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            Prestolite: Setting the Benchmark in Manufacturing Dependable Automotive Products

            Prestolite is a reputable brand that offers a wide collection of automotive products and services. Because of its huge success, this brand has been divided into two manufacturing lines namely, the Prestolite Wire and Cable and the Prestolite Wire Harness and Ignition Wire. The first line started its operations in 1989, which manufactures different types of wires and cables for varied makes and models of vehicles. Its ISO and TS certification makes this line even more credible. On the other hand, the second Prestolite line manufactures wirings that are not limited to a certain component of a vehicle. Its products' multiple applications and outstanding customer service led to its increasing success and demands worldwide. Truly, all the efforts and innovative minds of the people working under Prestolite make the brand to be renowned all around the globe.

            Efficient battery cables

            Prestolite is known for providing high-quality battery cables that are used for different types of vehicles. The battery cables that Prestolite offers are further available in different kinds, which include primary wire and ABS cable. These battery cables stand out from other typical battery cables because of their features. Prestolite uses Prestel ™, which is more advanced in terms of preventing the battery cables from overheating because of its ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature. In addition, these battery cables have heavy-duty conductors that allow them to have optimum power. Their toughly engineered structures also allow them to have an extra protection against dirt, oil, and other contaminants that can cut their service life. Moreover, the customers can ensure that the battery cables will be customized according to their vehicle's size and capacity. Indeed, these battery cables show that Prestolite never stops to provide innovative and high-quality automotive products.

            Exceptional ignition wires

            Another outstanding product of Prestolite is the ignition wire. It features a heavy-duty insulation, which allows the current that flows through it to stay intact. As a result, the condition and performance of the ignition system are enhanced since the engine will be enabled to start smoothly. In addition, it is constructed to stay durable and resistant against fluid, oil, scratches, changing temperatures, and other chemicals. This makes the ignition wire capable of having a longer service life. Moreover, Prestolite ensures that all their ignition wires are tested and validated before being distributed to ensure that misfiring can be prevented. Indeed, the company's continuous efforts and commitment make Prestolite stand out in the automotive industry.

            Premium multi-conductor cables

            Aside from the battery cables and ignition wires, another product that Prestolite offers is the multi-conductor cable. Just like the previous products, it is also made durable and tough to have extra protection and resistance against changing temperatures, pressures, and possible spills. In addition, its conductor is composed of copper and alloys that allow the current to flow efficiently, and are also safe for the environment. This product is highly flexible, which is proven by some of its main function. These include the signal transmission, wheel sensor, and ride control. These features truly add up to the credibility and success that Prestolite has established through the years.

            Prestolite Direct Ignition Coil Boot

            In modern engines, direct ignition is used to distribute electricity from the ignition coils to the spark plugs. With the electrical loads being transferred from the coils, a high-quality coil boot is a must. Increased power output by the engine, improved fuel efficiency, and fewer gas emissions can all be achieved by installing a new Prestolite Direct Ign. Coil Boot available here. A new Prestolite Direct Ign. Coil Boot is a good choice if you need to replace the one you have in your engine. It is designed to withstand the electricity that passes through it all the time. It also makes sure that your engine starts up without a fuss as this coil boot keeps electricity from leaking out of loose connections. The material is externally insulated to allow you to handle the part for repairs and maintenance. Prestolite is a brand you can trust since it manufactures aftermarket alternators and starter motors for global markets and continues to innovate its production technology. Get a new Prestolite Direct Ign. Coil Boot from us now and improve your engine's performance. Simply browse our online catalog to find the part that you need. If you want the best products and prices, don't settle for anything but those from Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Prestolite Ignition Wire Set

            Ignition wires get worn out over time. A damaged ignition wire causes misfiring and that can lead to problems with your vehicle's ignition system. To prevent these from happening, replace defective wires with a new Prestolite Ignition Wire Set from Auto Parts Warehouse. The Prestolite Ignition Wire Set can increase the performance of your whole ignition system while preventing misfiring. Its tough insulation ensures that the current that goes through it is kept inside, which maximizes the efficiency of your ignition system and ensures that your engine starts up without a hitch. You can count on the product's reliability because Prestolite Wire LLC is one of the leaders in automotive wire and cable manufacturing, having been in the industry since 1911. The wire set is resistant to scratches, heat, and harmful chemicals?a product of the company's experience and constant innovation. Say goodbye to your ignition problems and get a new Prestolite Ignition Wire Set from us now. Auto Parts Warehouse gives you convenience while being assured of the quality of the product that you are purchasing. With the best deals for the best products, just browse our online catalog and find the part you need right away. Shop here now.

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