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About Pontiac

Remembering Pontiac

For about eight decades, Pontiac was one of the most renowned makes in the automotive industry. It was a brand that was established as a companion make for General Motor's Oakland. Though it was only sold in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, it still garnered good sales as the performance of its models appealed to many car owners. Unfortunately, the company plummeted in April of 2009 when Pontiac experienced a financial crisis and subsequent restructuring efforts failed.GMC decided to discontinue the brand at the end of 2010. Even though it's now obsolete, Pontiac is still one of the makes in the industry that's still fondly remembered until today.

The Milestones of Pontiac

One of the greatest milestones of Pontiac was when it sold the Gran Turismo Omologato and kicked off the era of the muscle car back in 1964. This model was also featured in movies such as Herbie: Fully Loaded, Jumanji, and Forrest Gump to name a few. In 1966, Pontiac introduced an overhead-cam six in a model called the Tempest and used the first plastic grille on several other models. In 1980, Pontiac manufactured the first US compacts with front-wheel drive. Finally, the Solstice sports car was the first volume use of the hydroformed-steel body panels. From the Pontiac New Series to the Pontiac G8, this surely is one timeless automake with a lot of milestones that will be remembered by car owners out there.

Pontiac Says Goodbye

Unfortunately in 2009, sad news hit the industry when General Motors announced that the Pontiac was to be discontinued. That year, GM was experiencing terrible financial problems that cannot be recovered anymore and has decided that the best thing to do was to stop manufacturing Pontiacs. The last makes were built in late 2009, with the final dealer franchises expiring on October 31, 2010. Even though there are no more new Pontiacs that can be seen on the road, there are still the timeless ones being kept and maintained for it to last for a longer time. Who doesn't love Pontiac? Though the makes has said its goodbyes, Pontiac will forever be remembered as the best muscle car in the industry.

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Pontiac Highlights

Pontiac Makes History

Of all the cars that Pontiac manufactured, the Gran Turismo Omologato or GTO was probably the one that made history, being the first muscle car ever produced. Though it was manufactured in two different generations, one in 1964-1974 and another in 2004-2006, it is still the most remembered out of all the Pontiacs ever engineered.

Pontiac GTO 1964

The Pontiac GTO was introduced back in 1964 and went through six different generations before production stopped after the 1974 model year. It was an option package for the Pontiac Tempest and was offered as both a convertible and a two-door hardtop. The 1964 model came in three different ways; some expected it to be a sports car, a convertible, and a two-door hardtop. However, there were other Pontiacs that were manufactured that way. It may not have appealed to most car owners because of its firm suspension and its exhaust system that didn't stand out. But, the first GTO was equipped with the largest engine available into the lightest body possible. It was given the moniker Goat in the younger market, playing with the letters of the GTO.

Pontiac GTO 2004

On 2004, the GTO was re-launched in the United States. The most recent one was different from the 1964-1974 models; it didn't look like the old Goat. The new model was built in Australia and the concept was for the 1998 Sydney Motor Show. This time, the GTO ran on a powerful V8 engine, rear-wheel drive suspension, and was loaded with standard features. However, the styling was deemed forgettable by critics as it didn't really stand out from the previous one. Although it didn't have a lot of good reviews, it still appealed to the other car owners. Despite the lower than expected sales and negative feedback of the Americans, the recent GTO was still the choice of the loyal owners. However, the company decided to stop producing the Pontiac GTO in 2006. Then again, it was a remembered car out of all the other Pontiacs.

Pontiac Trivia

Interesting Points about Pontiac

  • In 1956, the Native American headdress was used as Pontiac's logo and was updated to the currently used Native American red arrowhead design in 1957. The arrowhead logo is called Dart.
  • The Pontiac Gran Turismo Omologato (GTO) was the first muscle car in the world.
  • Pontiac started manufacturing police cars in the 1940s.
  • The Pontiac GTO was available in 13 different exterior colors and 12 interior color options.
  • The GTO was featured in movies and TV series a such as "Forrest Gump," "Seinfeld," "Miami Vice", and even the cartoon series "Family Guy."
  • With its edgy looks and remarkable reputation, the Pontiac is probably one of the most popular performance cars in North America, especially in Canada. The brand was established in 1926 merely as a companion make for General Motors' Oakland brand. Soon after, it started to outsell its parent until it completely took over and replaced it in the 30s. Since then, the Pontiac, with its racing standard-quality Pontiac parts, has remained as one of the top American cars in the market. The success it achieved inspired GM to further improve its vehicles by continually producing more models with new and improved Pontiac parts. The new vehicles were made using the most durable materials to ensure that they will perform well on the road. But as performance vehicles that deliver more than your standard cars, Pontiac vehicles require higher maintenance-which can be very costly-compared to your average vehicle. Luckily, you can make it less costly for you, because finding car parts that won't hurt your wallet has never been easier with Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer the largest selection of OEM and aftermarket replacement Pontiac auto parts that will perfectly fit your vehicle. We have parts for models as early as 1942. Among the Pontiac models we carry parts for are the Pontiac Firebird, Grand Am, Parisienne, Vibe, Sunfire, Fiero, Bonneville, Aztek, Montana, and 6000. Backed by their manufacturer's warranties, our Pontiac parts and Pontiac accessories will bring out nothing but the best in your car. They come as having either universal or direct fit, so you shouldn't have a hard time installing them in your ride. Looking for the parts that fit your ride is easy in our site; just browse our catalog using the search bar or the Parts Finder box. We got discounts and good deals waiting for you, so place your orders for Pontiac parts today!