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Quality-Built: A Promise of Superior Quality and Efficient Performance

A subsidiary of the Motor Parts of America (MPA), the Quality-Built brand specializes in manufacturing and refurbishing starters and alternators for all kinds of vehicles. All Quality-Built products are sold solely through warehouse distributors, to ensure brand integrity and that only authentic products are made available to the market. Each product from Quality-Built undergoes lean cell manufacturing processes and advanced laboratory tests for shorter lead times, smaller production costs, and less factory waste. Quality-Built also offers the Total Protection Plan, which gives its customers professional protection through a comprehensive roadside assistance program. So if your QB alternator or starter has stopped working in the middle of the road, you can expect Quality-Built to be there for you.

Reliable starters

Quality-Built offers both refurbished and brand new models of automotive starters for a wide selection of cars, light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and other motor vehicles. Quality-Built's refurbished starters offer more-than-adequate performance at an affordable price, while their brand new units offer the best in terms of performance and service life. Each starter is greased with aerospace-grade lubricant to significantly reduce friction and heat as well as prevent the onset of corrosion even in humid driving conditions. The starters are also individually tested to guarantee safe, consistent performance, and to offer an OE-compliant, direct-fit configuration that makes installation easier with less troubleshooting, In addition, Quality-Built starters are covered by a 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program (RAP), in which the company will provide roadside help including jump starting or towing the vehicle for 2 years from the date of purchase along with monetary reimbursement.

Affordable alternators

In addition to alternators, Quality-Built also refurbishes alternators for various vehicle models. Each alternator has been re-engineered under strict QS-9000 standards to ensure it fits and works just like the factory alternator. It is processed through an extensive remanufacturing system that includes total core disassembly, extensive component replacement, and rigorous three-phase testing. The alternator core has been disassembled down to its key components, with each one cleaned, machined, and tested according to precise standards before being reassembled. Also, regardless of the condition of the existing component, all Quality-Built refurbished alternators are fitted with new brushes, bushings, springs, and electrical contacts and are lubricated with aircraft-grade lubricant to mitigate friction and extend the alternator's service life. Just like the rest of its products, Quality-Built alternators are covered with a limited warranty and the 24/7 RAP program.

Durable generators

Quality-Built automotive generators are rebuilt from the ground up to provide the same level of performance as a factory unit. Each generator has been stripped to the core and tested for wear and defects, while any compromised components are replaced with new sets. The generator's brushes, bushings, contacts, and springs are also replaced regardless of their condition, and are tested again once the unit has been reassembled to ensure proper function. And just like Quality-Built's other offers, the generator is also covered by a limited warranty as well as the Roadside Assistance Program for the next 2 years.

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