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Power Steering Pump Products

Power steering simply means excellent handling characteristics. With lighter handling over any possible driving applications, your vehicle is geared towards an unmatched riding and driving experience. The secret to this handling features lies on the efficiency of your power steering pump. Although your engine stock pump is crafted for long lasting quality and dependable service, they will eventually lose their efficiency and need replacement. Fortunately, heavy duty factory equivalent are conveniently available for specific vehicle applications. Power steering pump is a vane style pump driven by an engine belt to be put to work. It has a fluid reservoir that is actually mounted separate the pump. Working with specialized power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid, facilitates precision flow of fluid to sustain smooth operations and responsive steering mechanisms. Its main function is to generate high pressure to reduce steering effort and eliminate driver fatigue. Modern cars employs variable assist power steering systems providing more assist in low speed and reduced assist at higher speeds reducing over steer in emergency situations. Better control and aggressive stance to high performance applications simply defines the service offered by properly working steering pump. Keeping the part in proper working conditions is necessary to continually enjoy excellent engine response to steering. With seamless mechanisms to follow the course of your driving style, its efficient service may eliminate failure. You must remember that holding the steering wheel on the extreme right or left for too long may damage the pump. For every oil change, you can check power steering fluid level and the tightness of the drive belt to instantly detect failure or leakage. In case you need to shop for quality and heavy duty power steering pump, our site carries wide application selection for specific vehicle applications. Go on and seal among our great deals for your next part replacement.

Buying Guides

How to Choose the Right Power Steering Pump

A power steering mechanism allows you to steer your vehicle more easily to your desired direction. With this mechanism, you can effortlessly steer and control your vehicle regardless of the road condition. Minimal effort is required when driving, so your energy is saved while you enjoy quicker steering response and road feel. Most power steering mechanisms are hydraulically powered, so you need a good power steering pump to push a sufficient amount of fluid into your steering gear box. This high-pressure fluid is required to turn your vehicle's wheels. Without it, the hydraulic power steering mechanism is useless.

What should you look for in a power steering pump?

A pressure-resistant power steering pump is highly recommended, as it requires a great amount of pressure to force the fluid out into the gear box. You also have to consider the design of the pump's fins to determine if it can move the steering fluid inside efficiently. All pumps contain a spinning rotor inside the housing, but you have to check if this rotor is made of durable materials first, as it could easily break down when subjected to extreme pressure.

There are three types of power steering pumps: vane, roller, and slipper. Among the three, vane is the most commonly used type. Vanes trap the power steering fluid before subsequent pressure increase forces the fluid out of the housing. Rollers use centrifugal force to trap the pressurized fluid before it is pushed out through the pump's outlets. The slipper type, on the other hand, needs the assistance of springs to pressurize and release the fluid.

These types may or may not work well with your vehicle's power steering system. Check your owner's manual first to know which type fits your car's OEM requirements.

How much will a power steering pump replacement cost?

Power steering pumps generally cost around $80 to $150. Second-hand, reconditioned pumps are a lot cheaper, but don't get one unless you're working on a really, really tight budget. You can't expect these pre-owned pumps to work better than your old one, so don't waste your money on them. Add around $100 to $150 on top of the pump cost if a mechanic will do the replacement for you. If you're planning to take your vehicle to a dealer for pump installation, then labor cost will skyrocket to around $200 to $225. To save more money, it will be better if you'll just purchase a replacement and do the installation yourself.

Repair Guides

How to Replace a Damaged Power Steering Pump

Power steering pumps exert hydraulic pressure to help reduce the effort required in steering the vehicle. It makes driving your car a lot easier and gives you a better feel of the road. Hydraulically operated power steering pumps deliver highly pressurized steering fluid to the engine, which helps in turning the vehicle's wheels. A leaking pump will result in steering fluid loss, and this can greatly affect your car's steering performance. Replace a damaged power steering pump right away to avoid steering problems in the future. Here are the tools you'll need and the steps to follow in replacing a damaged power steering pump:

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools required:

  • Pulley removal tool
  • Socket set
  • Line wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • Oil absorber
  • Siphon pump
  • Wrench set
  • Jack stands
  • Drain pan
  • Vinyl gloves

Step 1: Use a jack to raise your vehicle and position a safety stand underneath the frame. Allow your engine to cool down first before doing the replacement. Then disconnect the battery.

Step 2: Detach the power steering belt from the pump. Using special line wrenches, loosen the feed and return lines. Remove the hoses and drain it of all power steering fluid. After that, use a drain pan to prevent the fluid from spilling. To completely drain the hose, use a siphon.

Step 3: Remove all power steering system accessories, including the pulley, belt, and tensioner. Remove all bolts from the old pump and lift it off its bracket.

Step 4: Return the pulley first before installing the new pump. Connect the return and feed hoses to the pump and bolt it into place. Next, torque the bolts to the correct specification. Reconnect the belt and tighten it accordingly.

Step 5: Fill the new pump with an adequate amount of power steering fluid and check for leaks. Start the engine and allow the fluid to circulate. Try turning your steering wheel to ensure the pump was installed correctly.

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