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            Quarter Panel Products

            Got a damaged quarter panel? We have the best replacement for it. The quarter panel is the section of your vehicle that is typically considered the body panel that covers the part between the rear door and the trunk. In the case of a rear quarter panel it is called the rear wing. This part of your car is usually made of sheet metal while other types of it are made of fiberglass and fiber-reinforced plastic. It normally wraps around the wheel well, but this changes with different kinds of automobiles. The use of this body panel as a housing for the antenna of the vehicle is commonly done by American car makers. When this is damaged, the affected areas often need to be cut out especially if it is severely ruined. Then it is hammered out, applied with bonding compound, and molded to the right shape. But to ensure that it has the durability that you want all parts of your vehicle to have, it is best to replace it with a top-grade quarter panel that will give your automobile and, more importantly, you and your passengers much needed protection. Find the finest quarter panel for your vehicle right here in Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a wide selection of superior quality parts that will allow you to restore your vehicle's performance and look at a very affordable price. We have AutoTrust Gold outer panels for both the driver and passenger sides of your vehicle that are backed by a five-year limited warranty. So if the part breaks, gets damaged in an accident, or gets wrecked within five years from the time you bought it, you only have to pay for shipping and handling and we will give you a brand new part. Plus, you can check out our website to make sure that the parts you buy will be an exact fit for your vehicle. We also have a Tabco body panel that is custom-molded to replace a broken or rusted body section excellently and is easy to install. So order now and avail of our low rates plus fast and dependable delivery. We guarantee you a secure on-line transaction. Our 24/7 customer service and live chat is standing by, ready to assist you and give you additional information that you might want. So bring back the good old days of your vehicle's look and durability and buy a premium quality quarter panel from us today.

            Buying Guides

            Getting Replacement Quarter Panels

            Let's face it. Sooner or later, your car will get dinged by something or someone and you'll end up repairing a dent or bump on your vehicle. Even with round-the-clock maintenance and ever cautious driving, you'll never get away with an accident-free vehicle. It's a good thing that with most vehicles nowadays you could easily repair a dent or two by replacing your car's quarter panel. These are basically sheets of metal that form the exterior of your vehicle and are usually located on the front and back of your car. Getting the right quarter panel for your vehicle is quite easy, and you'll be able to get a replacement for practically any car make and model by ordering online.

            Types of quarter panels

            Most vehicles have a pair of quarter panels on its front and rear section. Quarter panels at the rear are usually located between the side doors and the trunk, and are often welded into place. On the other hand, the front quarter panels are located near the front fenders and are usually easily removed with a couple of bolts holding them in place. Replacing a front quarter panel is usually much easier compared to changing a rear panel, which is often left to a mechanic or auto body repair shop for them to handle.

            Choosing a quarter panel

            Picking a quarter panel is very easy since you simply have to get one that's meant for your specific vehicle make and model. We recommend that you go for a high-quality OEM replacement that matches the color of your vehicle, so you won't have to repaint the panel. The only other factor that you'll probably consider when getting a replacement quarter panel would be the price. Smaller panels can go for as low as $50, while larger ones can range anywhere from $100 to $1000. Prices would also vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, so it's best to check with a couple of retailers so you could get the best price for your car's quarter panel.

            Repair Guides

            Replacing Your Car's Quarter Panel Properly

            Quarter panels are the metal sheets in front of your car between the front doors and the bumper. Over time, these panels could rust up or simply fall apart from wear and tear. On older vehicles, replacing these panels often involves drilling, welding, and cutting off excess metal from the car. It's a good thing that with most cars nowadays, quarter panels can simply be taken off by removing a couple of bolts underneath them. You'll need a friend to help you out, but taking replacing your vehicle's quarter panels shouldn't be too hard and should probably take you an hour or two to finish.

            Difficulty level: Moderate

            What you'll need

            • Socket with socket wrench
            • Jack with jack stands
            • Tire wrench
            • Quarter panel


            This guide is meant for vehicles that have bolted on quarter panels. If you have an older vehicle, you might have to cut off your panels and weld new ones into place. Should this prove too difficult for you, we recommend that you go to an auto detail shop or trusted mechanic instead.

            Step 1: Start by loosening the lug nuts on your vehicle's wheel next to the quarter panel that you are about to replace.

            Step 2: Lift your vehicle with a jack and set it up on a couple of jack stands.

            Step 3: Take off the lug nuts from your car's wheels and remove the wheel entirely.

            Step 4: You'll need to remove the wheel liner by removing the plastic rivets that lock them into place. For most vehicle's, you'll simply have to pry them off using a flat screwdriver. Make sure that you do not damage the rivets so do this carefully.

            Step 5: Take off the wheel liner so could gain access to the bolts that hold your old quarter panel in place. The number of bolts varies depending on your vehicle's make and model.

            Step 6: There should also be a number of bolts holding your quarter panel to your vehicle's body. Locate these by opening your car's hood. They should be near the area of the quarter panel inside your engine bay.

            Step 7: Loosen all the bolts so you could take out your old quarter panel. You'll need someone to help you out by holding the quarter panel while you loosen the bolts.

            Step 8: Pull out your old quarter panel and install a new one in its place.

            Step 9: Have someone hold your new quarter panel in place while you tighten all the bolts.

            Step 10: When you're done, you'll simply have to reinstall the rest of the parts that you've removed in reverse order.

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