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About Plymouth

Plymouth's Innovative Designs

In its 70-year existence, Plymouth has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of quality cars at an affordable price. It also pushed the boundaries when it came to car design. With so many vehicles looking so much alike, Plymouth's creations clearly stand out and demand attention. Here are a couple of Plymouth's famous, eye-catching designs.

The Plymouth Valiant (1960-1976): The Daytona dominator

Described by Road & Track magazine as "one of the best-all around domestic cars," the idea for the Plymouth Valiant was for it to be both smaller and lighter than a full-size car without compromising luggage and passenger space. It was designed to be a stylish yet affordable car capable of comfortably seating a family of six and their luggage, and neither be an inch longer nor a pound heavier than it absolutely needed to be. The car had designer Virgil Exner's famous "Forward Look" style with a long, semi-fastback hood line. The body and frame, instead of being bolted together (as was common in those days), were welded together instead, giving it a rigid, rattle-free quality. For his work on the Valiant, Virgil Exner was given the 1962 Styling Award by the Society of Illustrators. Not only was the Valiant praised for its looks, it reigned supreme on the racetrack as well. At the 1960 NASCAR compact car race on the Dayton International Speedway, the Plymouth Valiant, with the innovative Hyper Pak intake manifold installed on its slant-6 engine, dominated with all seven Valiant entries taking the top seven spots.

The Plymouth Slingshot (1988): The futuristic concept car

This car would really stand out and turn heads on streets everywhere. Designed by Chrysler Motors designers and young university students, the Plymouth Slingshot had a uniquely futuristic look with an aircraft-like pivoting canopy, sliding sunroof, exposed engine and suspension system, and wheels that jut out from under the car's frame. The rear wheels, in particular, are even extended further behind the vehicle. Instead of conventional doors, the canopy swings upward to allow entry. Produced in 1988, this concept car could easily be considered decades ahead of its time.

Whether it's a domestic family car capable of dominating a race track, or a glimpse of the future on wheels, Plymouth will always be remembered for its innovative style in car design.

Plymouth Highlights

The Best of Plymouth

Although the Plymouth brand and its logo allude to the Mayflower landing on Plymouth Rock, this automobile company was actually named after Plymouth Binder Twine, which was a common household item at that time and was the preferred tying implement of farmers. True to the spirit of its name, Plymouth marketed itself as a manufacturer of stylish and good quality automobiles at affordable prices. That mass market appeal made the company shine during the Great Depression of the 1930s while other car companies failed. Through the 1940s and the 1950s, Plymouth was among the top three (with Chevrolet and Ford) most popular automobile brands in the United States. However, a fuel crisis, among other factors, lead to the decline of the company by the mid-1970s and the final demise of the brand in 2001. In its 70-year existence, Plymouth had made a name for itself, both in creating reliable and affordable family cars and in its innovative designs. We give you a look back at a couple of Plymouth's greatest hits.

The Plymouth Valiant (1960-1976): The domestic car that dominated NASCAR

Road & Track magazine once hailed this car as "one of the best all-around domestic cars." The Plymouth Valiant is a compact car that was extremely popular in the US, Canada, and other countries like Australia and Argentina. Not only was it a favorite family car, the Plymouth Valiant, with the innovative Hyper Pak intake manifold installed on its slant-6 engine, proved to be unbeatable on the racetrack as well. At the 1960 NASCAR compact car race on the Dayton International Speedway, the Plymouth Valiant dominated with all seven Valiant entries leaving the competition behind and taking the first seven places.

The Plymouth Reliant (1981-1989): The Plymouth car that saved Chrysler

Along with its twin the Dodge Aries, the Plymouth Reliant is largely responsible for saving Chrysler from almost certain bankruptcy. This front-wheel drive vehicle is one of the first "K-cars," which is a type of car designed by Chrysler to be relatively compact or midsized and capable of carrying up to six adults with three people sitting on two rows of bench seats. This raised the bar when it came to quality family cars. The Reliant was listed as Motor Trend magazine's 1981 Car of the Year and sold over 1.1 million cars in the span of only one generation.

The Plymouth may no longer be in production, but those that are still around are sure to be highly-valued collectibles.

Plymouth Trivia

Fun Facts About Plymouth

  • Though the Plymouth logo shows a ship referring to the Pilgrims' voyage and Plymouth Rock landing, Plymouth's name actually came from Plymouth Binder Twine, a common item popular among farmers.
  • The 1988 Plymouth Slingshot, a concept car with a futuristic look, made several appearances in the first season of the action TV series Viper.
  • Stephen King's horror novel Christine features a 1958 Plymouth Fury, a possessed car that goes about murdering people. Its film adaptation used up to 25 Plymouth Fury, Belvedere, and Savoy cars.
  • Plymouth cars are best known for three main qualities-affordability, durability, and smart engineering. Since it was introduced to the market in 1928, the Plymouth brand has been marketed as Chrysler's line of low-priced vehicles. Even though its cars were slightly more expensive than its Chevrolet and Ford counterparts, it survived the competition due to its vehicles' unique Plymouth parts that were made using new technologies to be able to give its vehicles that distinct Plymouth identity. One example of such Plymouth auto parts is the internal expanding hydraulic brakes that came as standards in the brand's vehicles. Though the marque was targeted towards the lower-end market, it was actually a tad bit more expensive than Chevy and Ford units back then. Still, even with such a market placement, Plymouth served as the key element to Chrysler's survival during the Great Depression in the 30s when other companies met their tragic ends. Production of units ended in 2001 but the existence of Plymouth units until today prove the brand's reliability that consumers recognize as well. If you got a Plymouth, better take care of it well. When getting it new parts, be sure to get quality-certified Plymouth car parts that won't diminish the performance of your ride. Now, if you are having a hard time looking for Plymouth parts or accessories for your car, then worry no more because you have already come to the right place. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, our extensive yet user-friendly catalog makes it easy for you to look for what you need for your ride-from major components like wheels and brake pads to accessories like grilles and floor mats. We offer only the best deals with our low price guarantee and fast shipping that goes free for orders worth $50 and up. So go and look over our list of Plymouth parts and Plymouth accessories. Click away and shop now!