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            Saab Parts and Accessories

            We have 7,892 Items for Saab In-stock.

            About Saab

            Saab: Sweden's Gift to the World

            The zipper. The computer mouse. Abba. What do all of those have in common? Well, all of those originate from Sweden. Basically, they're Sweden's gifts to the world. But apart from contributions to clothing, technology, and music, Sweden also gave Saab to the automotive industry.

            Saab's Flight

            Saab (Svenska Aeroplan AB), regarded by many as the most prominent automaker to come out of Sweden, was established in 1937. Saab wasn't always an automotive brand though. Before the company became known as an automaker in 1945, the company's main business was to build aircrafts for the Swedish Air Force, which was involved in a war. Once the war drew to a close, the demand for aircrafts dipped, forcing Saab to look for other options. They switched to manufacturing automobiles and released its first-ever automobile, the Saab 92, in 1949.

            Earlier Models

            Saab sold the Saab 92 throughout the 50s. They were able to sell approximately 20,000 units, a respectable number for a newcomer in the automotive industry. In the middle of that decade, the company tweaked the existing Saab 92 (which they referred to as the Saab 93) and released a wagon variant of it (called the Saab 95).

            1960 marked the first time that Saab released an automobile that was widely imported to other countries. It was called the Saab 96 and it sold over half a million units worldwide despite being just another improved version of the old Saab 92. Eight years after that, Saab released its first car that was truly different from the Saab 92 platform-the Saab 99. This was a bigger landmark year than 1960 was for the company as the Saab 99 was regarded as the car that defined Saab's future models. The Saab 99 had self-repairing bumpers, a wrap-around windscreen, side-impact door beams, and headlamp washers-all of which are trademark features of subsequent Saab vehicles.

            Saab in the Modern Era

            In 2000, Saab became a subsidiary of General Motors. This union didn't last that long though due to a variety of problems. Saab was then purchased in 2010 by Spyker, a Swedish automotive company. Saab's woes continued, which led the company to face bankruptcy. However, a Chinese-Japanese consortium saved Saab from what could be its demise by acquiring the company in 2012.

            Saab Highlights

            A Chinese-Japanese Consortium Saved Saab

            Saab (Svenska Aeroplan AB) was so close to being laid to rest in 2011. But on the following year, a Chinese-Japanese consortium swooped in to save the troubled Swedish automotive brand. The consortium bought Saab for an undisclosed price. Its objective for the purchase was to transfer Saab to a Chinese market and focus on manufacturing electric-powered cars.

            Saab's History

            Saab was established in 1937 in Linkoping, Sweden. At first, the company's main business revolved on building aircrafts for the Swedish Air Force. The company shifted its business to producing automobiles when profits from manufacturing aircrafts started to dip. 1945 officially marked Saab's transition towards becoming an automaker. It released its first automobile four years after that and immediately met success. Although as Saab grew, so did its problems. Those didn't deter the company from producing quality vehicles though..

            Its Legacy

            Despite Saab's problems in the past, it's still recognized by many as the most prominent automaker to come out of Sweden. For that reason, a number of companies vied to acquire control over the Saab brand. In fact, even General Motors owned it at some point. With the Chinese-Japanese consortium's purchase of the brand, Saab can continue to manufacture quality automobiles.

            Saab Trivia

            Trivia: Saab Edition

            • In the 30s and early 40s, Saab helped the Swedish Air Force in the war by providing it with aircrafts. This changed in 1945 when the war died down and Saab switched to manufacturing automobiles.
            • Saab was the first automaker to introduce headlamp wipers and washers, passenger compartment air filters, and CFC-free air-conditioning, among other innovations.
            • In an 80s James Bond novel, the Saab 900 Turbo was touted as the "Silver Beast."
            • The Saab 9000 and the Saab 900 hold world records for endurance runs in the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, USA. The former accomplished this in 1986 while the latter did it 10 years later.
            • Being chosen as the Swedish monarchy's official automobile truly says a lot about Saab parts and auto systems. However, it's not just the monarchs who rely on Saab vehicles for their daily activities. Apparently, Saab's reliability is so well-known that even spies like James Bond trust the brand. In case you didn't know, two Bond novels repeatedly used the Saab 900 Turbo, also known as the "Silver Beast," as 007's vehicle of choice in his missions. This comes as no surprise as all Saab cars are backed by aeronautical technology. The brand was created by the Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolage-a company that was originally involved with building aircrafts for the use of the Swedish Air Force. Using its extensive knowledge in aeronautics as the foundation to create automobiles, the company made sure that its cars were crafted only out of durable and high-quality materials fit for royal service.So if you own a Saab, you're not only as cool as 007 himself, you're also as safe as the King of Sweden. So, don't take your ride for granted. If you're lucky enough to own a Saab and you find it needing OEM or aftermarket Saab auto parts, Auto Parts Warehouse is just here to help you. We assure you that our comprehensive yet easy to use catalog has almost everything that you may need for your ride. On top of that, we offer top-quality Saab parts and Saab accessories at the best prices. Plus, if your purchase reaches a total of at least $50, we'll shoulder all the shipping expenses for you. So what are you waiting for? Ride in style, keep your cool, and stay safe by making sure that your Saab parts and Saab accessories are in good condition at all times. Place your order through our catalog today!