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            Precision Parts Products

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            Precision Parts: Molding and Welding for Quality

            The automotive glass industry has never been the same since 1986, when Precision Replacement Parts started to provide quality moldings, clips, and weatherstrip seals. Upholding quality, service, and support as its philosophy for success, the company has grown into one that manufactures 5,000 different plastic products using its skills in extrusion, fabrication, and notching, among others.

            The product is only as good as the service that comes with it, and this is the driving force that makes Precision Parts highly dedicated in providing more value to its customers. Aside from top-notch plastic products, this brand also supports its product lines by offering detailed cataloging, literature, and competitive pricing. Precision Parts believes that its quality, technology, product lines, manufacturing, and staff are the important elements that have helped it achieve what it is today. All these factors allowed Precision Parts to evolve and strive for new ways to become one of the best manufacturers in the market.

            Top-quality weatherstripping

            From complete automotive kits to single individual strips, Precision Parts offers a wide range of weatherstripping options for all kinds of vehicle makes and models. The strips are made of high-quality EPDM sponge rubber that resists drying and fading and can be installed onto the window or door channels either through screws or adhesive tapes. Customers can choose from universal weatherstrip models that are suitable for almost all types of applications or custom-molded weatherstripping that's compatible with select vehicle models for better seal against noise, wind, and rain. For kit versions that are offered as a kit, the weatherstrip seals also come with other peripherals such as windlaces, division bar, screws, and other hardware. In addition, all weatherstrip products are covered by a limited warranty.

            Efficient weatherstrip lube

            In addition to weatherstrip seals, Precision Parts also offers weatherstrip tools and peripherals such as the weatherstrip lube. Specially formulated for Precision Parts weatherstrip seals, the weatherstrip lube minimizes friction in and around the seal, thereby reducing the time needed to assemble all of the parts and fittings into place. The lube also minimizes injury caused by slippage and repetitive stress, reduces mistakes and wasted weatherstripping, and improves the seal performance overall. Simply apply and slide the lube applicator onto weatherstrip seals, glass channels, or other rubber or soft plastic components to immediately see the difference.

            Handy weatherstripping tools

            If removing the weatherstripping seems like a tough chore for you, Precision Parts has various weatherstripping tools to help make the task easier. The company offers a wide range of tools and equipment such as molding release tools, locking strip tools, and hook tools of all sizes to accommodate various types of weatherstrip seals. The tools are made of high-quality steel alloys and plastic to prevent breakage and corrosion.

            Multifunction utility knives

            Suitable for a wide variety of applications, Precision Parts utility knives have lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum blades that can be retracted into the handle for safety and convenience. The handle also has an ergonomic design for optimal grip and is coated with a glossy finish to resist chipping and cracking.

            Precision Parts Rear Body Seal

            Aside from the metal frame and molded sheet metal skin, glass panels are also incorporated into your vehicle for convenience and aesthetic purposes. To seamlessly fit the glass panel into the rims of the metal panel openings, body seals are used to eliminate unsightly edge marks and seamlessly blend the glass into the metal structure. To securely keep the rear glass window panel in place and in position against vibrations, Precision Parts rear body seals are used. Along with factory sealants, the products prevents the intrusions of street and off road elements which come inevitable with daily driving applications to keep the occupants from the hassles of on and off road driving applications. Body seals mainly focus in sealing all possible entries for moisture, rainwater, and even snow because these elements typically have ruining effects to the metal panel to which the glass windows are framed. Fast forward to few years of dependable service, the rubberized material of your factory body seal is expected to harden and become brittle with age. Good thing Precision fitting Parts rear body seal is conveniently available to prevent leaky windows from ruining your vehicle's interior cabin. While other products offer cheaper to cheapest body seal deals, Precision Parts offer cost effective and longer lasting solutions to enjoying the comfort of your ride while traveling.

            Precision Parts Run Channel

            Whether your well-crafted vehicle features a manually or power operated windows, it needs a properly installed run channel to enjoy smooth and convenient window access prior to adjustments. With all weather and seasons of driving conditions, your car windows are among the key components to pleasurable cruising experience. The instant you notice that glass window path seems to be obstructed or power windows suddenly becomes unresponsive, immediately peeling off the door panels is necessary to investigate the problem. You may find out that your Run Channel has coiled or has already failed. When locating and installing replacement becomes necessary, fret no more for Precision Parts run channel is conveniently available for specific vehicle applications. As the name implies, the product is a direct-fit replacement that is crafted from OEM-approved rubberized material to ensure longer lasting and dependable service. The run channel of your glass doors is actually the part that directs the glass door at its designated path when raised or lowered. So the panel will not stray when carried by the window regulator at certain levels of position, this rubberized custom fitted strip does its job without scathing the panel particularly its tinted surface. As the leading provider of precision fitting replacements, Precision Parts carries fine selections of equally dependable run channels perfect for your next scheduled replacement. So go on and ditch your torn, worn, and brittle factory channels with a new and tougher run channel construction as cost effective solution to maintenance.

            Precision Parts Trunk Lid Weatherstrip

            One way of sealing up all possible entries for street and off road hassles is having your ride equipped with specific weatherstip applications. Right at the rear edge of your vehicle, the truck lid of your car is securely shut and locked with a tough trunk lid weatherstipping. This rubberized material prevents scathing the paint of the sheet metal skin of your vehicle by protectively filling the gap between the lid and the lower truck panel to minimize rattling as well as the ruining effects of vibrations which come inevitable as your engine runs. Fast forward to few years of efficient service, you need to have the part carefully overlooked for replacement because its rubberized material hardens and becomes brittle inevitably with age. As among the industry's leading provider and leading auto-part manufacturer, Precision Parts boasts great selections of great valued trunk lid weatherstrip replacement. As the name implies, the product is custom manufactured to the factory dimension of your vehicle's specific year, model, and make of application to eliminate all known hassles to fitment and installation. By wrapping up your car restoration and maintenance project with longer lasting and equally dependable protective components, premium quality Precision Parts trunk lid weatherstrip offers cost effective solutions to protecting your trunk lids absolutely hassle-free.

            Precision Parts Weatherstrip

            One of the inconveniences when driving especially during a rainy day is when pelts of rain as well as the annoying sounds get inside the car. It may be because of a damaged weatherstrip. These are the rubber strips that fill the gaps between window, door frames, windshield or the rear compartment. These strips make the air and water tight. It also cushions glass and prevents rattles. There are different weatherstrip and weatherstripping kits available for the different parts but nothing beats Precision Parts Weatherstrip. The front door weatherstrip comes complete with beltline kits for the inner and outer door. Available also are the do-it-yourself kit for the doors. Changing your weatherstrip is easy but it's not a task of just pulling it off. You have to be sure you remove everything so that the new ones would adhere to the properly. So, when you can hear the wind whistling or fell the hot and humid air coming in your car, get yourself a new weatherstrip. Our store carries the premium quality Precision Parts Weatherstrip. All you have to do is browse our online catalog and look for the weatherstrip that you need whether it's for the door, window or windshield.

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