheels against sweat and dirt and give your hands a more comfortable grip. Each steering wheel cover is made from high quality rubber, vinyl, and synthetic leather that are specially formulated to repel bad odors even after years on the road. And unlike those made by its competitors, Plasticolor steering wheel covers are highly resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking, making these accessories a lifetime investment. The covers are designed to fit most steering wheels, and do not require any tools to remove or install onto the wheel. And as expected with the Plasticolor brand, customers can also choose from a wide selection of designs and patterns.

            Plasticolor Floor Mats

            There's one thing that all automobiles have in common but people rarely notice: the floor pan. As the part that carries the most load, it easily gets damaged. Because of this, vehicle owners use floor carpets to protect the pan from different substances that can cause intensive wearing. Unfortunately, these aren't tough enough for the demands of the job. Need a tougher cover for the floor pan of your car? Try Plasticolor Floor Mats, add-ons designed to protect the floor pan from substances that can corrode it. These mats also come in various colors and designs, so they can embellish the automobile cabin. The Plasticolor Floor Mats are made from a special type of rubber that makes them real tough and durable. They also have fluid-containing channels etched on the surface that prevent liquids from spilling to the floor pan. Lastly, their specially designed anti-skid nibbed backing holds them in place, so the whole floor area is properly covered. Purchasing Plasticolor Floor Mats is never a hassle with Auto Parts Warehouse to help you. We offer thousands of auto parts that are high in quality and affordable at the same time. Just check our selection of products and choose the best component that suits your automobile.

            Plasticolor Floor Mats

            Are unpleasant odors in your car cabin keeping you from enjoying your ride? Unpleasant odors can come from different sources, but the common causes are dirt and liquid accumulating in your old floor mats. To keep your cabin smelling fresh and clean, try replacing your floor mats. But most floor mats don't fit perfectly to your car's floor area, so dirt can still get into the floor lining and make your interior stink. So better get Plasticolor Floor Mats that have fluid channels to prevent unwanted spills and dirt from getting onto your floor lining. Underneath these floor mats are ribs that keep them in place. This is especially important for drivers because pedal footwork can move ordinary floor mats out of place. Plasticolor Floor Mats are available in different colors to make sure they complement your car's interior as well as to suit your preferences. When it's time to replace your old and smelly floor mats, choose Plasticolor Floor Mats.

            Plasticolor Garage Stool

            Apart from the right set of tools, you've got to have the right support when tinkering with stuff or simply hanging out in your garage. For this purpose, the Plasticolor Garage Stool is the perfect complement to your tools and equipment. It's made of 12mm-thick vinyl material that provides superior durability while you're working. The foam pads underneath give a superior, air-like cushion to support your weight. You don't have to worry about rust or accidents either, because the Plasticolor Garage Stool stands on an ultra-sturdy stainless steel frame that will never rust and will stay upright even against the strongest bumps. Let your creativity and mechanical skills flow with the Plasticolor Garage Stool. Each garage stool from Plasticolor also has many different automotive brand logo designs to choose from, so you also get a dash of style when you get one. Clearly, the Plasticolor Garage Stool is the perfect addition for your garage. Get yours today!

            Plasticolor Mud Flaps

            Who doesn't love a squeaky clean vehicle? Unfortunately, there are various elements that can destroy an automobile's fa?ade, one of which is mud. This happens when the vehicle runs on muddy terrains and the tires kick dirt toward the auto body. Many vehicle owners spend thousands of money just to protect their vehicles. Some have even gone for add-ons that both protect and style. Interested? Try Plasticolor Mud Flaps, add-ons designed to protect the auto body from road debris such as mud. Made of high-quality plastic or metal, these mud flaps are mounted at the rear and front parts of the vehicle by the wheels. They come in different colors and with a fiberglass backing that prevents cracking or splitting. The special material used in the crafting of the Plasticolor Mud Flaps also enables them to withstand subzero temperatures. So, if your automobile's mud flaps are already worn-out, better replace them with new flaps from Plasticolor. These items are pretty easy to purchase with Auto Parts Warehouse to help you. We offer thousands of auto parts at affordable prices. So, protect your automobile from road debris and get a durable set of Plasticolor Mud Flaps from Auto Parts Warehouse now.

            Plasticolor Mud Flaps

            Nothing is more irritating than having to drive though puddles of water or mud, especially if you've just had your car washed and waxed. The splashes get all over the sides of your car and make it look like you've just competed in a rally race or have just gone off-roading. To solve your problem, you can install a mud flap set onto your vehicle. But most mud flaps are small and can only do so much in preventing puddles from splashing onto your car. What you need to solve your problem are Plasticolor Mud Flaps. These mud flaps do a great job in blocking water and mud from painting the sides of your car. Other mud flap sets are made of flimsy material. They can be easily scratched, deformed, or cracked. But Plasticolor Mud Flaps are extremely durable, thanks to the special fiberglass material on its surface. In addition, its unique PVC material makes it more tough to face extreme cold or hot temperatures without cracking or being deformed. As with all Plasticolor products, Plasticolor Mud Flaps come in many designs and colors to suit your taste. Stop mud from ruining your car's paint. Install Plasticolor Mud Flaps now.

