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Power Stop: Developing Superior Braking Solutions for the World’s Toughest Braking Problems

Ever since it made its debut in California back in 1995, Power Stop has been providing extreme-performance brake products that cater to the needs of every car owner. Although relatively young, the company has already proven its edge over the other brake system providers. Power Stop's commitment to provide safe and effective brake system components drives it to develop high-quality products using environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.

Power Stop boasts a large product line that consists of premium brake system components including brake rotors, pads, calipers, and pad wear sensors. Over the past years, Power Stop has proven that its dedicated to produce the best possible solution for every vehicle's braking dilemmas.

Long-wearing brake pads

Putting safety and efficiency at the core of every production step that it employs, Power Stop has successfully established itself as one of the trusted manufacturers of brake pads that are suitable for various applications. When it comes to manufacturing these essential brake components, Power Stop fully understands that every bit of detail counts. This is why the team behind the company's manufacturing process exerts their best effort in producing brake pads that feature high-quality lining materials. From ceramic linings to semi-metallic ones, these pads are sure to possess high coefficient of frictions, making them tough against heat and fading.

Aside from developing reliable linings, the company also ensures that these pads surpass high industrial standards and strict OEM specifications. They come with anti-rattle clips, piston bushings, and other installation hardware to make for an easier set-up procedure. Power Stop's lines of brake pads include Track Day, Evolution, and Posi-Mold. Although these brake pads may vary in types and applications, rest assured that they all have the same optimum quality and durability.

Precision-engineered brake rotors

When it comes to manufacturing brake rotors, Power Stop's years of experience in the brake system industry taught it that precision spells the difference between tragedy and safety. With that in mind, Power Stop uses reverse engineering methods to ensure that its rotors are properly balanced. What's more, these rotors also boast high-quality metallurgy for better resistance against thermal damage as well as silver zinc plating for an improved resistance against the harmful effects of oxidation. Power Stop also made sure that its brake rotors come with drilled holes and rounded slots for better heat dissipation and maximum braking performance. With all the features of its rotors, it's hard not to see the notable dedication that Power Stop puts into developing and constructing its products.

Premium brake calipers

Power Stop fully delved into the realm of brake component production with the addition of brake calipers in its product line. Since the company already has the manufacturing capabilities and eco-friendly machineries to produce high-quality components, it's only expected that its calipers also possess the same level of quality, safety, and efficiency that its other products are becoming increasingly known for. Power Stop ensures that each brake caliper that comes out of its production facility in Chicago, Illinois is excellently remanufactured to include a bunch of features that are useful for high-performance applications. Among these useful features is their electrostatic powder coating, which helps prevent corrosion problems and premature wear. Power Stop also included new components into the assembly and lubricated each part with high-quality silicone lubricant to ensure its calipers' longevity. To top it all off, these brake calipers are also meticulously pressure-rested to conform to the company's goal of providing the safest and most efficient brake products in the market.

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