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            Prothane Products

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            Prothane: A Well-known manufacturer of Urethane Based Products

            Prothane is renowned for manufacturing hard-wearing and superior performance urethane based products since 1991. What makes them develop and fueltheir growth more and more each year is their attention to their customer's needs. In fact, the people behind Prothane's production process use special formulations and precise engineering methods to all the extensive line of urethane based products they produce.

            The research and development team of Prothane concentrates on discovering the high stressed and weak areas of the components of different vehicles, most especially where mounts and rubber bushings become easily worn-out. From there, the research and development team will take the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, and will then unfold high performance parts for their customer's different vehicle requirements. They design and produce these high performance components using SolidWorks CAD based program to ensure that all their research and innovative designs will produce ultimate results. Prothane is proud to say that their manufacturing process and product machining are all done in-house in the United States of America, to enable a full proof production from start to finish.

            Superlative sway bar bushings

            Without a high performancesway bar bushing, your sway bar will definitely become stiffer and might halt shifting weight eventually. This will make it challenging for vehicle drivers to keep a steady control of their vehicle. This is the reason why Prothane developed superlative sway bar bushings that enable the sway bar to respond quickly to the vehicle's movement. A worn-out sway bar bushing will result in unnecessary vibration that will eventually compromise the quality of your ride. Prothane's sway bar bushings are made of polyurethane compound that far outperforms rubber types of sway bar bushings. And for that matter, Prothane assures its customers a smoother and safer driving experience, and a better handling and performance.

            High performance front and rear leaf spring bushings

            Aside from the fact that Prothane produces outstanding sway bar bushings, Prothane's leaf spring bushings are also one of their notableproducts. Just like when sway bar bushings become weak, leaf spring bushings that are hackneyed already will eventually make your vehicle vibrate, affecting your ride quality. When this happened, Prothane's high performance leaf spring bushings are readily available as a replacement for your faulty leaf spring bushings.No doubt, Prothane's leaf spring bushings absolutely support the leaf spring for better handling and performance, and also serves as an upgrade at the same time. They are made of polyurethane that exceeds the quality of other rubber types. With these Prothane's high performance leaf spring bushings, your vehicle's vibration will surely end, providing you more comfort when driving.

            Powerful suspension bushings

            Prothane is also popular for developing and manufacturing efficient and powerful suspension bushings for different types of vehicles. These suspension bushings are also made of polyurethane compound that will surely beat rubber when it comes to better handling and performance. Knowing that damaged suspension bushings will certainly cause serious problems, the Prothane's research and development team created powerful suspension bushings that will assuredly end the undesirable noise and vibration caused by old and faulty bushings. Prothane's suspension bushings are soft yet durable enough to absorb noise, vibration, and shock. With these significant features, vehicle driver will experience an improved and enhanced driving performance.

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