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            Rototech: Industrial Power Since 1900’s

            Way back in 1916, Mr Oreste Accornero started the company as sheet metal producer for automotive parts. Rototech eventually become one of Italy's first automotive supplier for metal tanks and dashboard.Rototech Group has become a leader in the design and production of plastic components with distinctive expertise in rotational molding technology. With experience of more than 90 years in supplying the automotive sector, today, Rototech's extensive experience in metal, rubber and other plastic technologies allow them to be the preferred partner for designing, developing and producing full functions and system solutions in a cheaper and integrated way.

            At of today, Rototech primarily focus on the industrial vehicle sectors like truck and bus, forklift, tractors, construction machines, and air compressor. Due to the company's 25 years of expertise, application and production know-how of tanks, air intake parts, and body parts like internal cabin, dashboard, and hard top for compressor are also at their finest.

            Extreme performance brake disc

            Brake pads, like brake discs, work as part of the braking system in your motor. They apply the needed friction to the brake discs in order for your car to slow down or stop completely. It's important to get brake discs and pads, along with the rest of your braking system, checked fairly regularly to ensure that it's all running smoothly. Now, anyone can enhance the reliability of their brake system with Rototech's extreme performance brake discs. These cross-drilled and slotted discs provide greater stopping power, improve appearance, and fit without any modification to your brake system.

            Maximum stopping power brake rotors

            Most drivers know that they need to perform a little routine maintenance to keep their car in good condition. Regularly changing the engine oil, maintaining proper tire pressure and occasionally monitoring the levels of each of the vehicle's vital fluids are some of the things we all need to consider. Some components require a little more maintenance.

            Brake rotors are an important component in the braking system that stops your vehicle. They are what your vehicle's brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Some drivers may be surprised to know that the brake rotors are just as necessary to stopping their vehicle as the brake pads are. Like other brake parts, there are lots of different types of brake rotors available. Rototech offers one that would give you maximum stopping power driving conditions.

            Rototech's performance brake rotorsare cross drilled and slotted rotors that run 100-200 degrees Farenheit cooler which reduces warping and allows for greater braking power. In many cases rotor and pad life can also be increased. With Rototech's commitment to quality, combining cross drilled holes and slots certainly allow the braking surface to stay cleaner to provide enhanced friction bite and cleaner wheels. The drilled chamfered holes provide an exit route for gas and dust, resulting in better heat dissipation. With cooler running rotors there is also less brake fade, and the holes also dissipate water away from the friction surface when driving in wet weather. Both the brake disc and brake rotors, are Rototech's braking system that has been taken to the next level.

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