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            Sachs Products

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            Sachs: The World Leader in Suspension and Clutch Technology

            With more than 70 years of unparalleled experience, Sachs is now regarded as the world's top provider of clutch and suspension parts for cars and commercial vehicles. Whether it's their famous clutch kits, shock absorbers, crank shafts, dual-mass flywheels, and master cylinders for the clutch pedal, you can expect premium quality and reliability from Sachs.

            Each day, approximately 35,000 clutches and 16,000 releasing devices are produced and distributed by Sachs. The trust and confidence given to the brand's products by its supporters and clients from around the world can be attributed to its dedication in producing top-quality car parts. Its top-notch range of products is the result of rigorous product testing, top-of-the-line production technology, ISO 9000/2 certification, and the company's endless quest for innovations.

            Excellent clutch kits

            Today, Sachs is one of the best-selling brands for OE-grade clutch kits in Europe and North America. Sachs clutch kits contain all of the key components needed to replace the clutch assembly, including the clutch pressure plate, clutch disk, and release bearing. Each component that is included in the kit is machined and tested to comply with OEM specifications to the tiniest detail, resulting in safer and easier installation as well as performance that is comparable to that of the factory clutch. In addition, each Sachs clutch kit is also bundled with a special grease compound that optimizes the clutch components for use once it is mounted in place.

            High-performance pressure plates

            Aside from OEM pressure plates, Sachs also manufactures aftermarket pressure plates that are geared towards better performance and durability. To achieve this, Sachs performance pressure plates have an automatic wear compensation system that automatically adjusts the movement of the diaphragm spring according to the level of wear on the plate. This feature ensures that the plates have even degrees of wear on all sides for a longer service life as well as reduced axial installation space requirements.

            Advanced flywheels

            Sachs dual-mass flywheels strike a balance between reducing as much engine vibrations as possible on all speed ranges with compliance with the demanding specifications of vehicle manufacturers. To this end, the flywheel uses high-grade steel and metal alloy materials and multifunctional components. This results in isolated engine vibrations, less noise and transmission wear, and improved shifting comfort.

            Lightweight shock absorbers

            In addition to clutch components, Sachs also offers single-tube and twin-tube shock absorbers. Unlike in replacement shocks made by competitors, Sachs shocks are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that's lighter and more durable than steel. The shocks also feature a damper reservoir tube with variable wall thicknesses, which allows the body to support high loads while retaining a lightweight profile. This innovative design is combined with an OE-compliant construction that makes the shock absorber compatible with a varied selection of vehicle models.

            Adaptable electronic dampers

            Another popular suspension part from Sachs, the Sachs CDC damper is equipped with an electronically proportional damping valve that adjusts the damping force of the unit based on sensors that monitor various conditions, ranging from the roughness of the road to the driver's actions. This results in a suspension that feels smooth and manageable no matter the terrain, improved wheel guidance, and shorter stopping distances due to better road contact by the wheels.

            Sachs Clutch Kit

            Give yourself a worry-free ride with our premium quality clutch as we guarantee you reliability and efficiency on our every product. We've got the best Sachs clutch product specially made to withstand the toughest road conditions that your vehicle may go through. Sachs clutch is made with reliable materials to ensure quality and to provide better transmission system, thus enable you to obtain your vehicle's desired driving performance. Such product fits every application and matches your vehicle's specifications. Our Sachs clutch gives your vehicle's manual transmission the best mechanism for transmitting rotation, which can be engaged and disengaged effectively. Clutches comes in a variety of designs and they are usually based on one or more friction discs. It is made and intended for heavy duty purposes and optimum performance such as in the case of trucks and race cars. So if you want to experience an astonishing ride, try our best-quality clutches and you'll feel the difference. Purchase it now from this site as our customer service representatives will assist you as you place your order. We also do shipping so call us now!

            Sachs Flywheel

            Our affordable flywheel for your vehicle just sits right next to this site. Our Sachs flywheel part is available on aftermarket and OEM products which guarantee quality, durability and absolutely reliable for your vehicle's optimum performance. Our heavy duty flywheel is designed to perfectly fit vehicle's specifications and other applications as well. It is made and intended for accelerating a rotor to a maximum speed and maintains your vehicle's energy in the system as inertial energy. Flywheels are not actually affected by random changes in temperature, making it less damaging to the environment. It measures the rotation speed and monitors the accurate amount of energy stored. However, the main limits to flywheel design are the tensile strength of the used materials for the rotor. Because the stronger the discs, the faster it will spin. In time, these flywheels may also reach the point of wear and tear. For your flywheel products needs, including Sachs flywheel, you can start browsing through this site. All our products are offered with exceptional quality. So take the chance to call and order from us as we do the shipping with complete care. Check them out now.

            Sachs Pressure Plate

            Does your vehicle have the right pressure plate? Then, make sure that it is quality-made. A pressure plate actually contains a clutch plate, spring, cover and release fingers. It comes in two types to which are the spring-type and the diaphragm-type. Its goal is to apply the pressure to the clutch disc so as to transfer the torque to the transmission. Moreover, the flow of power from the engine to the transmission can be free from interruptions when the pressure plate is coupled with a clutch disc and a flywheel. Like other components, this kind of component must also undergo proper maintenance so as to keep the vehicle's transmission and braking systems highly reliable and efficient. Improve the running performance of your vehicle by using Sachs pressure plate for excellent clamping power that matches your vehicle's discs brakes. Get it now and save a penny in your pocket as we offer our products in low discount prices. Our care for customers is guaranteed as we provide complete protection of your order as we ship them right at your doorstep. For your vehicle's power and performance, trust our products from Sachs!

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