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            It's in the radiator where the mixture of anti-freeze and water is contained. This mixture cools the engine preventing the possibility of a blown engine. But exposure to rust, corrosion and other road debris can caused the radiator drain plug to break resulting to leakage. It is vital that you replace the damaged drain plug since loss of coolant can lead to the overheating of your vehicle's engine. Replacing the drain plug is simple to do and in just 15 minutes you can finish the job. To replace the drain plug you would need the following materials: exact replacement radiator drain plug, easy-out bolt extractor, hose clamps, silicone, and fresh antifreeze. Having basic knowledge of radiator maintenance is valuable for any vehicle owner. Moreover, bleeding or flushing can help in prolonging the life of the radiator since it rids it of dirt and other impurities. It is also important that you check all the other components like the radiator cap, hoses, drain plug and others. If they are worn out you should replace them since they can affect the performance of your vehicle. You can purchase an exact replacement radiator drain plug and the other cooling system parts at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a large inventory of high quality cooling system parts that you can choose from. Got questions, suggestions or comments? We love to hear them. Just call our 24/7 customer representatives. They are always available to serve you.

            Repair Guides

            Replacing Your Car's Radiator Drain Plug

            The coolant drain plug seal allows you to easily drain the coolant of a radiator when it is time to replace the coolant. Damage or wear to the drain plug could make your radiator leak, which could empty it and lead to overheating. Fortunately, replacing the radiator drain plug is a very quick and easy process that even a beginner can accomplish.

            Difficulty level: Easy

            Tools that you'll need:

            • Hydraulic jack
            • Jack stands
            • Drain pan or bucket
            • Socket wrench
            • Coolant
            • Funnel
            • New radiator drain plug
            • Repair manual

            Removing the old radiator drain plug

            Step 1: Elevate the front of the car with the hydraulic jack. Raise just enough to allow you to crawl underneath the vehicle comfortably.

            Step 2: Secure the vehicle by placing the jack stands underneath.

            Step 3: Locate the drain plug of your car by consulting with the repair manual. It is usually found at the bottom of the radiator.

            Step 4: Place the drain pan or bucket underneath the radiator drain plug.

            Step 5:Remove the drain plug with the socket wrench. Take note: Some drain plugs are winged and must be removed by hand instead.

            Installing the new radiator drain plug

            Step 1: Insert and thread the new radiator drain plug carefully. If there is any resistance, remove the drain plug and repeat. This will prevent cross threading, which could lead to leaks in the radiator.

            Step 2: Remove the jack stands from beneath the car and lower the vehicle.

            Step 3: Pop open the hood of the car to gain access to the radiator.

            Step 4: Open the cap at the top of the radiator.

            Step 5: Pour just 1/4 the coolant back in the radiator with help from the funnel. Wait for five minutes.

            Step 6: Inspect the radiator drain plug for any signs of leakage.

            Step 7:Pour the rest of the coolant in.

            Step 8: Turn of the engine and let it run for five minutes. Check the radiator drain plug for any leaks while doing so.

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