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            Red Line Oil Products

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            Red Line Oil: Synthetic Oil Manufacturing at its Finest

            Since 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil has successfully proven that they are one of the leaders when it comes to producing more than 100 quality products, including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives, and its popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine, and industrial markets. Based in Benicia, California, the Red Line Oil has a reputation with racers and enthusiasts alike for creating products that perform better than any on the market, notwithstanding the price.

            The Red Line Oil founders Tim Kerrigan and Peter Filice, initially produced lubricants for the racing industry, and now distributes its line of productsto the more mainstream marketsworldwide. The company brings a knowledge of available technologies, and responds to technical difficulties, satisfying the huge demands of the performance industry.

            They formulate fully-synthetic oils and chemically-advanced additives using the world's finest base stocks. Red Line's motor oils and gear oils use superior ester based stocks that give utmost stability at high temperatures and exceptional film strength at lower viscosities, where more power can be produced.

            Top-of-the-line grade motor oil

            It's pretty simple to pick an engine oil for your car. You just need to look for the starburst symbol that indicates the oil has been tested and meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). In addition, there's a 2-character service designation on the container. API's latest service standard is the so called "SL",which refers to a group of laboratory and engine tests, including the latest series for control of high-temperature deposits. Your third task is to pick the viscosity (thickness) that's suitable for the temperatures your vehicle normally operates in, and you're done. Well, not quite. There's a whole lot more to the story than that.

            Red Line Oilis a renowned company that focuses on synthetic oil, and produces high grade motor oil. And in compliance with the Red Line Oil's standards, these products offer the highest possible quality available in the market today, with a wide variety of viscosities. Fully-synthetic ester formula, excellent wear protection and friction reduction, high detergency, and improved fuel economy are just a few of the features of their motor oil that makes them worth the price.

            High performance brake fluids

            Brake fluid plays a crucial role in your braking system as it transfers the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub. The heat generated under braking, especially under heavier or prolonged braking, may affect the brake fluid which can only work if the liquid becomes vapor. Therefore, the boiling point that your brake fluid can achieve is critical to efficient braking, as temperatures above the boiling point form vapor bubbles in the system that might potentially result in brake failure.

            Red Line Oil now offersits very own high performance brake fluid that is ideal for street or track use. These brake fluids are engineered to maintain viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility at harsh temperatures to help protect against brake fade and vapor lock in racing, performance and street applications.

            Total fuel system cleaner

            Getting top-of-the-line grade motor oil and high performance brake fluids are not enough in maintaining your motor's life. Not only 4-wheeled cars need attention, but also motorcycles. If you're noticing a loss of power and a lower gas mileage, it may be the time for a fuel system cleaning.Red Line Oil offers a complete fuel system for motorcycles that certainly meets or exceeds high industry standards. These concentrated and high-temp detergents will definitely clean your carburetors or fuel injectors. Red Line Oil's fuel system cleaner will surely improve fuel economy, throttle response, hesitation and stalling of your vehicle. With these notable features, their fuel system cleaner simply proves that investing in their fuel system cleaner is indisputably worth the price.

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