            Plasticolor Seat Cover

            Driving comfort depends not only on major driving systems like the suspension, but as well as on simple components like the car seats. Though simple parts, they are subject to tremendous stress every time you drive. A lot of factors can cause seat damage?wet clothes, pet droppings, sunlight, and even friction. And though you may think that damaged seats are simple problems, they are enough to spoil your ride. Apart from that, damaged seats are also eye sores. Well, there is now a way to protect each of your car seats from daily abuse?the Plasticolor Seat Cover. By using seat covers, you do not only protect the seats but also hide any damage that they have already accumulated. These covers also come in various designs and colors that will surely add an aesthetic appeal to your car interior. Aside from the ability of the Plasticolor Seat Cover to be stretched, it also has a urethane foam padding that ensures maximum comfort. It can also be washed every now and then to keep it clean and looking new. You can get the Plasticolor Seat Cover from Auto Parts Warehouse. A certified leader in marketing world-class auto parts, we also boast of excellent staff always willing to give assistance for valued customers like you.

            Plasticolor Seat Cover

            When buying a used car, one of the things you have to carefully check—apart from the engine and suspension—is the car seat. The seats may be marred by permanent stains that are so disgusting; you won't even try to imagine what caused them. Tear holes are also a problem because padding may come out or they can serve as entrance for pests that can thrive in your seats. If you want to keep your car seats looking new and pest-free, then you've got to protect them with a cool set of Plasticolor Seat Covers. Plasticolor Seat Covers are made of a stretchable material that hugs the contours of your car seats for that perfect fit. It gives your seats that custom, professional look that can't be matched by other seat covers. The material is very durable as it will not tear easily despite rough use. They can also be washed repeatedly without the surface material or color fading. To keep your passengers comfortable, Plasticolor Seat Covers have inner foam pads made of special urethane material, which will always keep their original shape. Get Plasticolor Seat Covers—the perfect choice for your seats.

            Plasticolor Seat Cushion

            Nobody wants a bumpy ride, especially if it's going to be a long one. However, some rides aren't really as smooth and comfortable as others because there are uneven roads that can cause stress among drivers and passengers. To minimize this, you can employ a seat cushion in your vehicle. You'll find it in various kinds, ranging from the orthopedic seat cushion, swivel cushion, gel seat cushion, and self-cooling cushion. Among those available, one product stands out?the Plasticolor Seat Cushion. The Plasticolor Seat Cushion has a myriad of functionalities that eases the pressure in driving. It's designed to significantly reduce driving fatigue while enabling your tailbone to be suspended, thus eliminating pressure. It's made from polyurethane foam that's resilient and resistant to pressure. Moreover, this seat cushion allows you to twist and turn on the seat, thereby preventing back pain. And lastly, it can be easily washed to ensure that it's always clean. The Plasticolor Seat Cushion can be purchased online at Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer thousands of auto parts and accessories that you can access through our complete catalog. We also have descriptions and pictures of every product to give you an easy time choosing the right item for your car.

            Plasticolor Seat Cushion

            Is the pain in your back killing you after driving for so long? It happens because of wrong posture, which is caused by the drivers' seat backs that are reclined too low. It's always advisable to keep the seat backs reclined to an almost vertical position. This keeps your back in the proper position to reduce fatigue, as well as to reduce the risk of serious injury during an accident. To give you further comfort while driving, get high-quality seat cushions like a Plasticolor Seat Cushion. Available in different colors to suit your taste, the Plasticolor Seat Cushion uses special polyurethane foam that absorbs road vibrations as well as provides an air-like cushion to support your back and pelvis. It acts like an extra suspension system in your car, giving you an extremely comfortable ride. The Plasticolor Seat Cushion can be repeatedly washed without its color or surface texture fading. The special inner pads will never lose their original shape no matter how much weight they're supporting. Give your back a break with the comfort only the Plasticolor Seat Cushion can give.

            Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover

            A fundamental part of your automobile, the steering wheel gives you the ability to manage the direction of your vehicle. It is usually circular in shape and connected to the steering column via several spokes. The steering wheel also has buttons to control different vehicle gadgets and devices easily. This minimizes the number of times you have to take your hands off the steering wheel, thus it greatly aids in preventing accidents from happening. Just imagine the frequency you handle the steering wheel. Because of the constant contact of your hands with it, it is not surprising that it wears out and gets damaged after a time. To prevent that, what you need is a Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover?a tough and easy-to-install protective steering wheel add-on. The vinyl material used in its crafting gives the hands a softer and stronger grip on the wheel for an easier steering. One more great thing about this Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover is its availability on the Internet. With Auto Parts Warehouse to help you, you can easily find a high-quality and affordable cover that perfectly suits your steering wheel requirements. And the best we can offer you is the Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover. So, start shopping now!

            Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover

            Some drivers hate it when the steering wheel slips during quick steering maneuvers. Others dislike it when their hands get dirty and smelly from old, worn out leather or rubber material of steering wheel covers. Say goodbye to those irritating situations because you can opt for a Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover. The Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover is designed with functionality and durability in mind. It is made of extremely durable, odor-resistant vinyl, which not only looks great, but also provides a comfortable, tight grip even with sweaty hands. Want a new look on your steering wheel? Go for that custom look. Plasticolor offers different colors and designs that are molded in and won't discolor or fade. It doesn't matter whether you can drive with just one or both hands. With Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover, your driving is sure to be more pleasurable. Bring out the cool driver in you with the Plasticolor Steering Wheel Cover.

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