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            Rolls Royce Parts and Accessories

            We have 172 Items for Rolls Royce In-stock.

            About Rolls Royce

            Rolls Royce: A True Marque of Class

            To mention the name Rolls Royce is to evoke images of true class. Since its inception in 1914, the company has consistently been a brand associated with true grit and elegance. Its owners' list reads like a true who's who of the ultra-glamorous-Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, to name a few. Now, if an automobile manufacturer can do background and status checks, and even deny you the chance to buy one of their automobiles, there must be some precedent to it.

            Reaching for the sky

            From the get-go, Rolls Royce was already gaining a lot of fame for its automobiles. The more stylish look, the decidedly genteel curves, and an aura that screamed first class certainly set it apart from all the other manufacturers of that day. The outbreak of war in Europe opened a new field that Rolls Royce could enter that would forever set it apart from other auto manufacturers.

            Enter the Rolls Royce Merlin. This liquid-cooled V-12 piston engine was developed in the latter days of the First World War when aviation was still a largely experimental enterprise. Its G-variant could churn out an impressive 1030 of horsepower-a step up from the weaker radial engines of the era. This was the engine of the iconic Spitfire-the plane that trounced the Luftwaffe and kept England independent in the darkest days of the Second World War.

            Feet firmly on the ground

            The Spitfire was so successful in its role as a fighter, as well as a showpiece for Rolls Royce's engine-manufacturing prowess, that one wonder whether this would translate to innovations in the field that the company set out to master. The short answer is "yes!" In fact, the V-12 engine housed under the hood of the 2003 Phantom is near to an exact replica as that which powered England's aerial warrior.

            Naturally, some loss of power output is to be expected-a direct installation would be powerful enough to rip the Phantom apart! At 438 horsepower, roughly a third of that in the Spit, it still gives the same amazing performance, speed, and reliability. It proves that Rolls Royce is one of those rare companies that manage to translate innovations between fields into performance and success.

            Excited yet? Well, if you have the money and the reputation for it, then you have over a hundred years of true class in any Rolls Royce automobile.

            Rolls Royce Highlights

            Rolls Royce Six Senses: Going Beyond Luxury

            Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste-few can deny that a Rolls Royce Ghost fully embodies the very best that these senses can experience. From the gorgeously elegant lines of the Ghost series, to supple feel of natural leathers and true woods, and cold metals. From the deep audio packages, to the coolers and elegant wine flutes, and finally, the sweet scent of freshly tanned leather-there is no inch of the new Ghost Extended Wheelbase that does not titillate the senses.

            The first of many

            The Silver Ghost was an icon, not just in its native UK, but overseas in the US as well. Coming out in the 1920's-the era of Prohibition-it is one of those cars that became strongly associated with Al Capone and the Chicago Mob. With a new pushrod-OHV straight-6 50-horsepower engine, this Ghost achieved an amazing balance between weight and power.

            The most remarkable feature of the Silver Ghost was the wide berth that it possessed. This gave drivers and their passengers a lot of room to kick back and relax. It is little wonder why this particular make and model the vehicle for interstate travel-this particular design trait came about from Mr. Henry Royce's constant need to shuttle from England to France.

            The new breed

            Fast forward some 90 years and you have the Ghost Extended Wheelbase. In a sense, this newest iteration is a perfect culmination of the evolution of the Ghost and, while the look is very modern and the engine far more powerful-that's a V-12 with 453-horsepower output-it retains and, frankly, surpasses the very characteristics that made its predecessors great.

            The extended wheelbase allows for a lot of room to improve upon the original idea of luxury in space-there's more room for all the stylish interior design elements and a lot of technological upgrades! With this new outing, you get all that you've come to expect from Rolls Royce plus that undeniable feeling of true luxury that simply cannot be matched, thus culminating in an all-encompassing "sixth" sense.

            Rolls Royce Trivia

            Things You Didn’t Know About Rolls Royce

            • It takes 60 pairs of hands to craft a Rolls Royce and make it all set for its owner.
            • The model used in the 1964 film "The Yellow Rolls Royce" was actually a pale blue 1930 Phantom II Sedana de Ville. MGM technicians applied 20 coats of yellow paint to cover the original color.
            • The roof of Rolls Royce's headquarters and manufacturing plant is one of Europe's largest living roofs. Measuring over 32,000 sqm., the roof is planted with six different types of sedum plant.
            • What makes Rolls Royce a motoring icon for more than 100 years? It's the company's commitment to perfection in everything it does. This is also the reason why the name Rolls Royce became synonymous to luxury. Among the factors that make this company achieve such reputation are the high-quality, technologically advanced Rolls Royce parts used in producing each Rolls Royce automobile. Rolls have always been famous for their well-appointed, sharp interior that will leave every passenger wanting to ride on it again. That's made possible, thanks to its eye-catching interior parts and details. If you own a classic Rolls Royce model and you want to bring it back on the road again, you should have its damaged components repaired or replaced, when necessary. You can also choose to upgrade some of the parts that contribute to the vehicle's handling and performance. It's a good thing that all your needed Rolls Royce car parts are now right at your fingertips! Yes, with the advent of online stores like us, almost everything you need for your Rolls are just a few mouse clicks away. We know that as much as you love your auto investment, you don't have the time and energy it takes to look for everything we need from one store to another. That's why we make it possible for you to find the answers to Rolls Royce parts needs only here and at your most convenient time! Not only that, you can also get here genuine Rolls Royce accessories and parts at budget-friendly prices! Shop now and get the kind of service a customer like you deserves.