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            Russell: A Quality Provider of High Performance Hose and Adapter Fittings

            Russell is part of Edelbrock Corporation, a company that offers a diverse range of product lines including carburetors, fuel pumps, crate engines, intake manifolds, data acquisition, chemicals, and other automotive components, as well as accessories. Russell principally provides a variety of hoses, adapter fittings, fuel management, in addition to automotive accessories.

            Easy-to install brake and clutch hoses

            Russell offers brake and clutch hoses for domestic cars, import vehicles, truck, and SUV applications. These hoses are directly bolted on and deliver great braking performance. They enhance braking function for daily driving or motorsports. Changing OE rubber hoses with Russell brake hoses also minimizes brake hose expansion for more stable braking. These stainless steel braided hoses come with zinc-plated fittings and are assembled in the factory for easier installation. Russell's Cycleflex Two-Liner Racer brake hose kits and Street Bike brake hose kits use PTFE inner lining with stainless steel outer covering to remove brake hose expansion for a long-lasting stable brake lever. These two line racer hoses eliminate the OEM three-hose setup and brake junction, resulting in improved brake performance and easier brake service at the track while the street bike hose kit improves the look of the street bike.

            High performance plumbing hose

            Suitable for racing and performing enthusiasts, Russell's ProClassic hose features lighter and more convenient assembly than conventional braided steel hose. This hose is made of lightweight nylon fiber outer braid with a CPE inner lining and can be used safely with oil, fuel, or antifreeze. For a conventional appearance, the company has the ProClassic II hose that has all-black nylon fiber braided outer covering over a chlorinated polyethylene synthetic rubber inner lining to resist abrasion and improve bend radius. This is also safe to use with oil, fuel, or antifreeze. Also strengthened with chlorinated polyethylene synthetic rubber liner, the ProFlex performance hose offers superior flexibility, in addition to optimized protection and reliability. Featuring same features as ProFlex, ProRace hose is specially engineered with CPE synthetic inner lining that is embedded with a partial coverage stainless steel inner braid, then bonded together by a full coverage stainless outer braid for greater strength. Russell also provides Powerflex Power steering hose for high-pressure power steering purpose and the Full Flow Swivel Pipe Thread hose that allows connection of oil and fuel lines without added adapters, resulting in a simple hose assembly.

            Long-lasting adapter fittings and brake rotors

            Russell's selection of brake adapter fittings suits Russell's three-hose ends connection to most components. Designed to match with all the company's three-hoses, these adapter fittings are available in standard thread, pipe thread, and metric thread to suit most brake components such as master cylinders, junction blocks, and calipers. These fittings feature conventional chrome finishing and stainless steel that resists corrosion and rejects rust, flaking, as well as discoloration. Correspondingly, Russell's variety of brake rotors, such as the Pro Polish rotors, showcases the company's E.F.S. procedure, which develops mirror-finished rotor. The Pro Polish rotor is rust-resistant and is compatible with most brake pads. To guarantee quiet performance, the company's True Floating brake rotors have chrome-plated centers with integral retention system that also ensures full connection with the brake pads. This allows cooler performance, longer pad service life, and greater braking operation.

            Russell Brake Line Kit

            An automotive braking system is basically composed of vital components including the drum brake, brake rotors, brake pads, brake caliper, and brake lining. It is so important that each of these braking system parts is kept in excellent condition. The brake lining is so important for smooth braking. Hence, your brake line kit must be as good as the Russell Brake Line Kits that we have in stock. Such kits are constructed from the finest quality hose that can be covered by braided stainless steel. Our premium brake line kits are so capable of providing a more responsive and firm brake pedal by eliminating the "spongy" feel. Russell Brake Line Kits are abrasion and corrosion resistant to sustain their durability and efficiency. These brake line kits are direct bolt-on replacements for all of the rubber brake lines. There are three to six brake lines included in each kit depending on your vehicle's original design. Appropriate hose ends and brake line brackets must be used in order to match your vehicle's original equipment style to ensure proper fit and easy installation. Check out our comprehensive parts catalog for your top-quality Russell Brake Line Kit. Almost all our performance and replacement parts, including your Russell Brake Line Kits, are offered with best deals. We also guarantee you with the reliable products since they are sourced directly from their world-class manufacturers.

            Russell Fuel Line

            Your fuel system must be capable of efficiently storing and supplying fuel to the cylinder chamber where it can be combined with air, then vaporized, and burned to produce energy. The fuel, either gasoline or diesel, is stored in the fuel tank. A fuel pump drives the fuel from the tank through the fuel lines which distribute it via the fuel filter to either a carburetor or fuel injector. Fuel from the carburetor or injector is delivered to the cylinder chamber for combustion. Your Russell Fuel line must provide excellent connection to all the units of the fuel system. These are usually made of rolled steel or sometimes of drawn copper. Steel tubing for fuel lines is basically rust proofed since it is copper or zinc plated. Fuel lines should be far from the exhaust pipes, mufflers, and manifolds, since excessive heat can cause vapor lock. These lines are attached to the frame, the engine, and other units in such a way that there is a minimal vibration. The lines must be free from contact with sharp edges that might cause wear. In case you need a replacement for your Russell Fuel lines, you can check out our parts catalog. You might avail our quality Russell Fuel lines in stock.

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